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Government will construct King Lewanika University and Mongu Stadium-Inonge Wina

General News Government will construct King Lewanika University and Mongu Stadium-Inonge Wina

Inonge Wina
Inonge Wina

PEOPLE should stop listening to falsehoods being peddled by the United Party for National Development (UPND) and other opposition political parties that Government will not construct King Lewanika University and Mongu Stadium, Vice-President Inonge Wina has said.

And Mwandi member of Parliament (MP) Michael Kaingu has urged the people of Western Province to shift their support to President Lungu and his administration because the UPND and its leader Hakainde Hichilema will allegedly continue “dribbling” them.

Addressing a series of public meetings in Kalabo, Mongu and Nalolo districts on Monday, Mrs Wina said there is massive infrastructure development taking place countrywide and the PF administration has plans to take development closer to the people.

At Namushakende School grounds in Mongu, Mrs Wina said UPND members are so scared of Mr Hichilema that they and are failing to interact with Government officials.

“This is why we have these ward by-election because UPND councillors prefer to resign when they want to work with Government since their leader does not want them to contribute towards national development.

“These are the same people telling lies that King Lewanika and the stadium will not be built but we have money allocated in the 2015 budget and contractors are on site clearing the bush and levelling the ground and soon the President will come to commission the works,” Mrs Wina said.

Minister of Community Development, Mother and Child Health Emerine Kabanshi said Government has plans to ensure provision of quality health services for all.

And Dr Kaingu asked the people why they still think that UPND will ever come to power.

“How many times have you given support to UPND? President Lungu has given you a Vice-President and we shall build universities and other school projects. UPND and other opposition parties just criticise for the sake of opposing even good things. If we don’t shift support to PF, UPND will continue dribbling us,” he said.

At Muoyo School grounds in Nalolo, Luampa MP Josephine Limata advised people not to be cheated because the development currently taking place in the country is visible for all to see.

And Dr Kaingu warned civil servants, especially teachers that Government would ‘flush’ them out if they continue working with UPND.

“We can’t have people drawing salaries yet they campaign against us, they are failing to implement programmes because of spending so much time doing UPND work,” Dr Kaingu said.

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  1. The same works were commissioned by Sata in 2012 when he failed to find a shovel on site and flew into a rage. Now Lungu will commission them again just for 2016 elections? Why should clearing the grounds take three years on flat, sandy ground? “Massive infrastructure” maybe taking place nationwide but not in Western Province.

    • “We can’t have people drawing salaries yet they campaign against us,…”
      Mr Kaingu, you are an absolute ldiot! The salaries in question are not PF money but tax payers’ money. Stop cheating your own tribesmen. You can’t even campaign for your own party MMD because of a few scraps falling of the PF dining table.

    • A simple study will reveal what should be done to improve the quality of life for all. Political talk is cheap, are you sure the people need stadiums now?

  2. These projects are only revived during election time.
    Have works started on the Mangango Lukulu road after promises from the last by-election?
    Muchinga province has completed two universities in 3 years and you want the people of Barotseland to be thriving on lies on a day to day basis.
    Enough is enough!!
    The Zambian government is broke due to over spend on capital projects in Lusaka.
    Inonge and Kaingu,go back to your masters and inform them that the vote is ‘NO’ to PF and MMD lies.
    The Kalabo bridge has taken years to complete due to unprecedented corruption of foreign permanent secretaries.
    It is not a gift to the people of the area as we also pay taxes towards the national treasury.

    • @Donqueen, please put your facts right, the universities in Muchinga Provinces were constructed in the 70s then abandoned by KK and Aron milner.

  3. Building the University makes sense as opposed to the stadium. Channel the funds for the stadium to improving the infrastructure or build a secondary school. The stadium will just be a white elephant in that area. We need to focus on serious issues and not games. How much has so far been pumped into football and we don’t get the desired results. Build University or use the same funds for the stadium to build hostels at our local universities.

  4. We have a worst vice president in history. all the time she speaks she thinks she is at the Rock of mulungushi. I pity this woman because she knows she is disliked in PF and now that she will loose her constituency next year, more problems in her head and family.Kaingu is also another *****. instead of campaigning in his constituency he is busy yapping like a monkey and come next year Mwandi is for the UPND,

  5. Mama Vice President, in place of a stadium, wouldn’t you use that money to build a new hospital or to improve an existing one? Does the Government rank priorities before choosing the ones to implement?

  6. Its a pity that even the so called vice president is so simplistic in her discourse. This country is in trouble due to mediocre leadership. I am wondering why we vote these incompetent beings into these very important positions. Zambians, please lets reflect seriously and avoid these mistakes of giving power to these selfish idio.ts.

  7. …These *****s are very foolish!! They should not be mistaken with the victories recorded in these bye elections.

    People want PF to graciously finish the terms. Wait for 2016, we shall take them to Police once UPND Comes into power.

    To hell with PF!!

    Kaingu, you are a dog yourself!!!

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