Nevers, Mulongoti, Chituwo (1)
Nevers, Mulongoti, Chituwo

Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) says People’s party President Mike Mulongoti should be the last person to take a rope and hang President Edgar Lungu.

Mr. Mulongoti was recently quoted as saying that the Patriotic Front government is a failed project.

ZDDM Vice President Charles Kafumbo says Mr. Mulongoti was one of the people who campaigned for President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front during the January 20th presidential election and that if he has seen something wrong in the way President Lungu is leading the nation, he can go to him and advice him in the right way and not through the media.

Mr. Kafumbo says if Mr. Mulongoti genuinely campaigned for President Lungu without expecting anything in return, he will not unnecessarily criticize him, but will have the courage to advise him in the right manner.

He says so far, President Lungu has shown that he wants to rule by the rule of law and should be encouraged to do so for the betterment of the nation.

Mr. Kafumbo has further advised Mr. Mulongoti not to be emotional because he feels left out, but should commend the President were he has done well.

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  1. Shut up ZDDM rule of law for God’s sake when Lungu Elo Lwanya when he has corruptly with the most corrupt man RB given themselves a billion contract to Henry Banda n Katumbi to purchase a bigger jet.


  2. Ooh! Memorandum of understanding that turned sour, “scratch my back, I will scratch your’s”.Spill more beans, bwana and expose the other side of Mulongoti.It takes a f00l to create the wise.


  3. I am surprised mulongoti was not on that truck that kissed the sitima in kafue. Why is “heaven” so selective!!



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