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No Civil Servant should Engage in business with Government-Malupemga

Headlines No Civil Servant should Engage in business with Government-Malupemga

Amos Malupenga
Amos Malupenga

Government has directed the Northwestern Province Accounts Control Office to ensure no civil servant engages in business with government to avoid flouting the public procurement Act.

Northwestern province Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga says he’s concerned that companies owned by civil servants have become main suppliers of goods and services with the provincial administration and government departments in the province, a situation he said was unacceptable.

He warned that he will not take kindly any officer found flouting financial and Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) provisions which has been a repeated audit query in the last two audit reports of 2012 and 2013.

ZANIS reports that the Permanent Secretary was speaking in Solwezi today when he opened the first quarter meeting of the Provincial Development Coordinating Committee (PDCC).

He said no officer should feel victimized when disciplinary action is taken against them because he expects civil servants who are sub warrant holders to familiarize themselves and adhere to the financial regulations and the Zambia Public Procurement Authority Act to protect public resources.

And Mr Malupenga disclosed that provincial administration has introduced a system where all departments wanting to do capital projects in the preceding year will have to submit project proposals that will be scrutinized before included in the provincial budget.

He said this has been done to ensure transparency and fairness to all sectors so that money is not allocated to the same projects while others remain unattended to.


  1. This message should be directed at senior civil servants as they are the major culprits when it comes to this vice. They are the ones flouting the public procurement Act with impunity either directly or through their agents.

  2. Welcome move Mr PS, and i hope the the Central Province Ps can also do the same so that the DAC Committee in Kapiri will emulate because we have a problem with the DACO who always gives contract for fertiliser and seed distribution to a named senior Police Officer (AISHA Motors) thereby abusing his position and take advantage of us business men who are not in formal employement!

  3. What a way to do things if you are not from civil service. DIDn’t you know that civil service rely on such ventures. “UBOMBA MWIBALA EMO ALILA” nomba iwe you start disturbing the arrangement, there is retirement coming their way and they need very much to establish themselves before they vacate those seats. You just need to be a bit more realistic when dealing with civil servants, unless you are such hard hearted to see them become destitutes when they retire. In fact you are supposed to be removed from that sat, for you know exactly who you are and where you belong in politics.

  4. Excellent move bwana. PS. I hope you are not targeting those small fish supplying toilet issue paper. Its means all government contracts are above everyone in government. Ministers included. for example Central province Mr. Chisupa failed to grade the Kapandwe – Lukanga road, despite being paid K563,000.00 for a 17Km stretch gravel road in Kapiri mposhi. This statement will make Malupenga go faster than anticipated. Remember, GBM’s comments. we fight to get into govt to win contracts”

  5. Bwana Controling Officer, this vice is deep rooted am afraid. Vincent Mwale whilst hearding the PAC heard how some MP in Wetern Province influenced the awarding of a contract to some ka funny, hastily registered organisation…manje what more a civil servant, he will do like wise…naise tidyeko syndrome kabili nama bwana bakudya!

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