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Stella Sata And Her Provocative And Demeaning Statement – My Personal View.

Columns Stella Sata And Her Provocative And Demeaning Statement - My Personal View.

Stella Mutale Sata
Stella Mutale Sata

Stella Sata And Her Provocative And Demeaning Statement – My Personal View.

The statement by Stella Sata on the action of some former University of Zambia graduates who recently protested over unemployment has sparked a lot of angry reactions from a cross section of society. While, others have viewed her statement as progressive and in line with government’s stand on trying to foster entrepreneurship, many, especially university graduates consider it as demeaning and a lack of respect for the educated lot.

Stella Sata is a child of a former business man, councillor, governor, minister and more importantly republican president who many view as having lived a luxurious life because of her father’s success and does not understand the economic hardships many unemployed Zambians face.

Many parents send their children to college and university, not only to go and acquire a certificate that should later gather dust, but with the hope that the education they receive will one day help them get a decent job.

It is so depressing for parents who have sacrificed massively to have their children get a degree or diploma see them languishing in a bottom less pity of unemployment. For most of these graduates, a decent job is their only hope of having a taste of the good life Stella Sata has freely enjoyed over the years.

Over the past few days, I have been wrestling with the following questions. “What did Stella Sata have in mind for her to issue such a provocative statement against graduates who were rightfully protesting against unemployment?”. “Why of all things does she suggest they should start selling tomatoes as a means of earning an income instead of crying foul over unemployment?” “Does she understand the intellectual capital that is invested in a university graduate through many years of learning?” Should that intellectual capital be wasted by selling tomatoes on the streets?” “Or was she trying to imply university graduates must be entrepreneurial and not wait on government to provide them with jobs?”

It is difficult, if not impossible to understand what was going on in Stella’ s shallow mind to make such a demeaning and provocative statement. However, from my perspective, the young lady is a spoiled individual who lacks an understanding of what being entrepreneurial is. The best she should have done was to keep quiet than to expose her ignorance in the manner she did. To suggest that graduates must start selling tomatoes on the streets is an insult to the world of academia.

University graduates must indeed be entrepreneurial, and not wait on government to provide them with jobs. But what level of entrepreneurship should a university graduate engage in? Entrepreneurship is the emergence and growth of new business. It is a process that causes changes in the economic system through innovations of individuals who respond to opportunities in the market. In the process entrepreneurs create value for themselves and society. It is about identifying opportunities, being creative and innovative by coming up with something novel, gathering resources, taking a risk, managing a business and being rewarded in the end.

Our university graduates must indeed be encouraged to identify gaps in the market, and through creativity and innovation come up with products or services which fill that gap. Surely, there is nothing creative or innovative with selling tomatoes on the street. Selling of tomatoes on the streets can be classified as a form of “basic survivalist entrepreneurship” which involves people with low literacy levels, who are unaware of their own potential and are satisfied with low-income generating activities solely for survival. On the other hand, university graduates must be encouraged to become high impact entrepreneurs who are innovation driven. Society needs to benefit from their intellectual capital.

To achieve this, a lot needs to be done. Government must put in place a supportive, and cooperative environment that encourages university graduates to be entrepreneurial. Measures must be put in place that encourage business start-ups. Infrastructure development, ease access to capital, business development services such as business advice, counseling mentoring, incubation, reduction of red- tape, entrepreneurial training must be put in place. Finance and training are most probably the most important of these services in a developing economy like Zambia. Universities and other educational institutions should do research in order to improve the board of knowledge in entrepreneurship through formal programmes.

Large firms and non-governmental organizations also have an important role to play. Through their social responsibility programmes and funds, they could help tertiary and other institutions to encourage research and development. They can also assist in funding innovative ventures.

Instead of castigating castigating the innocent unemployed graduates, Stella Sata must first advise government to put in place an environment that is supportive of entrepreneurship. If government and the all stakeholders do their part, entrepreneurship in Zambia will become the engine of economic and job growth.

