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This is not the time to step down as UPND leader-HH


UPND president Hakainde Hichilema leaves the City Library Polling Centre in Lusaka
File:UPND president Hakainde Hichilema l

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says he is game for 2016 general elections and those thinking or suggesting that he must quit politics and leave the party leadership for someone else should think twice as they are just wasting their time.

Mr. Hichilema said he would not quit politics anytime soon as he was preparing for next year’s general elections which he said he would contest on the UPND ticket.

When asked whether he was thinking of stepping down after losing the presidential elections four times, Mr. Hichilema said he would not quit at this time.

He said this was not the right time for him to step down as UPND president when a general election was on the horizon.

“I would definitely step down some day but not now. Not this time around. It’s up to the party to decide when I should step down. But for now I am contesting the 2016 general elections and possibly win and form government for us to improve the livelihood of our people. For us the focus is to improve the economy of the country in order for it to attract genuine foreign investment,” he said.

Mr. Hichilema said Zambians needed a leadership which was committed to addressing high levels of poverty and unemployment, adding that what the Patriotic Front was boasting about of having created was nothing but slavery.

“You should understand that Zambians need jobs and not only jobs like sweeping the roads and digging trenches which the PF is boasting of having created. This is shameful indeed 50 years after independence. Zambians need decent and pensionable jobs. Zambians need food and not only food but balanced and nutritional value-based food for good health,” said Mr. Hichilema.

The opposition leader said his party had a programme for the country which would help end the high levels of poverty by creating manufacturing industries which would in turn employ many young Zambians.

Mr. Hichilema said the UPND was the only choice for the people if Zambia was to face a new economic outlook.

“Our policies in agriculture are the best because we shall not only subsidise farming produce and encourage people to venture into this sector, we shall also provide both local and international markets for the produce of our people to make more money for themselves. We shall also ensure that we empower our people with soft loans which will help them set up viable businesses,” he said.

Mr Hichilema said the UPND would run a cost effective government by reducing a number of ministries and create and provide a safe environment for both local and foreign investment.

Mr. Hichilema said he was not in politics for selfish dealings but to help Zambians realise their full potential to participate in national development and help improve the economic status of the nation starting from grassroots level.

“We are not in politics for selfish benefit. We want to serve the people of Zambia. There is too much poverty in this country which needs a level-headed mind to resolve. It’s time Zambia and Africa started electing leaders who go to government to serve and not to earn an income,” he said.


  1. Obviously HH wants primarily to test power at plot 1, any other reason is for the gullible supporters to accept. Hence the unacceptable hatred against a fellow human being ECL now reaching a shameful level such as dwelling on private medical records whether genuine or not.

    • Actually Sir, it is time for you to step down. UPND is full of great people that can do better. I am not been tribal but the way you took over UPND from president Mazoka is what makes it hard for the rest of zambia to vote for you. Hold a credible comference and let UPND choose a leader other wise like it or not, PF as useless as it is will have another 5 years.

    • With you Ted I do not agree. HH and Lungu are not enemys but adversaries. There is no hate between them thank you

    • You got to sanitize yourself first from being unpatriotic sadist heavy on jealous, bitterness, sectarian agenda and incorrigible hatred. Zambians are allergic to these vices bcause they are alive to the fact that sadists are clear and present danger to national unity, security and harmony. Hatred and tribalism you deeply personify or embody with glee have never built a village anywhere. Look at Rwanda, Liberia, Somalia, Central African Republic, Sierra Leone and many more countries. Also tribe cannot win you a national mandate.

    • Ba Senior citizen,,,vocabulary stuck in the old ZOL times. Your comments are over used and their presentation has become stale. Change, bro!

    • The term “best” is relative to beholder. What you consider personally as best, could consider as worst by someone else. In short, baseless over generalisation is not a true holistic reality.

      You can talk about someone being best when all the 2016 candidates are known. At this time we do not have a list of all 2016 presidential candidates. So “best’ does not apply here. Currently, the only best, proven by voters wishes, is EL. He came out best of all the candidates in the last election. He beat the other contenders.

    • “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm”
      Sir Winston Churchill

  2. With Lungu now suffering from great dementia on top of the ailments he already have and Rupiah banda pushing a wedge between the PF, it will soon start disentagrating and the only credible candidate is obviously HH. No amount of tribalism, hatred and negative publicity will stand in his way. His time is coming.

    • I also heard his time was last january as he was leading in polls about 80%. HH is a wolf in sheeps skin. If he ever got elected, he would run this country into the ground with his tribalism(he can not claim to be NOT a tribalist when we all know he became the partys president on tribal gounds.) and lack of experience. let him run for ward councilor first.

