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Michael Kaingu campaigns for PF in Western Province

General News Michael Kaingu campaigns for PF in Western Province

Michael Kaingu
Michael Kaingu

IT is surprising that some people in Western Province have continued to vote for opposition parties despite the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) initiating developmental programmes that are resulting in job creation and improvement of people’s livelihoods, Minister of Education Michael Kaingu has said.

In separate meetings with marketeers and PF cadres in Limulunga Ward yesterday, Dr Kaingu said the people of Western Province have benefited a lot in terms of decentralisation through the creation of nine new districts.

“ADD won’t take you anywhere. You should appreciate what the PF is doing, we have the first female Republican Vice President and we have new districts meaning that people no longer access services in far places.

This is a sign of total commitment from this government which loves you and you vote for it in 2016,” Dr Kaingu said.

“I am MMD, the minister here is UPND but we have seen that this is a working government and people should not tell you lies that President Edgar Lungu will not deliver.”

Earlier, Western Province minister Poniso Njeulu suggested that contractors that abandon government projects after receiving down payments must be severely punished.

He also said that usage of prefabricated materials should be encouraged in the region since the area lacks stones for construction.

Dr Kaingu was in the region to drum up support for PF candidates that are contesting by elections in Mabumbu, Katongo and Namushakende wards on April 14.

He is also scheduled to inspect school infrastructure projects being undertaken in the province.

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  1. Campaigns can even start earlier before the ECZ announces. Ok , Micheal Kaingu is Campaigning for Edgar Chagwa Anagwa Lungu. Ahahahaha, we still remember and we will never forget how the President collapsed. This time we don’t expect any national morning, so will vote for an energetic man/women who will take till 2021.

  2. Kaingu teeleza: the districts are fake, without infrastructure. Nkeyema in Kaoma is operating from somebody’s storeroom on the highway. The other infrastructure such as Mongu-Kalabo road were started and completely funded by MMD. Your crazy Sata Mongu Stadium is still a bush. And Wina’s VPship is her personal glory which Lozis will not eat. Go figure why your Bemba party will always lose in WP.

    • Let Kaingu and Njeulu enjoy their ministerial positions for the last time because whether they like it or not, they are both going lose in 2016. Kaingu has no footing in his constituency and he shouldn’t cheat Lungu that he will deliver. While he’s busy campaigning in Limulunga, his former right hand man is busy decampaigning him in his constituency and it’s working. The young people have made the campaigns their personal battle…. Lets see if Kaingu can out muscle youth power

    • Breaking news
      Lungu has given a multi billion contract to RBz son Henry Banda and Moses katumbi to purchase a bigger presidential jet .
      RB is a selfish man and Lungu being controlled like a remote control

      True PF chase the ba st ards out

  3. Is that Kaingu the male chauvinist talking? He is jack of all trade but master of none. No wonder he is a man of all seasons. Leave him alone. He is a misplaced myopic liability.

  4. ….the whole scenario of opposition made ministers sucks and is somehow weird…. morally, it is not right for kaingu to tell electorates not to vote for MMD….just declare interest and stay away from the campaigns….just inspect the projects and leave….ahaaa

  5. U buck teeth must be dull.The PF govt has given money to all new districts for infrastructure development.Where do you think ADD or UPND will take you ? The devil u know is better than the devil u do not know.

    • @Patrick

      Stop talking from your rear end. I hail from Mwandi and I was there some two weeks ago. There’s nothing on the ground with the new district. It is still bush….. The council is trying to fund raise through the sale of residential plots which the local people can’t afford. Other than that, the new council has no money except for the grant they received while Sata was still alive which only lasted 6 months and that was two years ago. The grant has run out and the council hasn’t held any council meetings since then. Please learn to see beyond your big nose.

  6. You cadres in tribal party UPND will keep on crying!!! @Choobe(tonga bull) is saying that in 2016 we wont forget how ECL collapsed,NOW THE QUESTION IS WHO TELLS HIM THAT TRIBAL HH CANT COLLAPSE AND DIE?SO IN HIS MIND ONLY ECL CAN COLLAPSE AND DIE,SHOCKING HOW SOME PEOPLE THINK!!! We are all funerals in waiting including HH!!!so just prepare for Nega Nega formula in favour of PF!!YOUR UPND WOULD NEED A MIRACLE TO DEFEAT MIGHTY PF JUST AFTER 1 TERM IN OFFICE!!!IFINTU NI LUNGU IN 2016 -PERIOD!!!

  7. Dr Kaingu is a well enlightened person and he understands developmental issues very well….indeed us people in Western province have every reason to support this govt.Lets not be cheated by these small parties who just want power to enrich themselves.ADD or UPND are non starters….time wasters…lets be progressive.

    • Jessica stop lying!! I guess you are just posing to be a true Lozi when you are not. Keep dreaming are you will soon be shocked for life.

  8. Have you ever heard of a christian saying ‘ I am a christian and Jesus is the son of God, BUT the only way to get into heaven is through Mohamad, the PROPHET, so believe in Allah and go to heaven’.

  9. So namushakende is real. I thought Edith just fabricated that name. We now have namushakende mwansabombwe as the most poorest and remotest towns in Zambia

  10. I support kaingu 100% its sad and discouraging the most expensive road in Africa is being constructed in western province. choma and Chinsali have received more infrusttructural development than any place in zambia since PF came to power. yet pipo in choma cant even cast one vote for PF. Its good western and southerm cant vote PF becoz the govt failed them but just becoz……………

    • Yea. Choma and Chinsali receive alot but Choma votes 100 percent against PF. Beta take what is being spent in Choma elsewhere. Efyo baba. They wont change . Unpleaseable ,

    • Kindly look at the history of the voting pattern of western province & southern province. How many times since independence have they voted for people who don’t hail from there? Kaunda, Chiluba, Mwanawasa & Banda have have all enjoyed support from these provinces. Even Sata won in Mongu central & kalabo! Let us not avoid the real issues and rush to brand people because of hatred nurtured from birth/our families & society. If people critically look at the issues that people from these provinces including N/western then there can be hope of moving forward.

  11. It is true Choma and Chinsali have received massive infrastructure development.But a Tonga will always vote UPND because of tribalism EXCEPT for a few progressive ones like Hapunda.Imagine even DC’s were at night campaigning for Ngombe ilende despite being on PF pay roll.During day time they pretend to be PF.

  12. Is the MMD not sold to PF by Banda and Mumba? are there any MMD mps left and people like Kaingu are bootlicking to keep their ministerial jobs. Not worth sheding tears over, he is not a loyalist but an oppotunist.

  13. When the madness of an entire nation disturbs a solitary mind, it is not enough to say the man is mad. Power-drunk Kaingu is a selfseeker. He just minds of me, myself and I. Vote him out next time, he is adding no value.

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