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Friday, February 21, 2020

PF responds to Post editorial questioning Lungu’s loyalty to Sata’s vision

General News PF responds to Post editorial questioning Lungu's loyalty to Sata's vision

FILE: Late President Sata greets then Defence minister Edgar Lungu
FILE: Late President Sata greets then Defence minister Edgar Lungu


LUSAKA, APRIL 12, 2015 — The Post Editorial questioning His Excellency Presidency Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s dedication and loyalty to late President Michael Sata’s vision is in bad taste and must be despised by all reasonable Zambians. While they attempt to misrepresent and dilute what President Sata stood for, Zambians know that if there is an attribute the late President had, it was that he was not vindictive. Zambians are aware that there are elements in this nation, the cartel, which thrives on holding Presidents captive but this they have found difficulty to do with President Lungu.

They would rather that President Lungu submits to them by protecting their interests while injuring those of the nation at large, all in the name of keeping with the legacy. President Lungu shall not be blackmailed into this cheap, nonsensical and childish propaganda by men and women of ill-intent for the nation. Indeed Zambians know that the axis of evil has erupted and represented by very well-known personalities.

Zambia cannot afford to allow these people in any public office of service because their agenda of self-enrichment have seen the fight against corruption, turned into a witch-hunt which has in many ways targeted those in leadership, while allowing criminal activities of the cartel to flourish. This is unacceptable and the Law enforcement agencies must act swiftly. Individuals such as Mukelebai Mukelebai, the former DPP, where hounded to death. It is the same individuals who continue to champion agendas of hate and Zambians must reject such elements for who they are.

This Cartel is known for its ferocity to destabilize Zambia through several schemes, such as eliminating perceived elements as well as misinforming citizens through its propaganda machine and that of its allies at home and in the Diaspora. They have succeeded in recruiting desperate Opposition parties in exchange for media coverage. The Patriotic Front, through its Candidate then, President Edgar Lungu, made clear during its Campaigns that Zambia is not for sale. It is neither for sale to the Cartel or its allies and it is not for sale to any other power. If any of these people want the support of Zambians, they must genuinely repent and abandon their ways!

Therefore, today’s Editorial in the Post Newspaper fails to past the morality test of questioning the morality, length, width and indeed depth of President Edgar C Lungu’s comprehension of the PF Vision which late President Michael Sata served diligently. Let it be known that President Lungu and PF shall not be dictated to by the Post Newspaper. It is not up to the Post Newspaper or indeed Rainbow Party’s Wynter Kabimba to tell Zambians the extent of dedication President Lungu attaches to the PF vision which Zambians served.

It has been said over and again that the late President Sata served the PF vision and it was on that premise that he got elected to office. President Sata never went to State House to serve an egoistic vision. His personal conviction about a better Zambia was subjected to the bigger vision of the party he founded, the Patriotic Front (PF). The PF vision is not as simplistic as the Post Newspaper Editorial and indeed Kabimba wish to portray. President Sata never founded the PF to subject it to his personal vision. He founded the PF with a vision to outlive him.

President Sata never meant for PF to become a vehicle for witch-hunt and it is those who are crying out the loudest who attempted to usurp power and control from the late President Sata so that PF becomes a vehicle to hate, hurt and injure. President Sata founded PF with a vision that had sufficient room for renewal and growth. Therefore it can be said to PF detractors that President Lungu and the PF will continue to build and grow the organizational vision for a better Zambia, an equitable Zambia and a Zambia freed from the yoke the cartel placed around its neck.

The Zambians can therefore be proud of the decision they made on 20th January 2015 because in President Edgar Lungu, they have a selfless and courageous leader who is making difficult but important decisions for the good of the Country. PF under President Lungu will not shy away from organizational renewal including building on the founding vision of one patriarch Michael Sata and his comrades. PF therefore calls on all Zambians of goodwill to dismiss the allegations raised in the Post Newspaper editorial with the contempt deserved.

Issued by: Sunday Chanda (Mr) –
Vice Chairperson: PF Media and Publicity Committee

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  1. So many Short Waves frequency radio stations mu PF, Frank Bwalya, Hapunda, Chanda, Kambwili. Pa 1 pa2 pa3 pa4 na pa sate ni daily ndalama kupundapunda. But this is one IBO iyi kwena

    • The tribunal is on today at 09:00hrs.I don’t care how the tribunal came about but for as long as it is there to break the curtail its okey.the end will justify the means.

