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A woman who abandoned her 4 children has been located

General News A woman who abandoned her 4 children has been located

A WOMAN of Kalulushi District, who disappeared from home leaving her four children on their own, has been located in another township, cohabiting with a lover.

Sharon Bwalya, 37, left her four children, among them a six-month-old baby, on their own, forcing them to seek refuge from neighbouring houses where they had to scrounge for food.

Ms Bwalya said she left her matrimonial home for fear of losing her life to her husband who constantly beat her even on petty issues.

“I left home and everything including the children because I was fed up and I feared that I would be killed because my husband is always beating me even over small things,” she said.

Ms Bwalya has vowed not to go back to the matrimonial home but that at some point, she would take all her children with her.

Her mother, Beauty Mwamba also narrated that after the Times of Zambia reported the disappearance of her daughter, she was located in Kandabwe Township in Kitwe where she was staying with another man.

Ms Mwamba, who expressed disappointment with her daughter’s behaviour, said she took in her grandchildren who were left to fend for themselves.

She said the family searched for her daughter for two weeks and did not report to the police because it was not the first time she had disappeared in unexplained circumstances.

Ms Mwamba said she found her daughter at another man’s house whom she said was her new found husband.

She said she has made efforts to call for a family meeting with her son-in-law to reconcile them, but the couple had maintained that they wanted to go separate ways.

“My daughter has insisted that she will not return to her husband because he physically abuses her and does not take care of her, while my son-in-law has also refused to take her in,” she said.
Ms Mwamba said she had since taken custody of her grandchildren even though it was not easy to look after them because she did not have a stable income.

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  1. Very sad for the children involved in all this mess. Hope the courts can come in and settle this issue. How? I don’t know.

    • pretty

      The court can assist if any of them apply for divorce and child maintenance can be granted to any of them. If nothing forthcome, they will remain legal married while living seperately. I hope this helps you to understand how the court can intervene.

  2. Most Kalulushi marriages are like that. Wives usually run loose for a while leaving husband and children to fend for themselves, this resulting into daughters having unwanted pregnancies and sons into kaponya’s. Some mothers go for fish business ” ati, KUMUMANA” for months and months, some go to South-Africa for prostitution .

  3. Like the wife to Nevers Mumba who got pregnant by a white man. Her best friend in Italy Elizabeth Lupiya left her husband & four children in Chimwemwe and run away to Lusaka for prostitution where she met a married italian man who took her to Italy to become his mistress for over 30 years now.

  4. I say that the woman is a whole, and that the husband was constantly beating her because of the same problem. She must have been going out with this same man and several others even when she was married. Get rid of her man. There is HIV arround!

  5. …obviously bloggers have questions about this saga which this article has not addressed…
    …both the husband and the mother to the ‘stray’ woman knew from day one where the wife/daughter had disappeared to…hence not reporting to authorities…
    …even if she has been located it is still not to late to report her to the police…..I’m sure the police can find atleast one charge to slap her with….
    …why didn’t she take the children to her mother (their grandmother) and then disappear than leaving the toddlers all by themselves….that’s child negligence of the highest order…she must be answerable for that…..si11y woman

  6. I am of the view that this woman and the father(s) to the children be arrested and charged with child neglection and/or cruelty.

  7. In the last article on this woman, I mentioned that she should 1. get on a strict birth control regime and 2. be locked up for abandoning these kids. Someone decided to insult me, guess who was right? She has already found herself a warm bed, soon it ll be a baby and after that, they ll break up and she ll have 5 kids at the end of it all.
    For now, she should be locked up briefly just to teach her a lesson. No child posts a letter asking tob e born. Fool!sh.

  8. I think we have a qualified Ministry of Social Services (or is it Gender and Child Protection)? Anyway, these Ministers and officers swear oaths and sign employment contracts to address exactly matters such as these. It is not just the preserve of relatives to these kids; this should concern the nation because these are the adults of tomorrow and if we do not pay attention they will be the Boko Harams and Al Shabaabs of tomorrow. Be careful how you treat your jobs and your citizens…

  9. In the future Zambia will have insurmountable social problems because of irresponsible parents. It is already beginning to show that parents have become less caring about their children.

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