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Remove statue of Sir Evelyn Hone from Evelyn Hone College-Dr Ngoma

General News Remove statue of Sir Evelyn Hone from Evelyn Hone College-Dr Ngoma

Evelyn Hone College
Evelyn Hone College

University of Zambia political science lecturer Dr Alex Ngoma has called on authorities at Evelyn Hone College in Lusaka to remove the statue of Sir Evelyn Hone at the college.

Sir Evelyn Hone was the last Governor of Northern Rhodesia from 1959 until Zambia’s independence in 1964 and died in September 1979 but his statue his still standing on college grounds.

Dr Ngoma said time has come for Zambia to remove all the statutes of colonialists in the country.

He said Zambia has been independent for over 50 years and that there is no need to keep statues of colonial leaders.

Dr Ngoma said management at Evelyn Hone College should emulate their counterparts at Cape Town University who removed the statue of British colonists Cecil Rhodes.

He said the removal of Sir Rhodes statue is justified because South Africa is no longer under colonial rule.


    • Crap !! That’s part of our history even if it involves the colonists.That statute must remain because we can’t delete history just like that.

    • Dr Ngoma dont just copy things happening in SA. W e have more serious problems than the statue. More over its history. We dont need to be dealing on petty issues. They dont put food on the table. The british still meet part of your annual budgets.

    • The so called colonialist were less corrupt than all the governments after them. Changing names has nothing to do with issues facing the institutions. This Ngoma belongs to a generation of educated, out spoken but rather clueless pathetic liars and failures. All they have done since 1964 is talk and do nothing!!

    • Since Alex Ngoma is all about copying what’s happening in South Africa, maybe he can also suggest that Zambians should start xenophobic attacks against foreigners.

    • Copycat Ngoma. Just join PF. Upon hearing south Africans doing that, intellectuality has dawned on ngoma pushing him to realise that the statues of pre-independent Zambia are still standing. before south Africans he couldn’t reason on his own. its shameful.

    • Dr Ngoma wants to copy from our black brothers in RSA who do not know what a black man can do to their economy if left alone with the white parties like DA. They want to get rid of all traces of the white colonialists because they think without the colonialists RSA would have been like USA. They don’t know who is really running that economy. They think if the white man today packed his bags and left RSA, they would run the country to prosperity and abundance for all. They don’t realise what we learnt the hard way that without the white man whose statues they are today removing, RSA would be like many African countries in 20 years time.

    • Dr Ngoma wants to copy from our black brothers in RSA who do not know what a black man can do to their economy if left alone without the white parties like DA. They want to get rid of all traces of the white colonialists because they think without the colonialists RSA would have been like USA. They don’t know who is really running that economy. They think if the white man today packed his bags and left RSA, they would run the country to prosperity and abundance for all. They don’t realise what we learnt the hard way that without the white man whose statues they are today removing, RSA would be like many African countries in 20 years time.

    • I visited Evelyn Hone recently to check up on a nephew. The hostels are very filthy and showers are not fit for humans. There is overcrowding and no renovations seem to have been done there for decades. That is what Dr. Ngoma should be talking about instead of statues. Yaba!

    • He should also stop speaking in English because it belongs to the colonialists.

      I totally agree with Dr Scott when he said, that they are backward, Scott nailed it.

      You can not delete history, even KK the dictator of 27 years is written as president of Zambia. Should it be deleted from history b’coz KK was the first & only Zambian dictator?

      South Africa is in the vengeance mode. Changing names of villages into towns won’t make them rotting economy & kwacha any better are Ngoma.

      Castigate PF for their failures & stop using English b’coz its for the colonists.

      The Skeleton Key


    • Alex Ng’oma!!!! Where were you before the UCT protests? Removing the statue will not change the fact that Evelyn Hone was the last Governor of Northern Rhodesia. It is a part of history that I do not have a problem with. I expected better from a PhD like you.

    • Look who is talking. Dr. ALEX Ngoma you have a colonial name as well. Start by removing your ALEX name please.

  1. WHY?????????????????????????




    • This Dr. Ngoma is he a witchdoctor from a sangwapo advert or a genuine doctor who studied for his qualification. There is a universe of difference in what happened in the liberation of Zambia and South Africa. Can this quack Ngoma even tell us the number of Zambians that shed blood (I am talking about dying as a direct result of the independence struggle not nose bleeds or being beaten). I think Zambia should do itself a favor and release these statistics, Former President Kaunda deliberately left out these stats to add to the glory of the freedom fighters which is honourable but as Mandela said you can not be proud of who you are if you do not know your history. Lets let go of our our past lies.

  2. What value will this add to the College? Don’t imitate those UCT imbeciles who have made the removal of Cecil Rhodes statue as an important achievement. Let history remain for future generations. Please bring suggestions that will bring prosperity to all Zambians not this Mposa Mabwe mentality

  3. Do we have to ape whatever is being done by other countries? Why now???? Will you also rename Livingstone and Victoria Falls? Is Alex an African name?