    • Forget it my friend. It is time you accepted that HH is a liability to UPND. He will never win any election. His policy remarks lack anything new or anything to move the Zambian people.

      If HH calls jobs such as of cleaners, etc as slavery, how many slaves is he owning at his farms, companies or home. he must be the largest slave owner in Zambia if he considers himself the riches man in Zambia. We have always advised HH to think before opening his mouth. He has many lapses that make him really a child politician.

      HH being UPND president is good for PF. PF knows how to whack HH. With HH, PF will have a lanslide. Thanks HH, don’t step down, PF needs to step on you to victory. You are easier to beat.

    • KEEP WATCHING your
      HH is not getting there anytime soon.put your seat beat until 2016 when you will be shocked.

    • I can only wish him the best But if the voting pattern will be like it has been I’m afraid HH won’t be able to form government with a majority of Southern province MPs.

    • My opinion is that when you lose does not make you foolish, it only opens some door which was closed except to realize what people look for in a person, accept my respect for you.

    • Yebo Nkhosi and others, have you heard any employee of HH’s businesses complaining of bad working conditions? Stop hallucinating and face reality.

      Your fear is that he will seal all loopholes for the thieves currently running and surrounding those running govt.

      What Zambia needs is a successful businessman who won’t go to Plot 1 to get rich but to guide the nation out of the current malaise!

      HH IS THE MAN! You fear that if he doesn’t step down, he will win and you will have nowhere to run to. Don’t worry he isn’t a vindictive man. Trust me I know him very well!

    • Zambians are so obsessed with keeping HH outside power and forget to choose a good leader. I personally do not care whether HH is in power or not, but we should not be supporting clueless leaders like Sata and Lungu just because we don’t want HH. are you telling me the best Zambia could ever produce is Sata and Lungu to lead them?

    • HH has never been in any political office apart from grabbing power of UPND leadership on tribal lines.

      You cannot compare HH to Sata who have lead the Zambian people at various levels of policy making and decision making. Sata had better political record than HH by far. Tell us whih HH’s political achievements have surpassed that of Sata or EL. Even in business, Sata was a very successful businessman whom you failed to point a finger like people are doing for HH who stole from our parastatals.

      It is not for you to tell Zambians who they think is the best candidate. Zambians know what is good for them. Zambians have decided that they do not think HH is fit for presidency and this should be respected whether you like it or not. Sorry bwana!!!

  3. wamuyayaya is back. give chance to others walusa sana mudala. anyway we know nobody can dare challenge you as at now coz you finance the party and nobody else has as much muscle as you. next

  4. It’s not a secret that HH will be a major threat to PF and HH steping aside will be hosanna for PF. Faka pressure HH come 2016 state house there you go.

    • Which pressure can HH give. You have been saying this many time. It is HH who is under pressure due to massive losses in the past election. We want HH to beat UPND. HH is a careless speaker who does not check his remarks and makes many policy mistakes. It is very goo to have HH as a candidate because he is easier to beat.

      UPND will never rule as long as HH is in power because all is built around him and not the party. Unfortunately UPND has decided not to see this scenario at their own detriment. 2016 will be worse than any other election for UPND.

    • @Yebo,why should it concern you if we (UPND) are featuring HH who cant win?I expect you to be happy and encourage us to continue with HH.You cant stop talking about HH because yenze kwempe.You know that you survived by a whisker.And why were you not advising Sata to step down when he was losing?

    • I was only challenging you comment that HH will be force in 2016. . He was given a first start in 2014-2915 but still lost to someone who no resources and started very far behind. Whether it is by a whisker or a tusk. HH lost and for the fourth time. You cannot compare HH to Sata in the political arena. HH is very far. Sata had been a politician from the lowest ranks to the highest. He also has a track record of political achievements. Tell what are HH’s political talk abouts? Nil!!! He is still a novice who has not yet mastered the political ropes. His record is that of losing.

      You are supporting a lame horse. He will be defeated again in 2016 and beyond. The 2016 voting pattern will hit HH badly because other provinces saw how Southern province behaved. 2016 will revenge time.


    • How many times did president Sata attempt before he became president. If you do not succeed first time, then keep trying.

    • You cannot compare the political vibrancy of Sata to HH. HH is very far from reaching the height of Sata in the political arena.

      HH have never been a Councillor, an MP or any other political position. He have no experience. He is very theoretical and school bookish. Sata was a practical man. HH is a dreamer and a thief. He stole our cattle from the Zambia Cold Storage Board, which he sold at give away and behind the scenes got the same animals. We know how he got some of his wealth. It was getting what does not belong to him, things that belong to the Zambian people. Now he is saying we are poor and yet he contributed to that. Many people were chased from jobs because of what HH was doing, selling Parastatals. We have not forgoten that. Only those born yesterday do not know HH.

