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Cabinet’s action on mineral royalty tax regime averted job losses

Economy Cabinet’s action on mineral royalty tax regime averted job losses

President Lungu Chairs Cabinet Meeting
President Lungu Chairs Cabinet Meeting

SPECIAL assistant to the President for economic and development affairs Hibeene Mwiinga says Cabinet’s approval of changes to the mineral royalty tax regime will avert job losses and save the mines from collapse.

Mr Mwiinga told a press briefing shortly after a Cabinet meeting on Monday that Cabinet’s approval of changes to the mineral royalty tax regime will resolve concerns by investors who were planning to place their mines on care and maintenance and to wind up operations.

“The changes to the mineral royalty tax regime that have been approved by Cabinet will save thousands of mine jobs that would have been lost due to this tax,” Mr Mwiinga said.

He said while the changes to the mineral royalty tax regime will have revenue implications, they will save some mines from closure.

On Monday, Cabinet approved changes to the mineral royalty tax regime President Lungu’s directed the ministers of Finance and Mines to table the agreed changes to the mineral royalty tax regime in parliament for approval.

The President also said his directive follows extensive consultations with stakeholders in the mining industry.


  1. I wholly agree and congratulate HE ECL for not following the bonehead approach of Sata and Chikwanda in fiscal issues. Economic management should be stripped of destructive and chaotic posturing at the instigation of NGOs and NGIs.

    • Wow!!!

      Cabinet has “saved” thousands of jobs which same Cabinet has put in jeopardy in a first place!!!

      Trial and error at work or reality overtaking unfounded simpletons dreams?

  2. Next comment from a PF cader will be like ” My hard working Government” ooh really, they not even ashamed to recommend themselves for a mistake the created. This government has made Zambia a massive Economic Laboratory while cader who are hungry and jobless continue hero worshiping them

    • Why get drunk with such hate?
      Really, do you tongas just wait for hh to even dress you up? Let me advise you brother:
      1. hh is just a thief who stole from Zabians
      2. hh is hyper-capitalist who has just been hired by the English/Americans and other western capitalists after realising the growing Chinese influence in Africa
      3. The capitalists strictly wanted to come back for copper harvesting
      4. Zambia has been and still is a Christian nation, while hh is a mason who does not respect the Christian faith. Zambians don’t like to be ruled by hypocrite pretender that he is a seventh day Adventist.
      5. hh has refused to apologise tome for the ‘tonga only for upnd presidency)’remark after the Great Mazoka’s death.
      5. hh losing cardres like the latest Mr Moonga & 280.

  3. Dont be deceived. Zambia is not a christian nation. It is only christian tolerant. How many pipo attend church on Saturday or sunday? Very few. The rest are drinking or womanising including u black woman. You can BARK all you like about HH. But we know the truth about HH. You hate HH so much because u r a murderer. The bible says hate is equal to murder. I think u r a free mason yourself. Get delivered in jesus name!

  4. For your info u black woman, HH never said UPND is for tongas. It is supporters who said so just like Pf supporters declared that Pf ni party yesu fwe ba bemba. Why have u not said anything about the bemba supporters? Is it because u r one of them? Voesak uko kwine ba kapoli imwe.

    • If PF was a Bemba party, there was no way Lungu would have been president. A non-Tonga cannot be a president of UPND. That is on record.

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