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Dandy Crazy sues Sunga Man, demands K 20, 000 per week

Headlines Dandy Crazy sues Sunga Man, demands K 20, 000 per week

MUSICIAN Wesley Chibambo popularly known as ‘Dandy Crazy’, has sued a fellow musician for allegedly claiming he initiated him into Satanism.

Mr Chibambo has also filed an injunction against Andrew Sunga popularly known as ‘Sunga man’, restraining him from publishing defamatory materials.

According to a statement of claim in the Kitwe High court, Mr Chibambo said Mr Sunga falsely and maliciously spoke and published a video that circulated on social media that he initiated him into Satanism.

Mr Chibambo said the words in their natural and ordinary meaning in the video caption meant that the plaintiff was an evil, satanic, dissolute and profligate character.

He said the words further meant that he was unfit to associate with respectable persons and that the video also meant that, as a musician, his music had the propensity to cast spells and demons on his fans and clients.

Mr Chibambo said the words in the video greatly injured his credit, character and reputation and that it had brought hatred, ridicule, contempt and had deprived him of fame.

He said because of the same video, fans and business partners had stopped inviting him to perform at functions and ceased to be friendly with him.
Mr Chibambo said the words and the video were clearly calculated to disparage him in his music artistry and business.

He has asked the court to award him special damages for loss of earnings from his weekly musical performances at K20, 000 per week with effect from April 1 this year.


    • May be better for Crazy to ask his Pastor for prayers and exorcism? The PF demon is that Chishimba Kamwili told us about is real.

    • This is easy, let judge order D…..C go to the same bishop and be prayed for and let us see what happens. It will interesting to know what the demons say who initiated D……C if at all this is true. May be S….man’s demons were saying he was initiated in merely smoking pot; nobody has explored this angle as most have jumped into conclusions that the initiation was something else.

    • The reaction speaks volumes, he’s trying to sweep the dirt under the carpet by threatening legal action. This case will not hold, the monetary claims are rediculous. He will need to provide proof he earned the amounts consistently and proof of cancelled invitations before any reasonable judge. The wise thing to do when accused of doing something that cannot be proofed is to remain silent and ask God to vindicate you if indeed you belong to Jesuse Christ and indeed he always does vindicate.

  1. I feel pity for Sunga man. Am of the opinion that when demons are being cast out,focus should not be on interviewing them cause they(demons) lie….lying is there nature. We shouldn’t trust every word they say when they are being cast out, cause they lie to bring about confusion. And also,the issue of filming a person under deliverance should come to an end as it has got the potential of discouraging people who are seeking help unless it is done under permission.

  2. Con-artists! You should learn to earn a living in honest ways. Why disparage others for your selfish gains? You should hold career etiquette as you can damage the reputation of a renowned person irreversibly. Let the law take it’s course.

  3. I repeat my earlier call to Dandy Crazy, Calm down bro, no need to whisper carelessly. By the way, are you not sueing You Pee Earn Dee as well?????

  4. What is the man trying to say here now? Is he saying that all those songs he sang for PF campaigns were full of hypotomising messages to all listeners. I thought he was the Blue eyed boy of PF especially when it comes to campaign songs. IT IS WRITTEN. EVIL will ALWAYS BE REVEALED with Pasage of time. THOSE WHO USE EVIL WAYS TO ASCEND TO POWER WILL ALWAYS BE PULLED DOWN THROUGH MISTERIOUS WAYS LIKE DISEASES OR SOME OTHER WAYS. THIS WE HAVE SEEN IN ZAMBIA. IT WONT BE LONG WE SHALL WITNESS MORE OF THESE THINGS HAPPENING WITHIN POLITICAL ARENA.

  5. The question I keep asking my self is; out of all the popular musicians in Zambia, why did the ‘demons pick on Dandy Crazy? Could there be some level of truth?

    • Dandy was picked by a certain party to discredit him because he sings winnings songs for the other party. Looks like the party that doesn’t like the party Dandy sings for, ensured that they used Sunga for the damage. It is typical of that party and its online paper.