Stella Sata must not comment on issues she has little knowledge of.

By Lubinda Mubita
Master of Philosophy in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Student
University of Pretoria
South Africa.

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  1. Why why why are people even giving that child the light of day? Who cares about her opinions? Let her speak freely!

    • You care-less because you had a priviledge of sneaking out of the country. Not everyone has that priviledge.

    • She is right, only a foolish graduate can protest over government jobs’ freeze. Who can employee such a character anyway? A distiguished graduate must have high sense of humility and know how to engage. Those Chibuku graduates need to know how to order and sell tomotoes at street corners

    • What is education imwe ba mbuli.she used selling tomatoes as a metaphor, get over your selves and do some real work. All billionares never finished college.

    • this life is crazy!,,, degree holder with a dish of tomato on the head, maybe its good advice,,,,, just imagine a nurse cleaning old people`s bums in UK earns more than a 6yrs trained engineer in Zambia,,,, cabbage collector in UK more than an 5yrs trained accountant in Zambia,,,
      you people should learn to analyse issues fairly,,, where was Stella Sata commenting from,, te ku UK??

    • Imwe ba Lubinda,the problem we have here is that you think you’re an expert at entrepreneurship just because you’re studying entrepreneurship at masters level. If we take the literal meaning of selling tomatoes and onions,it has worked for some of us(graduates) and by the mercies of God we’re growing by leaps and bounds. Yes,one can get to the level of entrepreneurship you’re advocating for if they start out by selling tomatoes and onions. The girl ain’t shallow as you allege,google her name and see what she has achieved in spite of her young age.

    • There is absolutely nothing wrong the young lady said that should justify some rattles. In her use of the selling tomatoes as a metaphor, Miss Sata did it in good faith to provoke masses to think outside the box. I recall some years back when i went into the diaspora from a an impoverished family. After working hard as a self sponsored student, i graduated with my MBA and worked in the corporate world. Thinking outside the box, i did not allow my background to limit me. Instead, put my MBA on the shelf for some skill-sets that i believed were going to better sustain and generously reward me for many years before i opted to return home for a happy retirement. Bo Mubita, you are misguiding yourself. There are many educated folks here who can help you appreciate what Stella has thrown up.

    • The biggest problem with most of us Africans is the mentality that earning a degree means hitting a jackpot by itself. We believe in titles and credentials too much than what we can do to prove our worth. Its no longer a surprise that everyone today just like our brothers in Nigeria where you are either a “Chief, Dr, Prophet or Apostle”, in Zambia everyone is dressing up some meaningless Doctorate titles. Can’t we start to think outside the box irrespective of our background? Stella may have been born in an affluent family, so what? Does that pronounce a ceiling on your potential beyond the lecture theater? Our determination and self discipline is what will pronounce our fate. Your degree minus common sense is useless and doomed. We need more ingenuity to survive the raging storm.

    • Raising a storm in a tea cup over Stella’s metaphoric advice! The youth conducting some kind of self supporting hawking in the streets are more of outside the box thinkers than graduates with their piece of paper! In Egypt and Netherlands one comes across professors taking up cab driving jobs and other odd jobs for sustenance but obviously with hope of better employment when opportunities would arise. The mind set among many a Zambian is that of looking down uncertain categories that make a local economy tick.

    • What Stella said was not wrong but how she said it was way out of line and very sarcastic.

      If she was clever she should have critically thought about how to say what she said and not use her statement to defend PF government’s failures.

      Even those in government should not get exited by her statements because doing so would be abrogating the very responsibility why people voted for them.

      People vote for any government to provide a conducive environment for entrepreneurship to strive and create employment directly or indirectly to supplement government efforts.

      Its utter stupidity and foolishness to expect the government not to create employment directly or indirectly when its using tax payers money to pay its officers huge salaries.