    • Have you not tried for something over and over again? Ever heard of Lincoln? With a British flag next to your name and the exposure you would have got being in the UK, I would have accepted more sensible comments, but Oh no, ” a pig will be a pig even putting lipstick on it”. How do you guys support, mediocrity as the case is? are you beneficiaries of the corrupt practices, just damn stupid or more likely simple tribalists?

  6. As long as you continue using MaTuvi TV to campaign for you Sir you are doomed.
    Secondly do not allow GMB, Maureen and Banda’s son to come close to UPND.
    Do not be tribal in your campaigns.

    Attract Nawakwi as your running mate.

  7. Please can someone quote HH s tribal talk; I have never heard him utter any tribal talk. In fact we v never had tribal talk until PF took over, if anything tribalism is being preached by the PF not any other party in this country. Should HH step down as UPND party president, then it will be a doomed party; alot of people are going for UPND because of HH. same as PF was Sata so is UPND HH; So Hakainde go for it we will turn out in numbers to vote for you. the PF has failed to control their cadres thus making us all not free in our own country.

    • PF you have failed I agree with you , we have keys in our hand but it seems we have still another chance and we will use it well to kick out this EL and his poor thinkers, economic is a science which needs people who think science , this too much for EL and team .

    • Kubweka, HH can be quoted from his actions. He was put into UPND leadership because he is Tonga. This was made very clear by the party leadership at that time. HH has never challenged this because it is true. This has been certified by how much our Tonga brothers and sister have become so emotional about HH and idolise him. By him keeping silent on this matter is actually accepting the status quo.

      Actions speak louder than words becomes alive in this matter. This matter will never go away with wishful thinking. HH has this tag stuck with him, it has become his identity. It will still cost him in 2016. UPND needs to see this as a reality. If they do not, UPND will not exist beyond 2017. It will disintegrate with next loss for HH.

  8. The leader will be a leader loosing four times does not live any mark on his body or his brains but it gives more energy to move forward, forward , HH the leader of time (Malawi) we made a mistake this time around will not make it

    • That lose was not a mistake. Zambian had said another no to HH. The mistake is allowing this loser to stand again because he will still lose in 2016.

      HH is good as an opponent because beating him is easier. So do not change leadership. We want HH to beat in 2016. Someone else could be too strong.

    • This losing streak of UPND reminds me the loss Chisanda Mutti suffered to Lottie Mwale, they were times he came very close to beating Lottie but still lost, it gave him impetus to challenge then again lost even badly & the one who came to beat Lottie was a new comer Chilambe who was a door bouncer at Lafrontier nite club kitwe. I only wish UPND the best.

  9. HH we all know your desperate attempt to get to plot one in partnership with jv and padick patel ,this time your actual results will reflect and i hope your followers will now know they need to do something to top leadership if they are to see anything tangible RESULTS.Meantime President Lungu continue working hard causing opposition irrelevant ..

  10. HH is wasting time contesting, he is losing again come 2016. HH not only lost 4 times but he also lost his foresight because any person in his right state of mind would have stepped down by down. He is dragging UPND down with him because of his selfishness.

  11. HH is wasting time contesting, he is losing again come 2016. HH not only lost 4 times but he also lost his foresight because any person in his right state of mind would have stepped down by now. He is dragging UPND down with him because of his selfishness.

  12. The New York Times described HH as a serial contender. Keyword is serial as I’m serial killer…meaning he will continue to kill for ever. And it follows HH will continue contending for the presidency for ever. It will only take the laws to stop..of course not the law of Unpd that he has in his pocket

  13. i wonder the hate most bembas have for tongas. they so damn scared for the unseen if HH wins such that they try by all means to put hh in oblivion and have upnd led by any other person not tonga. they paint him with all impossibles for the guy just not to win. very sad indeed. just aoserve any blog about hh who comments negatives

  14. Ok ok ok good news from tribal HH!!so please PF lovers lets be ready to use NEGA NEGA FORMULA IN FAVOUR OF PF so that we can retire this Satan1st called HH!!!believe you me,tribal HH will lose for a record 5th time in 2016!!!HEY I CANT WAIT TO SEE TRIBAL HH CRY ONCE MORE IN 2016!!!

    • HH missed his chance to rule this country when he backed out of a coalition with Sata in 2011. He would have been an automatic candidate to Sata had he been in that pact. Pride comes before a fall!He’ll continue trudging the opposition pathway!

