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Zambian High Commission in SA issues a travel advisory in light of xenophobic attacks

General News Zambian High Commission in SA issues a travel advisory in light of...

The Zambian High Commission in South Africa has advised Zambians travelling to Durban to exercise caution at this time due to the high threat of attack on foreign nationals.

The mission said although the pattern so far shows that shops owned by foreigners are being targeted, it would, however, wish to advise that Zambians pay close attention to their personal security at all times and monitor the media for information about possible new safety or security risks.

It said it is engaging all relevant South African Government wings to ensure the safety of all our citizens in South Africa.

It added that Zambian citizens who travel to or reside in South Africa are urged to register with the High Commission to make it easier for the Mission to contact them in case of emergency.

Online registration is available via www.zambiapretoria.net. Zambians without internet access may enroll directly with the Zambian Mission in Pretoria.

The Mission is located at 570, Ziervogel Street (Off Hamilton Street), Arcadia, Pretoria, South Africa; telephone (+27) (012) 326-1847/97; fax (+27) (012) 326-2140.

In the event of an after-hours emergency, you may wish to contact:

+27 (0) 83 757 6499
+27 (0) 73 557   8328
+27 (0) 84 637 0900
+27 (0) 81 002 7548


  1. For the first time these buggers who work at the RSA Mission for Zambia have said something sensible although they are stupid.

    • It is sad that South Africa has taken such a turn.
      I have always known that the majority of white South Africans are quite frankly white supremists and never thought the indiginuous black South Africans would take part in such behaviour.
      Then we go and fill up our mines with a whole layer of South African who, by their superiority complex will treat Zambians with distain and exclude Zambians from business opportunities.
      What a shame and a shame it is…

  2. #Chanda Chilengu. Characters like you are the ones that bring about xenophobic attacks. Articulate your issue first, then people will take you seriously, otherwise, for me you have been considered as one of those lazy and dull chaps that just have to say something, even when the right thing is to shut up, or apply a bit of sense when commenting…. Just thinking.

    My heat goes to those that have been afflicted and affected.

    • Strange that the definition of a foreigner “Kwerekwere” is only a black african in this case, or are thy also attacking CHINESE and “MUZUNGU’S ” too?

      Blacks should learn from their masters how to uinte as a race or “they” are forever doomed!!

  3. South Africa has forgotten the sacrifice that SADC put in for them to be liberated from the yoke of apartheid. A person who forgets where he comes from is more than a fool.They should not think that they are completely free from bondage.They will still need SADC when their country is in flames.

    The problem with most South Africans are dunderheads who have failed to progress in their education.They believe in violence as a best way of solving problems.The other thing is failure by the current crop of leadership in educating them the value of coexisting with neighbour.
    It will be bad if neighbours retaliate to the foolishness of an uneducated south african.People are not supposed to be living like animals in modern world.Even animals are now civilized as compared to foolish South…

  4. This is commendable. For the very first time the Zambian High Commission has acted like a real high commission/embassy. Usually such advice or travel alerts are issued by American and British missions. Well done.

  5. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished. Many victims of these mindless attacks come from countries that supported the attackers during their time of need under the menacing shadow of apartheid.

    • Just stay in your countries. What are you doing swarming a country with 3 to 5m immigrants within a shot space of time? I doubt there were 3 to 5m South Africans in other African countries during Apartheid. How many South Africans did you see in Zambia flooding the streets of Lusaka , Ndola or Livingstone?

