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Southern Province Permanent Secretary Annie Sinyangwe arrested for corruption

General News Southern Province Permanent Secretary Annie Sinyangwe arrested for corruption

FILE:  Anne Sinyangwe  (C) and State House Principal Private Secretary  Francis Chalabesa shortly before the swearing-in-ceremony at Zambia's Ambassador to Russia Solomon Mbuzi at State House on 6th June 2014
FILE: Anne Sinyangwe (C) and State House Principal Private Secretary Francis Chalabesa shortly before the swearing-in-ceremony at Zambia’s Ambassador to Russia Solomon Mbuzi at State House on 6th June 2014

The Anti-Corruption Commission has arrested the Southern Province Permanent Secretary for willful Failure to Comply with Applicable Procedure Relating to Procurement.

Annie C.M.Sinyangwe, 48, of plot no SUB G/16520 off Kasama Road near G-Green –Lilayi Old Airstrip, was arrested yesterday and charged with one count of Willful Failure to Comply with Applicable Procedure Relating to Procurement Contrary to Section 34(2) B and as read with section 41 of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012.

Details are that Ms sinyangwe who at the time was serving as Permanent Secretary Administration, on unknown dates but between 1st January 2012 and 31st August 2012 in Lusaka, being a person whose functions as Permanent Secretary Administration at Cabinet Office involved the administration and management of public revenue or property, willfully failed to comply with the law and applicable procedure relating to procurement when she awarded a contract for paving of Cabinet Office Car Park to Moonstone Investments Limited valued at K89,253. 44 a matter or transaction prejudicial to the interest of Cabinet Office, a public body under the government of the Republic of Zambia.

Ms Sinyangwe has since been released on bond and will appear in court on the 8th April 2015

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  1. In today’s post editorial, Mmembe is accusing President Lungu of not fighting corruption but forming CARTEL with corrupt people to fight Mutembo. Annie Sinyangwe to the best of my knowledge and belief is late President Sata’s niece( she is a daughter to Faustina Sinyangwe who is president Sata’s niece) If this is not fighting corruption to Mmembe then i just don’t understand what he wants from President Lungu. As if this is not enough, Rodgers Mwewa and his Wife Anna Mwitwa were recently (during President Lungu’s reign) arrested by ACC for corruption related activities. What more does this wizard want?

    • @biemba..
      ….what u have highlighted is just a tip of an iceberg…probably to hoodwink people like you….as far as I’m concerned, this current crop of politicians from the late FTJ, LPM,RB,MCS yet to assess ECL had/have no political will to fight the real corruption which trickles down to affect you and I….what is K89, 000….??….though adding up these small amount make a big impact…the real deals involve money like $750m Euro bonds were it is ‘free for all’ within the corridors of power….talk of $210m CCTV contract for Lusaka bwana…..
      …..ofcourse Mmembe may not be the right guy to comment on corruption…its just like VJ commenting on evils of drugs…so, biemba, look outside the ‘box’…..
      …the real cost of roads contracts are half of the current amounts….

    • Fighting corruption by arresting someone who misappropriates less than k100,000 (that’s change man) while those who have built 40 mansions from nowhere continue roaming the corridors of power.

    • @Biemba, Annie Sinyangwe is indeed late Sata’s niece but not Faustina’s daughter. Faustina is late Sata’s niece too. Annie’s surname is her marital name with her maiden name being Mponda. At UNZA, her friends called her “Donkey.”

      Her appointment as PS surprised a lot of people at Cabinet Office but it was Sata’s usual style of appointments based on nepotism and tribalism. That is why some of them were misbehaving because they became untouchable. Remember how Annie messed up Sata’s travel to Brazil deliberately but Chibiliti got the boot instead.

    • Mop, What is the follow up on cases like these you have mentioned? Zilch! It is usually just to show that something is being done yet people go scot free. What is the point in arresting people when the law does not take its course?

    • Let Lungu arrest Rupiah and Sons if he is serious about ending corruption. K90, 000 to pave a car park can be compared to what Rupiah stole?

  2. I have every trust and belief that LUNGU means well in the way he executes his duties, but just like any other human being, currently he is a lame duck and how I wish he would continue in the next term of office, but this can never be so when he is not as health as expected. But knowing Zambians who do not care the health of their leader, they may end up forcing him on board, especially the well known suckers around him, whom all of us know. But under normal circumstance, he is not supposed to stand again, period. The economy of the country has gone wild because investors are worried of the policies being adhered to when the head is sick. Some people never see this as one of the causes of what is being experienced in Zambia right now. Cage all corrupt elements is the rightful thing to do.