      PF has wrecked many business…

    • Bo Lubinda Mubita, the selling of tomatoes she referred to is similar to KK’s an egg per day. You are supposed to in fact support her s statement the way you have done in some paragraphs

    • I don’t understand why LT are even giving this bastard child, one of the 22 illegitimate children of Michael Sata, the coverage in their paper for an opinion she carries. Stop it LT, she’s hungry for attention!

    • Stella is right. time will come when graduates shall drive taxis and dig trenches. Government cannot be expected to provide jobs to very jim and jack. Innovation, creativity and sacrifice is the key to Zambia’s development. In Europe, Professors commute between lectures and other menial jobs. Unfortunately, in Zambia, even Grade 12 finishers want to behave like they already own the world. We need to learn from the Chinese culture of hard work. Education is just to open your mind and not to close your mind to entrepreneurship and innovation. Myself I have a Masters Degree, but I a often use a pick and shovel to build my houses, when I can.

    • stella satana.

      People like me have no respect for your father because of the hard hearted personality he was born with. He is the reason Zambia is dividing today.

      If your father had no heart for other people apart from his relatives, then keep that to yourself. Let people express their view on what they are going through.

      If you think you have smart ideas, please provide solutions rather than teasing the suffering masses.

  2. She is right and wrong at the same time. Entrepreneurs are not forced, they see things others don’t see. So forcing every graduate to be an entrepreneur in an environment where the government has crowded out the private sector by mopping all the money from the banks is at least a fallacy and utmost utter immaturity. So we still need those jobs not necessarily employment.

    • What is wrong with a graduate selling tomatoes or veggies? This is why our education system needs to change. All of us graduates from UNZA and indeed any of our universities just thing of employment. If I may ask How may millionaires are employees? I mean real dollar millionaires!

      Why cant a graduate in agriculture start growing veggies? sell tomatoes at K30/box if he can sell 1000 boxes in a month that is K30, 000. That amount is about the gross for a PS in government!

      Why not think differently? When are we going to start doing things differently, just because all of us were brainwashed that working was good all of you young people want to be destroyed also?

      Work up!

    • The PF mentality is killing this country.You want Zambians to believe that Government has no duty to create employment and that the answer to poverty is entreprenuership only at the same time you are saying Education is not important but money making even without education is the key to success.This kind of thinking is killing the nation.What you are telling as is that all educated people we start stealing to raise our capital.Check facts correct most sucessfull Zambians is either they were ministers or goverment suppliers who have stolen alot of money from Government and now you want to stand on top of the anti hill and claim to be good businessmen.We the educated we deserve better jobs,so that we create real wealth to this country.PF its your duty to use our tax payers money to create .

  3. That is the Zambia that the the PF would like to create. A culture of street vendors and traders. If she had any intellect she would have suggested that soke people could try agricultural enterprises as an alternative. Suggest GROWING tomatoes and not just opening tu TEMBA.

    • A better Zambia is one with more entrepreneurs than you job seekers. Zambia needs more job creators than job seekers. The guy in Garden compound who makes door and window frames is far much better than you who want to be in an office as an officer.

      Just lazing around, always complaining about poor conditions of services. change your mind-set baba

    • HH and his UPND will never succeed if they think they can provide a job for every graduate in Zambia. Zero. Utopia. More Zambians need to grow tomatoes, rear chicken, make furniture, weld doors, create sanitation cleaning jobs and all such jobs to add value to society. I always suspected that HH and his UPND were fake and would never build this country beyond fake consultancies.

  4. A lot of educated guys seem to have been ailed at the recent rantings of indeed this shallow minded,or rather spoilt brat. But this reaction was expected bearing in mind that there’s an element of truth in what she tried to put through,though done in a haste tone.well,to all affected parties,take heart.this is what the truth can at times evoke.most importantly,this anger should have been directed at the powers that be & always remember to cast your votes with senses.not just where the wind blows.seat & think.

    • She said what many of you did not want to hear but it was a fact. You think selling rape means you are poor and yet that is where the money is!

