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Ignore Winter Kabimba, he wont be a factor during the 2016 general elections-UPND

Headlines Ignore Winter Kabimba, he wont be a factor during the 2016 general...

Wynter Kabimba speaking at the launch of the Rainbow  Party
Wynter Kabimba speaking at the launch of the Rainbow Party

United Party for National Development (UPND) Choma Central constituency aspiring candidate Joe Muchindu has advised Zambians to ignore Rainbow Party leader Winter Kabimba alleging that Mr Kabimba will not be a factor during the 2016 general elections.

Mr Muchindu said it is unfortunate that Mr Kabimba is now busy condemning the Patriotic Front (PF) government and the opposition UPND when just a few months ago he was the one at the helm of the ruling party.

Mr Muchindu who was speaking to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Lusaka today accused Mr Kabimba of dreaming of winning the 2016 elections.

He added that Mr Kabimba should stop critiquing the PF government when he was a Justice Minister in the same government failed to give the Zambian people a constitution which they have been crying for for so many years.

Mr Muchindu said the Mr Kabimba is now crying for the same constitution which he himself failed to give to the people of this nation.

He added that it is true that Zambian people need a new constitution but said Mr Kabimba is a wrong person to advance such calls.

Mr Muchindu said Mr Kabimba should not be cheated that people purported to be ditching the ruling PF and the UPND are genuine supporters of his party.

He alleged that Mr Kabimba’s ambitions are utopia saying the former PF Secretary General was wasting his energy and money by thinking that his party will establish ground in the Zambian politics.

Yesterday, Rainbow Party National Mobilization Coordinator Robert Chikwelete said during a party meeting in Choma that about 30 party members from the opposition United National Development Party (UPND) and the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) defected to join the Rainbow Party.

At the meeting, Mr Chikwelete said opposition Rainbow party will unveil its manifesto, constitution and regalia next month.

Mr Chikwelete further said the party was scheduled to hold its national congress in May, this year, in which it would unveil its strategies and that party members should enhance mobilization skills.

Mr Chikwelete said the party would engage all Zambians in the development process of the country adding that it would embrace all the 73 ethnic groupings.

He called on members to remain disciplined and focus on strengthening the party structures through its symbolism of the 10 stars on the Rainbow Party logo and its motto ‘United We can’.


  1. Indeed Anyone who can believe Kabimba can believe anything. Who can ever forget Kabimba when he was PF SG? Very pompous, boastful and the man who thought he knew everything. No, Kabimba is not good for Zambia’s politics. He is fit for the dustbin, that’s the only place he belongs.

    • It’s all about money, if he can mobilize enough resources, he could stand a good chance to be a spoiler for the PF, something that would work perfect for UPND.

    • Zambians can behave strange sometimes. I am still baffled how they believed Mr. Sata could run a big economy like ours. Ward Councillor, yes, but immediately he got beyond that, it was confusion all the way.

      Please Zambians lets not waste our votes on people like Kabimba. He hasn’t even apologized for the violence he perpetrated with his PF.


    • It’s very healthy to keep dreaming in a florist in g democracy. Making the loudest noise does not mean one is winning hearts and minds of citizens. Winter’s value is only in the agenda and editorials of M’membe’s tabloid devoid of political wiggle. Winter has no political constituency to build momentum on. He may appeal to a few of his Bantu-botatwe communities eating marginally in HE’S constituencies. But he is nothing in NP, kopala, Luapula, EP, MP and Lsk cosmopolitan constituences. But let the dreaming continue.


    • I mean in a florishing democracy it’s healthy to hear all manner of rattling voices in their vanity. But it does not mean Zambians have opened up to risking the country with delinquent political panders.

    • Forgive Wynter !

      Bitterness, Anger, Jealousy is what is eating him. He was warned to stay away from the Cartel. Sata had no option, but to ex-communicate him from PF and the Regime. So goes Masebo and the lot of them….

      Now he is paying the price. He can look through the window pane and wish he was the one in Plot 1

      Totally agree ! — Summers Winter Kabimba has no Factor in 2016.

    • I am an ardent supporter HH because he is the only one capable of reviving the Zambian economy with the likes of Mulipi. However, we cannot underestimate any political opponent and we shall not take any chances to make Zambia a better place for all, regardless of tribe, ethnicity or social status. WE NEED CHANGE NOT SOMEONE WHO WAS PART OF THE PURE FAILURES (PF). JUST LOOK AT PEOPLE THAT SURROUND THE LATE MCS – ALL FAILURES, NOT EVEN A SINGLE ONE HAS HAD SUCCESS OUTSIDE BEEN A GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL AT ONE POINT IN HIS LIFE. TO ALL ZAMBIANS WE NEED TO DEMAND THE IMPEACHMENT OF EDGAR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. WE CANNOT ALLOW HIM TO DESTROY THE ECONOMY THE WAY HE HAS

  2. One of the rumours doing the rounds is that Kabimba wanted to physically occupy Sata’s office when he was acting president. He may not be a factor but he has the potential to be a spoiler.

    • Which muchindu is standing in homa? It is that muchindu phonist, the one who eats and dreams of phoning programmes

  3. Wk , though hated by many zambians he and Gbm are the only ones that showed strong principles, Wk said pf was /is the most violent party since independence and he maintained that pf was a regional party, he said this when he was the third powerful person in govt and pf .upND shouldn’t ignore winter as he has a media backing to disseminate his party vision, he also knows the corrupt pf ministers ,.

