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Today’s Message: Your Seed Determines Your Harvest

Headlines Today's Message: Your Seed Determines Your Harvest



“Don’t be misled — you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant.”
(Galatians 6:7, NLT)

TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria

Have you ever looked at a large, old tree and wondered how long it has been there? It’s amazing to think that at one point that gigantic tree was merely a tiny

In the same way, our words and actions are seeds. Our words may be small, but they grow when they are planted. We will always reap a harvest on what we sow!

Think about the types of seeds you have been sowing. Are you sowing encouragement, hope, blessing, love? Then that’s what you’ll reap in the future.

But if you’ve been sowing criticism, judgment and anger, you’re probably already reaping a bad harvest. It’s time to start changing your seed.

Today, I encourage you to pray and ask God to help you uproot any negative seeds you may have planted in the past and begin sowing good seeds for your future.

As you stay obedient to the Word of God, you’ll see those seeds grow. You’ll rise up higher and enjoy the harvest of blessing God has promised you.


Father, search my heart today. Show me any bad seeds that need to be uprooted. Help me, by Your Spirit, to plant good seeds for my future. Use me for Your glory in Jesus’ name. Amen.
— Joel & Victoria Osteen

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  1. God blesses both those who are obedient to his word and those who are not! There is nothing a human being can do to earn God’s blessings. God blesses people out of his great mercy, not because people merit the blessings! But thank you for your message!

    • Joel Osteen is a shameful scam artist who uses and exploits peoples faith to make himself wealthy. How anybody can see this guy as anything other than a disingenuous opportunistic pig is beyond me. He doesn’t care about you, Christianity or god. He cares about money. Faith should be free. Always. I can promise you this guy has never counseled anybody for free. If his words make you feel better, great. Just don’t pay him for them. He has taken enough from people who are hurting. They are his bread and butter.

    • What we have been given is life, not religion. Religion becomes death to us, for no matter what religion you choose there will be labor for you to do. Religion is a dark hole, who can escape?
      Where there is life there is freedom, and growth. Life inside of us produces good fruit. Love, inner peace, inspiration is available to all who escape the bondage of religion, all you have to do is let go of it.

  2. One cannot rewrite reality. Evil exists. It is what it is. Man’s concept of it reflects its existence and its nature.

    What do the terms “good seed” and “bad seed” denote in reality? They denote consequences of choices of action that man has the capacity to make, and the evaluation of those consequences by a standard of value. Knowledge of the potential actions and their consequences (i.e., cause and effect) comes first, before any evaluation of those actions and consequences as “good” or “evil” by a presupposed standard of value. Man needs to know what he is capable of (fundamentally speaking) in order to know what long-term principles of action he should follow, and in order to form the concept of “good seed” as action that sustains his life, and “bad seed” as action that…

  3. Contd…..

    …..that destroys it. “Good seed” and “bad seed” both depend on a whole context of knowledge (and a previously chosen standard of value). One cannot perceive anything called “good” or anything called “evil” directly in reailty. One can only perceive concrete actions and their effects for or against one’s life.. The main dependency of “good” and “evil” is on that prior context of knowledge, not on each other.

    • All you need is a nice suit, a good smile, and a basic understanding of the Bible… bam, you’re a preacher. Add a little charisma and you could even pastor a mega-church. If Jesus did exist and is what is written he is, I’m sure he’d have nothing to do with these con-artist.

  4. @ Napapa Sana: It is not always worth potraying ignorance in all fields. In such biblical issues, sometimes silence serves better than unnecessary arguments.

    • @Man Kenya, kindly point out my ignorance exhibited in my comment, and lets engage intelligently on your so-called biblical issues. What makes “good seed and bad seed, blessings” biblical issues? Is it their mere mentioning in the bible? let us discuss @Man Kenya

  5. I’ve thought for YEARS that Osteen was a fraud and it’s nice to hear it confirmed! He runs a phony-ass church that looks like a football stadium and makes millions of dollars of his “parishoner’s belief in God

  6. People keep giving money to con-men pastors/prophets. If you think they give it to god, there is no help for you. No one has his address. They pour it into buying private jets and other companies so they enjoy life more than you while you’re kept busy obeying their god from ancient Rome.
    Must be ‘mad’ thinking they can shut down the jesus story.