  5. Lubinda Mubita I don’t agree with your thinking. In the first place it’s wishful thinking to think Zambia today under whichever party can have all and every graduate employed. The question each and every graduate should ask is what should I do if I am not able to get employed? i Have a now successful friend who sold fish after getting a degree in civil engineering In late 80’s and today he is a managing director of a company with contracts over K100, 000, 0000. You see all good governments do their best for their people but I guarantee you they can never do enough to replace the magic of individual effort. Don’t ever look at Stella as a child who doesnt know what it is to have it tough in life because you don’t know. The fact that she is educated prooves she has worked hard.

    • Walasa mwana! Problem is that the Humanism philosophy destroyed many people such that even now people still have Government, Parastal as the panacea of livelihood. We need Zambians who can start believing in themselves and start doing something no matter how small.

      Remember in 1990s Silvia Banda was running Silvia Catering in Chachacha Road, today she is running a University! When every body was busy looking down on her selling Nshima she was raising capital. Today she is one of the female entrepreneurs I admire. She is a Zambian of great ambition and character.

      Why not emulate such Zambians? Instead people are busy thinking and admiring civil servants? What kinds of thinking is that?

  6. “On the other hand, university graduates must be encouraged to become high impact entrepreneurs who are innovation driven. Society needs to benefit from their intellectual capital.” ever heard of an expression “a pie in the sky”? this is what this is my friend, a pie in the sky, I can’t sell tomatoes because I am meant to be high up there, keep dreaming. I have education to rival the best in the world, I have rubbed shoulders with the creme de la creme of the world but if I should by any means fall on hard times, I would sell tomatoes anytime my friends and I will do so with the same level of dedication and commitment I attached to everyone of those high qualification. You on the other hand, I wish God’s luck!

    • Excellent! I sell tomatoes, rape, Impwa, eggs! I am a UNZA graduate, I will be employing two graduates in the next two years! I wish those graduates could just start selling tomatoes themselves.

      I will employ them because they have the Employee and not Millionaire mindset

    • Good on you, very good on you. I totally support your endeavours, let me know where you are trading and I will when I am about come and buy some of your items. Oh & you may just be surprised, a stranger might just leave a handsome gift, look out!

  7. This girl is smart! and I really like her reasoning. Do someething while waiting for the GRZ to employ you. Cast your net wide imwe tuma graduate. Nowonder Kaponyaz will go like….twalaoko degree yobe!! Stella don’t be intimidated.

    • Suggesting that graduates should sell tomatoes whether used as a metaphor or whatever one may wish to call is a huge insult to the entire academia community. Education is the best equalizer in one’s economic and social life. Therefore for anyone to suggest that after four years of sleepless nights then we should join to litter the streets as we sell tomatoes is abominable and encourage our sister to be sober in her language especially when attempting to address the elites. I also advise our sister that one does not need a grade seven
      certificate, grade twelve certificate, diploma let alone degree to sell tomatoes on the street. If selling tomatoes on the street was a way of good life then we would all not have bothered to go to school. Graduates world over join the labour force in…

  8. Imwe ba Lubinda,the problem we have here is that you think you’re an expert at entrepreneurship just because you’re studying entrepreneurship at masters level. If we take the literal meaning of selling tomatoes and onions,it has worked for some of us(graduates) and by the mercies of God we’re growing by leaps and bounds. Yes,one can get to the level of entrepreneurship you’re advocating for if they start out by selling tomatoes and onions. The girl ain’t shallow as you allege,google her name and see what she has achieved in spite of her young age.

    • It is definitely metaphorical. Stella has given this example to mean that if you can count, then you would sell something however small and make a profit. Look at what she said last year.
      “I love the work ethic and spirit of Zambians, every one, everywhere is trying to make a living, to provide and to develop. When you go to Soweto market, you’ll see the man who rents out gumboots in the rainy season and wonder- why didn’t I think of that?”
      Anyone who cannot see what she is thinking here?