  6. I only hope Wesley Chibambo has copyrighted the name “Dandy Crazy”. If not, it is possible that Sunga’s lawyers will argue that Chibambo is not legally Dandy Crazy.

  7. Dandy Crazy you have now done the correct thing to Sungaman and probably we may get the truth.The fact that you left UPND alone is good because UPND did not take Sungaman to the Bishop.My advice is that you may appear to be clever through courts ,but God has a way of doing things.The Bishop may just deliver you and end up revealing a lot bout yourself.If you are innocent no need to worry as the truth will set you free.Good luck ba crazy.

  8. The two musicians need to sit down and talk to each other. This squabble is not good for the music industry. By the way, who is being sed here? a person or the demons?

  9. Good move Dandy Crazy. Nowlet this sunga man prove his claims it seems in Zambia pipo defame others at will and get away with it which is sad indeed.

  10. Yes man, sue the guy. I am sick and tired of inept people who always deflect their inadequacies to a “personality” known as the devil. When are we going to learn to take responsibility for our own shortcomings? You want to laugh when fo.ols “thank God” for saving their lives when in fact they yearn to enter paradise, a route only accessible through death! What warped, bipolar [email protected]@rds!!! Sue him out of his demon-staged-sorry-as.sed life! Sue him!!!!

  11. There’s no case and Sunga man is not guilty. Sunga man was under the influence of demons and demons were speaking through him and he did not know what he was saying. Sunga man did not tape the video and did not put the video on youtube. This Dandy Crazy is really Crazy. He should sue the demon that spoke through Sunga Man. No judge worth his salt will find Sunga man guilty. Case closed and Dandy Crazy should bear the costs for the court case because he should have gone to the Pentes or to the Catholic priest to lean that people being cast out of demons are unaware of what they say during deliverance. this is Judge Judy Chibesa.

  12. All fools called Bishops and Pastors are fake, crooks and liars. Jesus simply healed and cast out demons without asking the victim to finger point any one. The devil has just shifted witchcraft from Witch Doctors to Witch Bishops and Witch Pastors.

  13. Dandy crazy is not a satanist and lets not judge him because we have no proof. how sure are we that the same bishop who was delivering Sunga is not a false Bishop??? beware of false prophets and teachers and pastors in the last days, the Bibke warns us. i should be a fool to believe in the same bishop that delivered sunga man, for me he is a false Bishop.

  14. This is pastor. E. Sams, when demons manifest they speak under the influence of spiritual realm. So my advice to Sunga man let him go and argue that he did not know what was happening when he was in that state. The person to blame or sue in this issue is the Bishop who was praying for Sungaman. When a person has manifested he can’t have the chance of taking a video of himself and later send it on social media to embarrass himself and Dandy. So the question is; who was taking this video when Sunga man had manifested? After taking this video why did he give it to him? For what? Because what happens in deliverence is a secret between the client and the pastor.

    • @ E. SAMS

      spot on, the bishop is a culprit here ,. trying to show off and advertise himself that he is powerful . why take a video of some one being delivered?? and worse off post it on social media?? what point was the bishop trying to prove??even jesus never at one time , showed himself off after performing a miracle,infact he used to say ” do not tell a soul of what has happened. PEOPLE, lets learn to read Gods word so that we are not deceived by these false pastors and bishops………..

  15. Is it true that Dandy Crazy makes K20,000.00 in a week?Has he been paying tax to ZRA ?If not ,where is ZRA ?My simple calculation shows that Dandy is owing ZRA about K614,400 in Taxes from 2011.

    I therefore,give ZRA one week ultimatum to move in and claim what belongs to Govt.Failure to do so,ill effect citizen arrest on him so that i recover what belongs to Govt .

  16. When one demons are being exorcised, the person affected does not have control because the speaker is the demon at that moment and not sunga man. The guys was not in control of himself it was the demon accusing Dandy. Sue the demon Dandy!!

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