    • Let the Dr lead by example and change his first name to match his african name..e.g. call yourself Dr Mapoloyangu Ngoma…then will trust your sincerity and respectively remove Sir Hones statute.

    • Czar

      Great one! He should stop using the name Alex or Alexander in the first place, otherwise it seems yayamba Ku munyokola njala Ngoma manje.

      In anticipation, Ngoma should also stop communicating, complaining & speaking in English as it belongs to the colonists.

      They just yap, act & think later. Czar, well done.

      The Skeleton Key

    • This is the best response so far. Immediately I saw heading I knew its a copycat from Capetown University. History is history you can’t change it. Besides, was Sir Evelyn Hone the only governor? If not why is it only him is named after a major structure? He must have been good governor. I have never seen Sir Roy Welensky’s name anywhere?

      Really start with yourself: Change your name from Alex to Bwezani and use nyanja to lecture your students. What would you call a testtube or crucible in Nyanja?

    • Proffesor my foot, how can a learned man even think like that, change your colonial name please to Chikopo

  4. This Dr Ngoma is another u-s-e-l-e-s-s cadre who does not concentrate on the important things. Instead of producing students who are dreaming big for Zambia he just wants to bread hate and racism. Zambia has moved on. We have Mandela and Mahatima Ghaddi statues in London and no white man has objected and asked for their removal. Instead of removing the statue this cadre doctor should have been advocating of turning Evelyn Hone into a university. Shame on you Ngoma

    • And this is coming from a University Political Science Lecturer? Imagine what this chap teaches his students?

      What this ‘ballot thief’ should be advocating for is mass improvement of Education standards and infrastructure instead of being so petty!

      How old is this chap anyway? If he’s as old as I am he would appreciate just how far much better EHC was compared to UNZA. Even their business model was better than UNZA’s. We used to befriend chaps at EHC just to eat from their cafeteria as the food was better than at UNZA

  5. history is history….we need our children to know how that school started…are we saying the victoria falls will be changed since it was named by white explorer…..???this is why africa is where it is because of such thinking….

    • Actually renaming Vic Falls and Livingstone to local names is long over due. I don’t care about Evelyn Hone name either. However name changing is not a priority. Look at how that PFool Sata rushed to change airport names without building new airports.

    • History should remain like that,nothing wrong to have those statues in our country,find something else to talk about than wasting our time listening to wrong advice from so called a doctor

  6. Symbols can be sensitive, depending on timing and other surrounding factors. What matters is for parties involved to embrace a spirit of mutual respect, tolerance and dignity. Revisonism is not enough. There is need to go further than that by learning from other great nations such as the USA. In the USA, the new heroes include Martin Luther King Jr and Barack Obama. The new heroes have not necessarily ousted George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Rather, the two sides of the coin remain just that. Or are you succumbing to xenophobic attacks? Stop playing into the hands of spoilers.

  7. What a tool of a Doc. Concentrate on producing no-placard carrying, government blaming and dependent graduates, is that a job creation venture u are on? Songoloka iwe and jog on

  8. Poor thinking by the doctor, no wander we are at where we are coz of that kind of thinking fm pipo we hold in high esteem. very soon he will start removing crosses and Jesus statues wherever they are coz Jesus is no longer seen. what a shame ! Full of copy and paste

  9. I am profoundly disgusted and disappointed by Dr. Ngoma’s abysmal ignorance of Zambian political history, considering that he is lecturer in political science at the University of Zambia. Doesn’t he know that it is the postcolonial Kaunda government that gave the name of Evelyn Hone to the college in appreciation of the positive role the governor played in the transition to independence? Just what knowledge, if any, is Ngoma imparting to our hapless university students? Before he makes an even bigger f.ool of himself, let him first get the truth about this from KK who was personally responsible for renaming the college.

  10. So this Chimpanzee shallow thinker in the name of Doctor Ngoma is also advocating for the removal of Nelson Mandela in New York, London, Australia.

    Doctor Ngoma is copying his shallow thinking from immature Black South Africans who are advocating the removal of Cecil Rhodes statutes from their Universities.

    I am a black Zambians but am so proud of what Cecil Rhodes did for Africa, especially Southern Africa for that matter. He built a railway line from Cape Town to Zambia. Without Cecil Rhodes laying the foundation for the railway line in Zambia, there would have been TAZARA

    While the Belgians were causing chaos and creating ungovernable system in Kinshasa Congo and supporting Mobutu and killing Patrice Lumumba. The British through Sir Evelyn Hone handover to Kenneth Kaunda in…

  11. Dont just disparage him like that without asking him why he is saying that. What is the biggest motivation for his suggestion? Is it that south Africa has done so?? then thats not a good reason. Or is it that Zambians should not have any memory of colonial masters? May be its a good reason but we need history as others have said. Let us debate this issue politely and find a lasting stance.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • Truth ‘Hates’ (ouch!), there is nothing debatable here. The not-so-learned Dr. Ngoma has just exposed his lack of originality on a public forum. All along all was well for him until the CTU students protested. It boggles the mind why a Political Scientist would want part of our political history wiped out in that manner.