  9. This is truly a silly write up. How on earth is selling tomatoes above an unemployed citizen who wants to provide for themselves?

    Dignity and self esteem through doing even menial tasks should be encouraged in a poor country like Zambia. Surely, the writer us missing more than a few brain cells?

    In the West you find many educated people doing whatever they can to ‘self progress,’ rather than wait on gov’t.

    Well done Stella, never mind the pompous nonsense. Surely the kid can’t help which family she is born in! The truth is, that her connections to her father has clouded the very sound advice she has given.

    Every Human must arise and shake things around to survive. This UNZA has failed to teach any ethics to its graduates.

    Shut up Mubita, you are Decadent Misfit.

    • In the USA you find many teenagers from rich families creating a little wealth from their pocket money. Some partake in some crafts, like maracame(sp)….etc…and sell their ‘art’ to raise money.

      This is advice even teenagers at home should get!

  10. Lubinda, with all your degree from South Africa, and that’s what you can write? You must be such a dullard not to perceive where this young girl was coming from…. its simple- if you cant get a job from normal channels , then look within and find something to do… the bible says in all labour there is profit, so even in selling tomatoes there is profit bwana…

  11. Really laughable….also you ba Lubinda Mubita what do you intend to become you finish studying this selfsame course Masters of Philosophy in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, how much are you paying for this course…as one famous entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki stated;
    We go to school to learn to work hard for money. I write books and create products that teach people how to have money work hard for them.

  12. This is the Author of the above article and his qualifications:
    By Lubinda Mubita
    Master of Philosophy in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Student
    University of Pretoria
    South Africa.

    This is the bigest problem with some graduates not all. Even with such above qualifications Mr Lubinda Mubita still exhibits is shallow brains despite his claimed qualifications. First Stella did not mean literally selling tomatoes. Tomatoes was a metaphor to mean after graduation at least do something and she used selling tomatoes as an Enterprenual metaphor to start even from the lowest going up knowing that even if you where to sell tomatoes you still would make a profit and build up and any a living. But Mr Lubinda holder of a so called masters of philosophy whatever…

    • Kondolo John,

      You are giving too much credit to the likes of Lubinda Mubita. The current generation can’t differentiate between literal and metaphorical expressions. Stella used the selling of tomatoes metaphorically but from what I am reading, most bloggers have taken this literally to mean that graduates must actually go into the streets and start selling vegetables. This reminds me of the hullaballoo Mumbi Phiri raised a few years ago when she used an idiomatic expression suggesting that Zambian journalism has gone to the dogs. Zambian journalists took the streets accusing her of calling them dogs!

  13. It’s so pathetic to see how shallow minded some people can be. The author of the article has brought out pertinent issues that are worth considering. I for one wouldn’t like to have my child, educated to degree level ending up selling tomatoes on the streets. The author suggests that innovation driven entrepreneurship is what must be encouraged. It’s innovative entrepreneurs that have made the USA what it is today, not street vending.

    • Mutale Mulenga,

      Selling tomatoes is a form of entrepreneurship. Sometimes you need to make a humble first step like this and then graduate beyond it. As the Chinese say: a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Do you know Mulenga Mikalile, the owner of the Mikalile Group of Companies? He started by selling salaula at UNZA and his fellow students were laughing at him! Where is he now?

  14. If you have never been to school, don’t make negative comments on things you barely understand. The problem with some people is that their intelligence so low. So they easily find offence when educated people write such articles. This article makes a lot of sense to me!