  15. Why worry with HH losing four times when General Miyanda has lost five times. Please know your history.The General has been losing elections since 2001.Just admit HH is a factor.

  16. most of these boys and girls were born in chiluba’s time and some towards the end of kaunda’s reign nowonder they do not know what a sound economy is and they wil only appreciate when HH shows other fack leaders how it is done so lets forgive their do u suport one who steals from u and hide the money at home in carton boxes lets not be fooled as trive on big nshima and almost no relish.Zambia a christian joke

  17. Eddy with this kind of hate speech, I wander if you are not related to lucifer himself. Mr tribalist stop being cheap in your comments. Any incident when hh talked tribe? Repent poor man. After all hh z wealthy, if anything he doesn’t lose anything.

    • HH does not speak tribalism, he practices it, he encourages it, he survives because of it, it him UPND president, it is his DNA. Sorry this truth will stick with him forever. He should have refused to be made UPND just because he was Tonga. It was his decision, UPND will have to pay the price. UPND will continue to lose elections because of this sad historical event. People do not forget.

      Sorry HH. No matter what you say say, we know you you are and on which principles you lean on. You are not a national asset but a regional one. 2016 will tell you and put you exactly were you belong, the dust bin of Zambian failed politicians.

  18. HH is wealthy today because he stole from you and me yesterday.
    It’s only a full who can praise a thief after stealing from him. Some of you still questioning HH of not being tri ball should go back to the time when Dan munkombwe said tri ball remarks and HH went smiling. Up to now HH has never castigated those sentiments by Dan munkombwe meaning he supported it because that’s him.

    • Sponge hob, you are really pathetic. Do you call someone you pay for doing a job for you a thief? HH has demonstrated and illustrated this point so well, yet you insist he stole. Those who stole are in courts, why has govt not taken HH to court?

      Are you talking of Munkombwe or HH?

    • He smiled because Munkombwe is a joke; in fact a political clown. Did Lungu castigate his cadres that carried a coffin with a dog on the top wearing UPND regalia at his inogitation? Chawamina mbuzi; isn t it? You people are bringing tribalism into our once peaceful country. Is PF not stealing?

  19. A creative man is led by the desire to achieve, not the desire to beat others. You are never a loser until you stop trying.

  20. Spongy,intellectual sickness is eating away your integrity if at all you had some. Sure we shud learn telling the truth. HH went to school when you were busy sleeping, as a professional he offered financial services during privertisation as a middle man,it was up to government to conclude a better deal or not. But it was the same so called experienced useless politicians u kip praising who messed up.hh wasnt in boma

  21. Don’t mislead pipo on his riches,we know you have been dead asleep mr sponge of. as a sleeping giant pliz wake up properly from your slumber don’t mislead poor zambians who are still grappling with the failed economy under your useless pf.

  22. Well analysed policies HH if you mean it from your heart. Cling on to your vision. The fear of losing is what makes competitors so great. Additionally, great spirits have always encountered great opposition from mediocre minds. Being defeated is only a temporary condition but giving up is what makes it permanent. Sometimes an obstacle is a stepping stone in disguise. All the best in your endeveours

  23. HH is a spent political force, a failed political trick. a useless liability to UPND. he needs to give space for people Mweetwa ,Nkombo and canisius Banda. this ***** has elevated himself to absolute idiocy and foolishness. his mouth spews tribalism and hate.

    it must be true that he is a satanist!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Can someone tell me the difference between the PF and Upnd policies.
    Tell me also which policies are working for zambians.

  25. hh said that he was not declared president becoz he is tonga
    which other words do want to hear b4 declaring him a tribalist?

  26. Uyu muntu aba shani kanshi?not long ago he was busy discouraging investors to come to Zambia, now he is opening his mouth that there are no jobs.who’s going to create employments?ba U5 ikalenifye namu filwa up n down esheniko umbi….

    • Lady in Blue, you are wrong, EL supporters are enjoying the moment and have no reason to hang.

      It is the HH supporters are so filled with hate anger who are hanging themselves. we are waiting to whack HH again in 2016.

      Please do not change leadership, we want HH, he is easier to beat because he is an under 5 politician.

  27. Yes HH will not win because Bemba speaking people ( central in towns, CB, Luapula, Northern, Muchinga provinces) and Lusaka shanty compound dwellers never vote for UPND. They started with Mazoka and now they are doing it to HH. These areas determine who wins the Presidency. It is not that Zambians have rejected HH, about 75 % of civil servants voted for HH in the last elections because they are the ones that get affected by PF mismanagement of the economy. When a party is not supported by Bemba speaking people it can not win the elections.

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