      Uleke ubwalwa Alekisi Ngoma…!

  12. I meant that, “Without Cecil Rhodes laying the foundation for the railway line in Zambia, there would not have been TAZARA to talk about in Zambia”

    So Doctor Ngoma just plagiarised his Doctorate?

    Africans and Zambians in particular need be proud of British values!

    Without British orderly and smooth government transition in 1964 to majority Black Zambians rule, Zambians would have been engulfed in turmoil like the way the Portuguese and the French left their colonies in Africa!

    Doctor Ngoma should look at Portuguese; Mozambiaque, Angola & Guinea Bissau.

    Belgium; Congo, Burundi & Rwanda!

    French; Congo, Central Africa, Chad, Algeria, Niger, Mali, Guinea etc

    Italian; Somalia

    Spain; Equatorial Guinea

    All the above countries have experienced turmoil because of…

  13. Long live Cecil Rhodes and Sir Evelyn Hone! Zambia’s peace is based on the British Western Minister system values!

    The British left Zambians and former British colonies at large with a conflict management system through their British Western Minister system!

    French, Italian, Portuguese and the Spanish COLONIES were not fortunate as British colonies!

    History repeats itself! The chaos the Italian left in Somalia, and the Belgians left in Rwanda, Burundi and Congo right now are evident!

    Even former British colonies knew how to remove Idi Amin in Uganda!

    But French colonies never did the same! In fact France in conjunction with the USA assisted in causing chaos in their former colonies like in Central Africa Republic in Bokassa, Congo & Bakinna Fasso

  14. Ikaleni fye naimwe, next you’ll be asking us to change the name of Rhodespark suburb. Dr Ngoma, learn to be original before aping everything you watch on the news. For starters, educate us on the rationale and back ground regarding why Sir Evelyn Hone should be thrown in the dust bin of political history. Typical of us Zambians, copying and pasting all the time.

  15. I am very disappointed if indeed that came from Dr. Ngoma. Will that mean that:
    1. He will also change his first name?
    2. The Institution will too change the name
    3. What name will the College be given – Alex Ngoma College of Applied Arts and Commerce?

    No, this can’t be true that a learned man can uttered such unfounded statements.

  16. All points covered. Now ba Dr hope you can read the comments so that next time you can be more reflective before uttering a word. You have embarrassed us fwema real PhD – Engineering!!

    • Alex Ngoma has always been a parrot. Now he has managed to embarrass the whole of UNZA. I always wander why Prof Simukanga has not yet dumped him into a toilet pan.

  17. Dr Ngoma dont be stupid copy cart.History is history.Sir Evelyn Hone and Cecil Rhodes are part of our history and did alot of good for this nation.Pls come up with better suggestions and not stupid issues.The british still support this nation so why remove history.Dont be silly.Let south Africa copy from us.We value history bad or good.

  18. Has this Alex Ngoma asked KK why he named the college after Sir Evelyn Hone? He might learn a thing or two.

  19. The sugestion of Dr Ngoma is very wrong.Lets respect history.The coloniolists had also a good side and bad side but let history remain for better future.

  20. RSA and those colonized by Germanic countries had it very, very brutally rough! While they have in their presence the descendants of those that oppressed them, we hardly have such memories or reminders on an everyday basis. It pales beyond reason therefore to assume that just because the South Africans are taking the law into their own hands that we should do the same. What kind of insinuation is that – and coming from an academic with an opportunity to escape being nabbed for plucking a ballot paper from the printing press?

  21. Congratulations people!!! for once 100% agreement on a topic. Amazing!!!! My question to Mr. Ngoma is “was Hone a bad man?” did he kill Africans, abuse their rights etc. That should be the basis of removing it not that he was a colonial governor so that is a reason. Like others have said Mr Ngoma has a colonial name he should lead by example and start by ditching his name.

  22. who is guy? doesnt he know the underlying issue in south africa was for transformation and 2nd its not even his university stick to issues facing unza

    ……even mugabe said he would remove the burial site of rhodes

    • You are right. This guy should fight to better the situation at his university – UNZA – where things have been falling apart for years now. Clearly Ngoma ( I think it is Ng’oma) has no idea why the students at UCT resorted to that action. Unfortunately, because of the UCT students’ action a number of statues in South Africa are being vandalised by the EFF and some malcontents. People in Zambia should not take that route.