  15. Kodi ba PF since you took over govt have you revised the Zambian curriculum? That curriculum inherited from our colonial master, never prepares any graduate for entrepreneurship but creates graduates who wait to be employed. You PF (and even MMD or UNIP before you) cant then have daughters who think graduates should enter business from the base: I.e. selling tomatoes in the street. Stella should look at the bigger picture of jobless graduates. Why are they unemployed? Because among many reasons, her father and other politicians do not address the nation’s needs,appropriate education being one of them. The graduates you are telling to go sell tomatoes have never been prepared for such endeavours. What society prepared them for was: important jobs after they graduate. Wrong education

  16. Stella Sata has little brains. She could have had a point, but she didn’t know how to put it across. Asking a University graduate to start selling tomatoes on the streets is like using trying to use book a 10 tonne truck to carry a bag of mealie meal! A graduate has more to offer! They should engage in business that benefits their level of education.

  17. People in the diaspora are agreeing with
    Ms Sata coz sweeping the streets,wiping old peoples a&# earns one a descent wage if this was the same in Zambia we wouldn’t mind those odd jobs .Her opinion is neither fair or unfair ,it depends which angle you analyse it from

    • @# 19 Zambezi, You are dead wrong. Your experience in the UK maybe bad but should not be translated to every Diaspora. I suggest you appreciate the fact that those in the diaspora who are serious and creative are doing very well. This is not to say that the Diaspora has no shortage of folks struggling. There are plenty of some educated folks there too that naturally are detached from creativity, as such they are struggling.

      Not everyone is in circular employment as more and more are becoming independent service providers such as consultants who pull fortunes for every service rendered per hour. These are are in Accounting, IT, Engineering, Risk Management, International Trade, Coaching, Marketing, Agriculture, security and such. They have long quit panting for jobs for ingenuity.

    • @Zambezi, I suspect you either work at one of these pointless missions, unemployed, a student or indeed a casual worker yourself. It is also very obvious to me that you have not lived abroad that long. If Zambians are doing the sort of jobs you are describing, why do more of them keep migrating abroad? I had some friends a few years back who used to laugh at me and accusing me of being unpatriotic just because I decided to settle abroad, they were in Zambia then. Where are they today? You guessed it abroad, yes some of them have even vowed never to go back to Zambia. The solution to the many problems in Zambia does not lie in demeaning fellow Zambians who choose different paths in life.

  18. I could not believe I was reading an article authored by a graduate or a student at the Master’s level. The ad hominem is appalling! I mean, missing the whole point of discussion and focusing on Stella as a daughter of a Mr. Someone is not only fallacious but points to a ‘Not-so sophisticated intellectual acumen. And the continual misuse of a metaphor (selling tomatoes) by literally focusing on tomatoes has not helped the matters here. But Mubita highlights one common problem many so-called ‘graduates’ in Zambia have. They went to University in order to be employed esp by GRZ (just see how he trashes vending, or his use of words ie elite). Very few have the confidence to think they went to gain skills so they can solve complicated problems, bcome creative or even manage to employ…

  19. what is the conclusion, its like 50/50.Others are supporting the statement of MUBITA while others stella SATA. As for me STELLA does not understand the importance of education and the hardship we are facing in Zambia.Stella you have lived a comfortable life, its better to keep quiet.



  21. You can have a master in busness but you cant grow up. try a certificate in engineering… you guys can’t realy let go of stela and take the statement by stela postively she just advised you to work had because life was not made to be easy read genesis 3 vers 19… it is daily strugle.

  22. Kondolo John,

    You are giving too much credit to the likes of Lubinda Mubita. The current generation can’t differentiate between literal and metaphorical expressions. Stella used the selling of tomatoes metaphorically but from what I am reading, most bloggers have taken this literally to mean that graduates must actually go into the streets and start selling vegetables. This reminds me of the hullaballoo Mumbi Phiri raised a few years ago when she used an idiomatic expression suggesting that Zambian journalism has gone to the dogs. Zambian journalists took the streets accusing her of calling them dogs!

  23. Mutale Mulenga,

    Selling tomatoes is a form of entrepreneurship. Sometimes you need to make a humble first step like this and then graduate beyond it. As the Chinese say: a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Do you know Mulenga Mikalile, the owner of the Mikalile Group of Companies? He started by selling salaula at UNZA and his fellow students were laughing at him! Where is he now?