  3. i will continua with SATA’s regance; but are arresting and firing Sata’s relatives day in day out. what regance were you talking about Changwa kashi

    • Consult the dictionary if you are not sure of the word you want to use. These are the people who just hear words being used by their friends without ascertaining the right spellings.

    • Consult the dictionary if you are not sure of the word you want to use. These are the people who just hear words being used by their friends without ascertaining the right spellings

  4. The question one should ask what is corruption? If one fails to follow procedure does that money go in their pocket ? All these cases are witch hunts, lets go to all the Minstries and check you will find all the Permanent Secretaties wanting, When Sata died how many Ps followed procedure in everything that was procured, look at Sports when one plane is dead they need another to carry the national team does the Ps sit in tender to do that No! Lets protect these civil servants its not like money goes in their pockets….

    • Thank you Nomsa! That is a question I have been trying to find the answer to. I really do not understand what entails corruption. You have to show me where and how the person being charged benefited or intended to benefit. Not following procedure just does not amount to corruption in my humble opinion.

    • Please when there are emergencies you can proceed but later seek ratification or you can seek a waiver before you proceed or indeed call for an emergency TC meeting with one agenda item only……it is this not following procedure that leads to corruption…

    • Indeed Nomsa its non other than witch hunting and selective for that matter targeting smaller fishes in the lake while the for the bigger ones its business as usual. This is all being done to misdirect focus and attention on bigger issues.

    • @Nomsa, the Anti-Corruption Act also covers issues of abuse of office. Annie’s act also raises the suspicion that procedures were deliberately flouted in order to gain some favour (either cash or otherwise) from the contractor. So investigations may prove that for sure the contractor eventually paid her a commission. Easy to prove if there is a paper trail but if she got cash then likely no evidence.

    • The problem is that most of our journalists have such poor English usage that they confuse terms. There are different terms that can be used but they always opt for corruption. How about, misuse of authority, embezzlement. In Anne Sinyangwe’s case it is the former though corruption might also apply. Journalists do your research and use a dictionary or thesaurus ( a thesaurus is not a type of dinosaur before you think so).

  5. Yes Matafwali and that intention to willfully neglect to follow a procedure should be that one wants to benefit. The real people amassing wealth are still in Government and ACC has to see beyond these cases of not following procedure and go after the real thieves…you will be amazed how civil servants have amassed wealth not even Permanent Secertaries….in Chalala have u seen the mansions, the cars these civil servants drive but look very sheepish at the offices with dirty suits go out there….

  6. Zambians never cease to amaze me, they are easily fooled and follow blindly. If you comment they insult and say all sorts of words. You hate Lungu, you are jealous. Look at the issues critical and not just answer coz you are eating from same pot.
    The current group of Leaders is the most corrupt Zambia has even seen. Look at the amount of wealth they have stolen in 3 years. Look at the house the PF cadres have built through reselling of road contracts. Look at the money that is being stolen thru Asphalt Road Company. This man is the richest in Zambia. HH or Chikwanda are nowhere near this man.
    US$25 Milliion was paid out for Airport works, nothing has been done apart from paper works and money shared among leaders e.g Mulenga Sata thats why its quite.

  7. All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. The poor lady will be jailed for not being powerful and yet those stealing big (or have stolen big) including ELC’s mentor RB are not touched.

  8. True God oooh! The civil servants and the cops are truly corrupt and they are mostly living above their income. ACC start investing extravagant civil servants and traffice bujus! Ni amambala ngako!

  9. Annie Sinyangwe was a snake in green grass.She tormented many people at Cabinet office and some were fired.Yet she was a thief her self involved in alot of shoddy deals.Her lies have caught up with her.Even for her to be given that position,it was through nepotism…..she is not a performer.President Lungu is a focused president not ready to shield any body.

  10. This woman was untouchable ! Even the Secretary to Cabinet was not feared because of the so called connections despite being Chimbwi no plan.Nepotism is evil.Every dog has its own day and it has surely come.

  11. I always see her in Lusaka because we are neighbor.Was she managing Southern Province by remote control ? These promotions in Zambia are laughable………government yabayama ki ki ki ki God has exposed her for enjoying free money.

  12. Is she the only corrupt PS i wonder ? ACC you should also arrest those others you know and we know them……at least this is a good example for others to learn.But Zumbunu won the case in Livingstone and even this one will use money and government influence to get out of it.Zambians mark my words and see what happens after one year…..it will be reported on the same LT.

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