  7. de·cep·tion : the act of making someone believe something that is not true : the act of deceiving someone : an act or statement intended to make people believe something that is not true.

    Deception is at its greatest when it purports itself as the truth and goes unchallenged for centuries. Far too many believers are being deceived by what is now being called “The Church”.

  8. @Critics: That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. How much were you charged to listen him in your TV screens? Present valid evidence. Avoid collective condemnation or support the atheist world outrightly.

    • @Man Kenya,
      1. What is wrong is to make people to think that a human person has the power to change God. If you can change God, then he is no longer God, better call him god.
      2. It is wrong to use any part of scripture to just any act of man. For example, Preaching to people everyday about sowing seeds, people to offer more money to “god” (pastor) in order to receive blessings (good harvest) from God. This is wrong! Some of these Pastors are busy creating God. they create God and present to people this God they have created. It is wrong! Let God be God!

  9. @ Napapa Sana: Thank you for your kind engagement. I do not wish to be misquoted. My point is that we cannot lead a sinful life simply because God is merciful. Well. we can’t insuate that no matter how we position ourselves, God will overlook all. We also can’t refer to our ill-amassed wealth as blessings. Secondly, I wished to oppose the argument that most bloggers tended to bring that now there has cropped fake preachers, this may appear to be an excuse of God’s non- existence or defying God. Even in Kenya they are so many but such preachers were prophesied long ago. In all spheres of life, God will never change no matter how people behave, Certain unnecessary arguments have been forewarned.(Titus3 :9).

  10. @Man Kenya,
    1. Thanks too for your response. However, may i just state strongly that i never meant to say we can take God’s mercy for granted, that just because God is all merciful then its open day sinning for everyone, NO! Of course God saves us in his great mercy, BUT we are expected to actively participate in that process of being saved. we are responsible and must account for our sinful action, but our active contribution to our own salvation must not in any way be seen as merit for which God has no other option but to give us salvation. No!
    2. Those who have studied or are reading holy scripture and interpreting it rightly and praying for the guidance of the Paraclete, will for sure be able to distinguish fake from real preachers.
    3. Thanks @Man Kenya, good chatting with you!

  11. @ Napapa sana: What a wonderful and fruitful discussion we had inspite of the distance apart! Long live,

  12. Frustrated chaps always cursing a God and Christianity!
    I am highly educated and rich, but still worship my almighty Lord and believe in his son Jesus. Please repent and convert whilst you still have time to do so.

  13. Religion is designed to divide the populace from each other, to keep their eyes on the imaginary pie in the sky.
    If religion did not exist billions of people would not be filled with sectarian anger and hatred.
    Religion is based on putting you under a spell, which makes you impressionable and very easy to manipulate.
    Religion inspires children to hate other children of a different ‘faith’.
    Religion is a business and you’re the one enriching the clergy CEOs with your lovely devotion to imaginary creatures in the sky.
    Religion destroys the lives of countless global citizens.
    If religion do not existed there will be no CIA Al queda.

  14. Redirect your energy from stale religious texts towards the recolonization of yourself and your people.
    Redirect your energy from docile faith in the words of religious thieves towards the spirit of a people’s revolution.
    Religious texts are written by human beings who are paid by the ruling elites to generate oppressive laws.
    Religious worship devours your spiritual need for freedom.
    Notice how all conquering nations spread their religions replacing whatever was there before.

    Please wake up!!

  15. Christianity is a personal relationship with God through christ. Christ opposed the RELIGIOUS activities of the Pharises so why implicate christianity even when it is man himself who is misrepresenting it ?

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