  24. The author has missed a very big point. As a master of philosophy in Entrepreneurship where does he places the metaphor of selling tomatoes in the SMES economies? This is the problem in Zambia where even speaking good English is taken to be intellectually right.

    • The author has pointed out selling tomatoes on the streets is a form of “basic survivalist entrepreneurship. This type firm of Entrepreneurship is characterised by people with low literacy levels. Universities graduates should engage in innovative entrepreneurship. Read the entire article and Understand what he is trying to relaying than keep repeat metaphor, metaphor…

  25. LT has a lot of stupid bloggers.
    Why go to university if all you are expected to do is to become an entrepreneur?

    Why not just stop your education at grade 12 and think of a business to do?

    Why does government waste a lot of money in universities and still building more to waste money on?

    Just because people protest for employment does it mean that they are not doing anything at all?

    If I am selling tomatoes or whatever business then does it mean that protesting for employment is wrong?

  26. She is right. Being a Presidents’ daughter doesn’t mean a sure future. Look at the family of late Fredrick Chiluba. It is how the individual prepares themselves. Imagine going to college to learn shoe repairing and you end up looking for a job instead of establishing a shop by yourself.

  27. Nothing wrong with Stella Sata’s comment. You can chose to view it in the narrow sense as you have but the truth is there are engineers, business students on the streets. A lot of the tomato, beef and fruit we are currently buying in Malaysia is from South Africa and Australia. You think that is from an average citizen? Of course Not! It requires a combination of farmers and graduates from different disciplines to make it happen. Stop viewing tomato as a simple product then you will make progress.

  28. This is a wake up call. It only appears arkward just because of the financial and palatial status of Stella. Personally and sorry to say, I graduated in 1998 and employed the same year only to quit three years later to start ‘my things’. Todate, I cannot accept any employment no matter the salary. Many fellow graduates have foresaken their jobs and followed suit. Lets be innovative and stay focused. Implement your skills and knowledge and you will never regret. The girl was right only that the wording and example given appear ironical. The number of graduates countrywide outnumbers the available vacancies. Try what is possible currently as you wait for other opportunities to crop up.

  29. I wonder how these assertions made by Stella would have been construed if it was made by Hakainde’s Daughter.

    • Awe naimwe…you just want to open a new debate…NO…we don’t want. The issue is entrepreneurship and graduates…nothing special about HH

  30. You are all ignoring one important aspect!

    The Education system in Zambia produces Academic Graduates at the end of the whole chain. A Zambian is told from the time he/she is a child, that they have to finish school, and get a job! That’s the ticket out of poverty. Why are we surprised when we see the product of this particular system?! Even the government themselves admitted that the Education System in Zambia is outdated to the point they even recommended introducing Local languages from Grades 1 – 4, so that the country can start producing Scientists and more entrepreneurs who will come and create jobs in future. Most of the people even speaking against those graduates, are in employment and haven’t even thought of setting up business that will EMPLOY these same graduates!!

  31. They are just on Facebook and platforms such as these to condemn and criticize. That protest was also a way of reminding the Government of the promises that they made. They spoke on behalf of the voiceless. The government will eventually see that since anyone who wants a job will be met by resistance from people like yourselves on social media, what will stop them from just sitting back and relaxing?! Think this through!! It’s two fold.

  32. Which enterprise has she herself ever founded or set up! This is an illegitimate daughter born out of an illicit encounter by a corrupt BUT influencial politician and a semi prostitute working at the nationaol assembly
    Stella was not selected for UNZA and did even qualify to go to any of our tertiary colleges but found herself abroad at expensive colleges because of CORRUPTION not through entepreneurship! How can she now talk of enterprise when she has not done anything herself other than being a bastard daughter born out corruption and prostitution!!

    • Just because we do not know the story of your own birth. Kapena ur mother was also whoring around.