  23. Waste of time. Dr Ng’oma raise serious issues. Now you want to do everything that South Africa is doing to its history?

  24. Why can’t Ngoma first change his name? Instead of touching EHC, he should build his own college and give it a name that he wants. I wonder what nonsense this Angola taught the 6 UNZA graduates? Let Ngoma also stop using English which belongs to the colonialist. Yaba, this election thief just wants to make headlines in the press

  25. Hey, I see alot of statutes to be changef then…like the struggle for independence kaili we r now independent. I dont know how much that would cost us jst to do things that won’t bring money but consume. Next he will say stop learning history because we are now living in the morden…..

  26. Surely, it’s confirmation that school alone isn’t enough in life. This Doctor is an embarrassment to Zambia. Like a maize grain thrown into a hammer mill, goes through the whole process of being mill meal upto package and surviving the knocks of the hammer so is this Doctor who seem to have been failed by school, regardless of his qualifications.

  27. That is what you get when Zambia leaders rush to the RSA for medical treatment instead of improving their own hospital. They are now so brain-washing into copying and admiring everything South African.
    The confused Dr Ngoma should now advocate the removal of everything left by the British, system of government and all that goes with it.
    Surely hasn’t this learned ‘Dr’ got better things to help Zambia overcome some of the problems currently engulfing the nation?

  28. If This Alex Ngoma was thinking, he would have started by denouncing his first Name which not Zambia and then we can go on and rename the Victoria falls also.

  29. Who knows, may be he wanted it to be named after him. “DR. ALEX NGOMA COLLEGE”. Lets give him the benefit of doubt. Just find a stream, a footpath, a cattle dip or even a market and give it his name. He will be satisfied. This is a common problem with our african “learneds”.

  30. @Mwana Chinondo (1.9)
    Your kind of testimony makes me sick to my stomach. How can a young mind flourish in filthy conditions?

    In any case, I wish more Zambian learning institutions would adopt the model of the boarding secondary school I attended. We cleaned our own toilets and did all maintenance work around the school. We didn’t like it but we did it and in hindsight I think it was a very good thing.

  31. The whole DR spewing such rubbish. He should have started by removing his Alex name to make sense. In Zambia its like educated fellows are becoming the worst *****s ever.

  32. EHC should be merged with NIPA and ZCAS to form THE UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL LUSAKA (UCL). Get USD50m from whats left of the Eurobond loan and upgrade EHC And NIPA to the standards of ZCAS.

    Also merge NRDC with Chinama Hills College to form THE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY FOR BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES (NUBS). Incorporate the Levy Hospital and Chinama Hospitals into one Academic Hospital for training Medicals Doctors and other Health personnel.

  33. Guys,
    please help me out. I’m getting my racist colonialists mixed-up. I read in this article that colonialist Evelyn Hone was the last master before Zambia’s Independence. Then who was colonialist Roy Welensky? I thought he held that ignoble title, no?

  34. South Africans are just foolish and uneducated craps. They think like chickens.You can’t erase history.

    They should not forget that Britain has a statue of Mandela in Britain.What if Britain retaliates and they remove the statue of Mandela from there?

    It is just being myopic and emotional for nothing.

  35. Ba Ngoma, scars on your body remind you how human you are and the struggles you’ve endured to get where you are today. Erasure of history(SA style) does not serve Zambia at all. We have a collective history that should be preserved, acknowledged, learnt from and some aspects never to be repeated again. What you suggest is equivalent to saying Zambia should leave the commonwealth. I think our energies should be expended elsewhere. Ubuna ng’ani tebo bane!

  36. The legacy of Evelyn Dennison Hone, was not that evil as that of Ian Smith.
    Sir Evelyn Dennison Hone, KCMG (1911-1979) was the last Governor of Northern Rhodesia, from 1959 until Zambia’s independence in 1964. Life Hone was born in Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia, on 13 December 1911. After studying
    at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, Hone entered the Colonial Service and served in Tanganyika Territory, the Seychelles, Palestine, British Honduras and Aden. Chief secretary to the Governor of Northern Rhodesia from 1957 to 1959, he himself became
    Governor in 1959. Quickly
    beginning talks with African
    nationalists, he developed a
    good working relationship with Kenneth Kaunda and helped pave the way to Northern Rhodesia gaining independence as Zambia in October 1964. The Evelyn…

    • Yes…there are more important issues to sort out in Zambia. ..get your priorities right..something African leaders always get wrong…..

  37. Out of 71 comments only one comment supports this sorry excuse of a DR.And we taxpayers are paying this pathetic man his dues.The only thing that should change is his employment status.Surely he should be fired.

  38. Firstly i take it this Dr Alex(colonial name) is wearing western clothes which the colonialist would have been in this day and age..lives in a house not a grass hut…drives a car …and after 50yrs this is the best thing he could come up with..wow Dr you are soo clever…NOT

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