    • Its no time to brink but to decisively sanitize the country of criminals. If it means offloading in the Zambezi river so be it in the interest of our beautiful country. Sub-level propaganda that has thrived on deceit and adverse coercion against innocent citizens has no legs to withstand a people’s resolve to redeem themselves. Mukelabai Mukelabai taken in cold blood has become a cause to free the country from manipulative criminals. Lets the support for ECL swell.

    • Ba Sunday, at least do spell check of your statement. You sound like an uneducated cadres. Your candidate Edgar Lungu is not presidential material and more PF members are also beginning to realise EL was a mistake.

    • M’membe and his Post are causing sleepless nights at State House. It’s now not clear who Amos Chanda, Brian Hapunda, Kashimba Chimbwi-li and Davies Chama are. Who speaks for what in the PF?

    • So many articles about PF, what a waste of our time friends. Surely Zambians is this what has become of our country? PF, PF, we wake up PF, we go to sleep PF, PF, PF. Why? What good is this to us Zambians, we are not a political party, we are a country with some very high achievers, is there nothing of national importance we can talk about? How is this going to inspire anyone, our children? Friends, Is this what PF wants to reduce our country to? Political party cadres? What a bl00000dy shame!

  2. Well written. M’membe and the group have gone too far. They should be placed where they are suppose to be. What if people boycott for a day buying the post! that can teach them a lesson.

    • who can boycott the post wen this is the time they are giving us credible new than they did during sata’s regn.viva post now not the way you behaved wen sata was messing up our economy but u went to bed with him and kept quite like dead dogs.we need the post to dig deeper to expose all the hidden dealings which the pf are involved in.viva post

  3. Just wait, this Mmembe will one day pay a very big price for all the sins he has committed to innocent people. There is no situation that remains permanent. Time of reckoning is now. Lungu don’t relent. Continue pounding these people, we have had enough.

  4. You cannot fight Fred Mmembe and his cartel with kid gloves, Lungu you are spot on. Mmembe cannot be fought single handed; government machinery needs to be switched on and in full gear. Mmembe has virtually tormented every govt. from Kaunda, Chiluba, Mwanawasa, Banda, Sata, and now Lungu’s. There is time for everything, and the time for Mmembe and his tabloid, The Post have now come. They need to be defaced from the Zambian political scene. It is about time Zambia got rid of these number one enemies once and for all. The rest of the cartel will just fall apart. Pay back time.

    • @ Mwembwa mwe, what laws has M’membe broken for u to suggest that all state machinery should descend on him? I challenge u to list just one.Can’t state machinery be used for more productive things like providing clean water in Chawama?

  5. Advice to Lungu and his government: STOP all forms of business with the POST newspaper and its subsidiary companies period. The same should go for any private or parastatal companies who have connections with the Post and Mmembe stop dealing with them. You are in government, why has Mmembe up to now since the 90s he has been tormenting innocent people? Fix his businesses and make sure it becomes extremely difficult for him to do any business. If this does not work, then special means have to be put in place until the downfall of this guy.

  6. Only a visionless person can even think that the Nchito tribunal will go anywhere. Hadly before it starts key charges under which it was set up are being dropped. Mmembe has fought and defeated his enemies because he is brave, has strong principles and defends the truth and not hearsay. One grave mistake any politician can make is to fight the press. History shows that they always prevail.

  7. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander. When PF assumed office, M’membe supported PF whole heartedly and all PF morons were full of praise for him any the many reasonable Zambians felt that M;membe had deceived them because he had a hidden agenda.

    Now, M;membe has just realized that he has a convenant with the people of Zambia by telling them the truth, and you are now calling him names..Nonsense. Sunday Chanda, I doubt your thinking capacity.


  8. It’s not like Sata’s vision was so ‘grand’ and perfect that Lungu is expected to follow that. I think it is safe to say that this ‘vision’ that Post and Mmembe want us to follow is the reason why we are in debt and our currency is feeble. Look, Post has demonstrated that it does not carry out ethical journalism because it paid a blind eye to fiscal mismanagement during Sata’s time but appear to be so aware of it during Lungu’s reign.

  9. Is Sunday mentally ill? Sata was highly vindictive ba Sanday. Isn’t it Sata who instructed new ministers, IG, etc at swearing in ceremonies to investigate his perceived enemies from the opposition? Ins’t Sata who constituted commissions of enquiry to establish cases against his perceived enemies? Sata was the most cunning and vindictive president I have ever known.


  11. Why is SADC media ignoring the events in South africa? Are they waiting for the genocide to reach Hitler proportions? Durban – Attacks on foreign nationals continued in KwaZulu-Natal on Sunday night, when shops in Umlazi and KwaMashu were torched.

