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There is need to add value to Zambia products-Edgar Lungu

Economy There is need to add value to Zambia products-Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu says there is need to add value to Zambian products if the economy is to be stabilized.

President Lungu said a lot of Zambian products are exported in raw form a situation he said makes it difficult for the Zambian economy to perform well.

He said this when he arrived at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport in Ndola today.

“There is need for value addition if our economy is to perform better, most of our products are exported in the raw form and we can’t perform well as a country if we don’t add value to our products,” he said.

Mr. Lungu further said there is need to strengthen both the manufacturing and processing industries in order to produce more products.

The President also said his government is working tirelessly to ensure that industries in Ndola are re- instituted.

Mr. Lungu is on the Copperbelt Province to mourn former Member of the Patriotic Front (PF) Central Committee and Road Development Agency (RDA) Board Chairperson, Willie Nsanda, who died in South Africa and has since been put to rest.

The Head of State is accompanied by Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda, Special Assistant for Press and Relations, Amos Chanda and other Party Officials.

He was received by Copperbelt Minister, Mwenya Musenge, Copperbelt Permanent Secretary, Howard Sikwela and Copperbelt Province PF party officials.

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  1. Value addition is the way to go. Please can you seriously make this happening rather than mere talks. Talk is cheap thats why even the under5 can manage to talk. Pf was voted in because they preached action.

    • Definitely the solution. Form a think tank to follow up this issue. Do not let it die like many other such passing remarks withiout follow up action.

  2. Always attending your functions belatedly. Nsanda is long gone as you traversed the world auctioning Zambia to the Chinese. Serve the living, Stop unwinding healed wounds. The man is no more. R.I.P.

  3. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the best president this side of the equator.a man wit a brilliant mind.we in kitwe refuse to b pursuaded to vote for other jokers.come 2016,we’ll make the same choice we made this year.and we’ll kolopa them hard this yr

  4. This is over due. The best thing that Zambia can do is to start making variety of copper products that would compete on world market. If this is done then there is no need to worry when copper price is down. It is unfortunate when we can not make use of all the natural resources we have and the manpower we have. It’s terrible and unimaginable when we hear most of the Zambians not having 3 meals per day or staving. This is a problem which needs to be resolved at the soonest. Just mere talking would not do. We need action from the president. What has happened to ZAMEFA? Are we producing more copper wires to saturate African market? Going this way Zambia will never worry when copper price is down. The president should ask Zambians both at home and overseas how this can achieved.

  5. Very lazy visionless empty tin indeed…he is mourning a crook who has been buried already instead of focusing on the economy that is dying…anyway we know President Lazy just wanted to fly as he was bored sitting in State House doing nothing.

  6. Dear your excellence, what we want to hear from you is simple and straight forward. What plans, measure and strategic thinking is PF govt putting in place in order to turn that issue of value addition into reality. Otherwise what you have stated above is not patentable since it is common knowledge. In other words you have not added value to the debate.

  7. The way to ago Mr President gemstones especially like emeralds can produce so much foreign exchange for Zambian. Why has Government not supported processing of gemstones in Ndola , Mwanawasa supported this initiative very much until his Death.
    We are in full support Your Excellence go for it like yesterday .We are watching the space for further announcements on plans to open industries in Ndola and turn it back to its Commercial and Industrial HUB Status.

  8. It is easy to add value to whatever we want to do by lowering the cost of doing business Mr. President. A country is more or less like running a home. You need to plan otherwise your family will die from hunger. A country is a bigger family and you need to have good ideas on how to run this big family. It looks like this is a big challenge to you my President?

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