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PF is not broke – Hapunda

General News PF is not broke – Hapunda

Brian Hapunda
Brian Hapunda

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) media director Brian Hapunda has described Rainbow Party president Wynter Kabimba’s sentiments that the ruling party is broke as laughable.

Mr Hapunda said in an interview on Saturday that the statement attributed to Mr Kabimba that the PF is broke is unfortunate.

“It is unfortunate that he can insinuate that the PF is broke. The more he talks about the PF, the more he admires it,” Mr Hapunda said.

He said PF is not broke as alleged by Mr Kabimba.

Mr Hapunda advised Mr Kabimba to expend his energies on organising Rainbow Party instead of talking about PF.

“As PF, we are stable and there is no need to worry,’’ he said.

Mr Hapunda said Mr Kabimba is not a factor and he should have fielded parliamentary candidates in Chawama, Masaiti and Senga Hill to prove his popularity.

“Our party is more focused on delivering and attracting more people to the party,’’ Mr Hapunda said.

He wondered where Mr Kabimba got information that PF is broke when he is no longer a member.

“We are not broke and we will remain principled. We will not dip our fingers in government coffers because PF has many well-wishers,’’ he said.

Mr Kabimba was recently quoted in the media alleging that the PF is broke.

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  1. How much do you have in the coffers. Sweeping statements will not really convince people that PF is not broke.

    • You may not be skint today because your leader has just come back from China. Equally, GRZ funds may have been diverted or you may have sold ZAF Mbala Base and the Mig Fighter Planes strategically kept their.

    • Always people who rush to make negative comments first are non thinkers. Please use your brains wisely.

    • Brian, the job for PF media director is too big for you just like the over-sized jacket you are wearing. Being a college drop out is not helping out either. Truth be told. PF is intellectually, morally and financially bankrupt.

    • These PF, yesterday it was Davies Chama accusing Kabimba of leaving PF accounts dry. And same PF secretary General lamented to ask why “donors” stopped transferring money to PF, while Rainbow Party has all of a sudden started holding workshops and sending members to Brazil.
      Ka Brian kutumpa fye uku… as usual.

  2. PF are a confused lot. They are the ones who accused Kabimba of running their coffers dry and when he responds Hapunda says no we are not broke. Vision less party.

  3. Bt u need to start eatin u also,u gettin skinny by tha day,eat nshima atleast 3 tymz a day,u r a good leader bt ur physic leavs much to b desired

  4. Hapunda a ka finished fellow without any direction. Hapunda is trying by all means to lin to pf because he has nowhere to go. Time will catch up with you very soon. Are you not the one who stole money from people in Livingstone pretending to have been sent by Sata. F00lish chap..Mind you Sunday Chanda wants your job. A drop out from unza this fellow Hapunda. no direction so skin and sickly…

  5. @MWILA no 3 Hapunda has always been like that ka small looking boy just like rianford kalaba for chipolopolo, the boy is sharp in politics and KABIMBA should not try him otheriwse he shall finish Kabimba, ask HH he is even now pleading with the biy to join him..he is a special tonga bull

  6. Brian should have first addressed the issues raised by the PF SG who accused Wynter of leaving the coffers dry. I don’t like the politics of Wynter Kabimba, SC ODS, but he responded to accusations raised by PF. If PF is not broke, why accuse Wynter? Was this done by PF SG to embarrass an innocent citizen? If that is the case, then the PF SG should resign on moral ground, he is not fit to be a leader in 21st century. Wynter said Chenda and Myles Sampa were signatories, why not ask them first before rushing to press with two contradictory statements?

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