    – Are you there? Send us your eyewitness accounts and photos.

    Police officers in Umlazi repeatedly called for backup during the night, according to a police source who did not want to be named.

    “We had an incident in V Section near the church, where a shop owned by a foreign national was set on fire by a mob of suspects. Later there was another fire which we believe was set by local people at a foreign-owned property in G Section,” he said.

    Police spokesperson Major Thulani Zwane confirmed the attacks in Umlazi.

    “We have had…

    • Its getting worse down here in Durban mwebantu: Check News24
      xenophobic violence spreads to KwaMashu
      The looting of shops in KwaMashu continued on Monday morning, following an outbreak of overnight violence aimed at foreign-owned businesses.
      Shenge’s Supermarket on Thula Road in A section was seen by a reporter being stripped bare, while a group of men carried out metal from inside.
      row of Coca-Cola machines lay outside the shop – some of which were partially stripped.
      An elderly woman, half-hidden behind a door gestured for the reporter to leave urgently.
      On nearby Musa Road, a group of people stood and watched as several men removed metal from what appeared to be a butchery.
      A police van drove slowly past the scene, and carried on.

      The officer did not stop

  12. Actually we need the post newspaper to continue their rhetoric, why should we have alk the media praising the govt when they’re busy failing us? The post newspaper is not perfect and so is the PF and we need them to criticise each other so that we know what’s going here and there. It’s f00lish for the PF to expect praise when they’ve lamentably failed the nation and the economy plunging down. Continue exposing yourselves you might just all become useless and hopefully someone else insoires the Zambians!

  13. the interest of the nation came first, that of your pipo and yours last. this simply means that, whatever you do ensure that the nation interest is above reproach and direct all your efforts to achieve the intended goals. whether you follow sata’s vision or not every leader has his own way to govern the nation. ECL you’re your own self and govern this great nation using your five senses period

    • Interests of the nation, or interests of the ruling party?
      Can you please differentiate, after all, Art.1(1) of the Constitution state that Zambia is democratic State and Art.1(2) assigns “ownership” of the State to the People of Zambia.

  14. and we wonder why the kwacha has been performing poorly? Press freedom =transparent and accountable govt=investor confidence=strong economy=more money in your pockets…in less than 90days and for more than 90years. Anyone, including the presidency who threatens the press deserves full condemnation! Sunday Chanda has failed to address any real issues by pointing to a ‘cartel’ smokescreen that is really non existent! Let’s have respect for the Zambian people. Ine ndafulwa ifi! How do you even speak for the ruling party?

  15. Sunday Chanda, the names say it all, Frank Bwalya etc, ranting junk to please pay master.
    The Post built PF where were these minions? dare not intimidate the Post you are entering a turbulent territory and may not last.
    As an observer, let the battle begin between PF and the Post newspaper for entertainment and secrets to be known to the public.

  16. zambia will continue having problems untill the time we shall put God first in all our programmes and give Him the honour He deserves.

  17. The so-called Aquilla is a junkie linked to the Post Newspaper. He has worked for Government before and can talk of “secrets” today. If you think Sunday Chanda is new to PF, think and ask Chimumbwa, Edward Mumbi, Dr. Mulenga and Wynter Kabwamba. Post did not build PF. Post destroyed PF. Your Post Newspaper insulted Sata when you sided with Mwanawasa and when it suited your opportunistic nature, you began glorifying Sata. Zambians made PF, not the Post. If your Post made PF, go ahead and make Rainbow.

  18. These political mafia are very good at grooming and manipulating presidents for their selfish ends. The president acts as a puppet and if he fails to abide by their wishes, they tarnish his name irreversably and groom another one who will fulfil their demands. They are very influential by looting public resources. Act now Lungu, wipe this cartels. Take charge.

    • if a crime is committed, justice must be served, no one denies that. However, when political manipulation and disregard for the rule of law is at play, any well meaning Zambian with the interest of this country at heart must be awake to any form of injustice.You need to keep a close and critical eye on the politicians and those individuals occupying public office. A free press must and must be protected in Zambia. Our collective freedom and even prosperity depends on it.

  19. Enough is enough for this great nation to be dancing to the tunes of the cartel, God in heaven isn’t happy with the hatred and vengence that is potrayed by Membe and his friends to innocent Zambians, so its pay back time nothing lasts forever, fix the cartel now. I dont remember the last time i read the Post , as far as i know that paper has outlived its usefulnes

  20. The post newspaper should be banned in Zambia.Their articles have the capacity to cause anarchy in this country if not checked.I stopped reading the Post a month ago.

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