      Anyway Stella is actually an entrepreneur and yes she does sell tomatoes too, has village chickens, is into events and i am sure she has several other businesses under her sleeve. Dull people like u will never progress.

      Illegitimate or not umwana uyu alikwata amano ukuchila mwefipuba filolela govt. And with ur legitimate status why r u still unemployed and broke?

  33. Ati Master of Philosophy in Entrepreneurship and Small Business. You can’t even correctly interpret a simple message to your fellow graduates. You say Stella had it free, are you sure about that? Those graduates you are talking about may not have spent a Kobbo on their university education yet they want a job on a silver platter. People should learn to think outside the box. Mikalile left school to pursue his business dreams, he now sells chairs and tables. You guys would say a graduate to become a carpenter, what NONSENSE. Robert Kiyosaki is right in his book, A’ students work for C’ students and B’ students work for the government. Read that book you will understand what Stella meant.

  34. This mindset, that it’s the duty of the govt to provide jobs for graduates is probably a carry-over from the Kaunda days when he championed the belief the state was our father. The govt’s job is to create an enabling environment. The young lady has dished out free advice but apparently reference to selling tomatoes has ruffled some sensitive egos. There are so many things you could do once you are fortunate enough to graduate from college and definitely don’t need anybody including the govt to turn around your fortunes. Forget about tomatoes the young lady meant please use that thing under your cranium, instead of whining like a spoilt baby! Amazing how people cry for jobs while others think a job is sheer prison. That’s what I think and I get annoyed when it’s suggested I get a job.

  35. It’s not ok to lower a graduate to such a level…. even if it’s in a metaphorical intricacy…Mr Lubinda is very right….. It would have been better if Stella used a better example…. her statement doesn’t motivate at all… and many here seem not to support Mr Lubinda.. but seriously, how do u tell your siblings or children to sell tomatoes on the street after graduating from school

    • Only in your stilted thinking Mr. Graduate. That is why you will remain poor the rest of your life while waiting for Mana to fall from government.

    • The momenet they see graduates selling tomatoes they will start thinking no need to go to school then. Without schooling we will have more criminals in our society

  36. I meant Rich Dad Poor Dad book written by Robert Kiyosaki. It advocates financial independence and building wealth through investing, real estate investing, starting and owning businesses, as well as increasing one’s financial intelligence to improve one’s business and financial muscle .

  37. Chaile is a failure after graduating at UNZA he is still lingering at the Great East Road Campus. Instead of him goingt out there he has chosen UNZA as job hunting grounds. What a shame!

  38. Congratulations young lady Stella. You have really kicked up a shindy where intellectuals and dullards alike are scratching their heads and rattling their brains to get a point or two from your statement. In the end both camps, it seems to me, have learned some lessons.

    Those that are attacking your person are the unfortunate ones who probably hate(d) your father.

    Generally I agree with your sentiment. (I am a graduate but did not feel offended in any way).

    • There are multi millionaires in name of shoprite and pick and pay selling tomatoes.

      There is absolutely something wrong with this Mubita , so with your MBA ,you will look for a job as civil servant ? smh

  39. Robin, Do u expect Mr. Mubita to starting selling tomatoes on the streets of Lusaka after completing his Masters? You must have some loose nuts in your head. It’s people like u who don’t appreciate the value of education, just because u yourself has failed to excel academically.

  40. am not suprised Zambian university gratuates, are so used to protesting to get things done or to get their share and worst is the Government tolerance of thier behaviour in that when they used to protest the time they were at school, they used to give them what they demanded for. the behaviour can be corrected, Hey fellow Graduates, pause for a moment, see sence in what Stella Sata said, she respects you for her advice and purely interested in your affairs. as a matter of fact, you Graduated to bring solutions on the table not to behave like that, your lecturers did not train you
    in any way like that. we are all University Graduates, lets bring solutions where we are and start making it.

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