  4. It is coming from Chipwelepete mapwelepete nonsense.
    Kabimba is a vomit saying ba reject is understating a fact.
    This man is disillusioned. He was busy cheating the coalition that PF was committed to new constitution yet the document was gathering dust which dust was seen by members of the coalition. EL in one week of his appointment as Justice Minister released the Constitution and serious discussions have since commenced. Kabimba lives in utopian world. Even is sponsor Mmembe knows that Rainbow is going nowhere/ It is the crimes that they have committed together that keeps their relationship. Immediately the cases are disposed off, they will go separate ways. Mr Muchindu is honest and WK should accept what this man has said. Rainbow no future,

  5. Just like HH , WK is going no where. Both HH and WK political careers is coming to an end next year. Just thinking load.

    • So it seems. They are the cause of many of the problems Zambians are facing today. From financial thuggery of HH to physical arrogance of WK, the two have been a part and parcel of mayhem that the elites unleashed during late Chiluba’s regime and continued thereafter. President Lungu is getting the blame for the doings of WK and HH. both will be thrown into dustbin in 2016.

    • @kick boxer: Just because you say so doesn’t make it so!

      Come back to reality and accept a simple fact that Zambians are the masters in these matters. What you UPND sycophants say and do have no bearing on the outcome of the elections. One would think you have already learnt that lesson—I guess some people are simply too slow to learn ka!!

      “Upnd is winning like or not you blood critics.”

      On what facts are you basing such an emphatic statement on? On the voter apathy that characterized the last presidential by-elections?

      No wonder imwe ba UPND end up losing even the elections you should easily won. You like massaging your egos with lies. Be realistic for once and work diligently towards changing your political fortunes.

  6. Anyway thats for u nigaz in tha opposition to worry abt,bt we in kitwe apologise 4 the hard kolopaling we shall do to u cm 2016,the chikolopelo shall b so hard that some of u f00ls shall end up in hospital admited 4 bp

  7. The problem with Mmembe and Nchito ‘s Post Newspaper is not that they are lying all the time or publish false information.

    The problem is “what” they choose not to talk about.
    The problem is “people” they choose Not to invite.
    The problem is the “way” they frame the information
    The problem is that they are “owned” by an cartel which use them to attack enemies and advance their agenda!

    People without critical thought education should avoid exposing their kids and themselves to the Post! They would damage you more than doing any good to you!

    • I wish you could tell that to Charles Milupi who has become a loose canon for the Past Newspaper! He has really lost relevance in our political dispensation!

    • ati aknsoni kafwilile………………………………………………………………………………….

  8. Hello this is new educated zambia. I am an official representative of the upnd working with that party to mobilize support via social platforms. Most of you who blog on tumfweko will know me as i have been very successful in convincing many followers to join the winning team UPND. I am now hoping to do the same here. I know i will face alot of criticism as i did on tumfweko but i can assure you that i will not leave any stone unturned. i can already see an ***** called senior citizen seems to be a lost cause. I know that he was mmd before and seems to be a political prostitute. Good evening zambia. NEZ

  9. Discontented Wynter is in for a winter of discontent. He is such an untrustworthy chappie and a bit of a Mr. Know-it- all and quite pompous from what I’ve read. Give me HH or (even) EL anytime but I must pass on this tick. Bane lets admit it – there is a chronic dearth of quality leadership in Zambia if this is the best we can choose from.

  10. Let Kabimba explain to Zambians reasons that led him to be fired by late president Sata before he can present himself as a politician in Zambia.

  11. Prove me wrong! As things stand now, neither Lungu nor HH has the potential to revert Zambia to it’s right position and former glory whether with or without the new constitution. The level of tribalism and economic turnaround require a neutral person free from reciprocative politics. The two try to outdo one another even in the International scene keeping the country in high political temperatures when they would be busy serving the people at their political capacities. These are merely politicians with policies in paper but a LEADER is a person of few words but busy allocating duties where they belong. Unfortunately, their supporters have been tribally realigned to see beyond this bait. Only time will prove me right. I expect criticism from both political sides in equal measure.

    • Man Kenya,
      You should not forget that you have a problem of bombs in your area. concern yourself with your safety there my friend. In Zambia we fight using words only. Tighten your security in your yard. Treat your security as your measures.
      Yes, Kenya has a former glory, not Zambia. Do not saw a seed of confusion into the Zambian readers.

  12. Dear bloggers,
    I am not a regular blogger but the times I read comments on LT leave me questioning the morality of some people. I have seen people pass comments as if they shall vote more than once, or that they shall control what other voters shall do in the ballot box. I am not a fan of WK, but the fact that he is receiving such comments means that he is a factor in Zambian politics. Only the insane discuss non factors. Look at the panic his party is spreading even in the PF. If bloggers may recall, MMD said Sata would NEVER be president… What happened?

  13. Kabimba is a good ally in 2016 ,just like RB was to Lungu .we need him to spoil PF votes in 2016.He may have his chance in 2026.HH will go through easily this time.

  14. I pity you dreamers!!!the current Zambian opposition would need a miracle to defeat mighty PF in 2016!!!PF has only been in power for 1 five year term,so its impossible for majority voters to demand for change like in 2011.plus lets not forget the massive projects across Zambia which PF initiated mostly under late Sata!!I REALLY CANT SEE EITHER HH OR ANYBODY DEFEATING A PF CANDIDATE IN 2016!!!so it will be fake hopes of winning for opposition again next year!!

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