Michael Kaingu
Michael Kaingu

Opposition MMD youths have described Education Minister Dr Michael Kaingu as a valuable asset to President Edgar Lungu’s administration.

MMD National Youth Secretary Bowman Lusambo said in an interview that Dr Kaingu who is MMD Mwandi MP brings a lot of valuable experience to the PF government.

Mr Lusambo said the recent attacks targeted at Dr Kaingu from some tabloids are unfortunate and malicious.

The MMD youth leader said no amount of propaganda against Dr Kaingu will change the fact that he has been appointed as a cabinet Minister.
He said attacking an innocent man who is merely carrying out his role as a cabinet Minister.

Mr Lusambo explained that Dr Kaingu’s recent trip to western province was an important one as he was checking up on developmental projects in the province and in his constituency Mwandi.

‘What we are failing to understand is why Dr Kaingu is being attacked, right, left and centre. Is he the first opposition MP to serve in government? We have since concluded these attacks are just personal,’ he said.

He has since appealed to Dr Kaingu to continue on his path of serving the Zambians in various roles.

‘Dr Kaingu is one of the most experienced cabinet Ministers in the Lungu administration having served in the Mwanawasa, Banda and now Lungu governments and we believe that he brings a lot of value to the current government,’ he said.

Mr Lusambo has since appealed to Journalists to play a more constructive role in national development by focusing on reporting on development than personalities.

‘This journalism of personal attacks should come to an end. We appeal to our Journalists to focus more on national building. This thing of always targeting individuals and their personalities is counterproductive and we believe there are other issues that the media would do well to focus on and not personalities,’ he said.

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  1. Interesting!!Is this not the same Kaingu that Lusambo kept insulting .Will he say the same of Dr Chituwo once he moves to PF ?


  2. Its not the Lusambo of yesterdays. This is the born again Lusambo who has now known that a coin has a flip side. When approaching issues, go with an open mind and not conceived already. Good to praise where necessary and condemn constructively. I see nothing wrong in Mr. Kaingu serving us Zambians in his ministerial position.



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