    • Removing apartheid was the biggest mistake some breeds (black south africans) just need firm control finama

    • Who ever gave me a negative vote is either the same baboons meting out the violence or a kwerekwere (cockroach according to their hate filled translation) has not lived nefi nama ifi I lived with them for over 10 years….. sivintu I am soooo glad I left South Africa permanently. Give me a racist Boer ANY F’n DAY. Not these fat violent lazy primitive baboons with their victim mentality, (the world owes me the world owes me GET OFF YOUR FAT backsides and work mwe finama mwe ati Its the white people, its the foreigners, its apartheid NO its your fat lazy backsides F’d up by your victim mentality. ….. Karma is a B…… your day will come

  6. The Zambian government should not just be issuing advisories. Lungu must condemn Jacob Zuma for sitting idly by while his citizens kill other humans so terribly! Lungu must tell Zuma to show the rest of Africa that he appreciates staying in thier countries during apartheid. I wish Guy Scott was the President. Scott would have given Zuma a piece of his mind. But these patients of South African hospitals are so scared shit of not getting their next prescription they cant call a spade a spade.

  7. The Zambian President should be condemning Jacob Zuma for doing nothing since this genocide started. Lungu should be reminding Zuma how we looked after him. At times like this I wish Guys Scott was the President as he would have given Zuma a piece of his mind. These people who are scared of where their next injection will come from cant have the guts to stand up to a Zulu

    • You’ve swarmed South Africa with 5 million illegal immigrants. Zambians would complain if within a short period of time 1 million illegal immigrants took over the streets of Zambia’s major cities. Over in the Mediterranean 400 African immigrants have perished in the sea. Solution: fight to improve your own countries if you want to live in dignity! Stay home if your desire to get out of your own country will lead to your death.

    • @Rational Man: How old are you? I hope you are not old enough to remember the Seventies, eighties, and partly the nineties because you wouldn’t be saying what you are saying—IGNORANT STUFF!

      Zambia, despite its meager resources, once hosted millions from nearly every country in the SADC region: Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zaire (now DRC), South Africa, Malawi, and from as far as Somalia and Rwanda. Some of them have even made Zambia their permanent home, yet you hardly hear Zambians speak in such xenophobic and derogatory terms about their African brothers and sisters.

      Your attitude makes me wonder what the education system in RSA is teaching its younger generation. Nonetheless, remember that other countries sacrificed a lot so you can live in dignity today.

  8. With what is happening in SA, it is very shameful that some Zambian talk so candidly about traveling there etc…to me…small minds!

  9. Black South Africans are the ones perpetrating xenophobic nonsense! Ignorance indeed is something that The S A government ought to deal with! White foreigners are not targeted and they attack fellow “muntuz”, they forget there are South Africans in other countries, *****s!!!

    • I doubt there’s an African country that has 3 to 5million illegal South African immigrants in it.

    • Kaili they were brainwashed by apartheid to think black Africans are below them finama plus nubu tutu. That primitive Zulu headman who started the Durban nonsense referred to foreigners as lice. I personally think he is a baboon, just an opinion. Iwe ka rational man whose jobs are the ntemba owners taking? Black south africans are just bum lazy BEE is there filefwila getting jobs because of their victim mentality. Someone opens a shop with his own money ati they are taking our jobs (yet they are giving them jobs), I once met one black baboon who told me we are taking their women too. Stop raping and start chaffing thats why bami kana baboons.

  10. I’ve never trusted any Zambian embassy to come to the aide of it’s citizens in the diaspora and many times I’ve wondered why we keep appointing ambassadors when their function is almost zero. I just hope this appeal is not just another statement. Common answers from them is ‘finshi mufwaya kufyalo fya bene.’ While he talks like that he forgets he is also in a foreign country and worse still the government has document called passport which we get for this purpose. For those castigating people who have left their countries, just find out why your government issues a passport. If you have no privilege to leave the country enjoy what is there and let those who are out enjoy too. This statement from our embassy is welcome and I agree with those who have said for the first time something…

  11. so whats happens when you have removed every black foreigner from this county? will this magically stop you from being lazy and expecting everything to come for free… will this automatically transfer the foreigners business minds and determination into your own shallow uneducated brains?… will this stop your hunger for bloodshed and crime? will you finally seize the opportunities around you and become entrepreneurs instead of complaining about lack of jobs even when you are unqualified? maybe after chasing all the foreigners out you will finally learn that success only comes to those who work for it, and that the universe will never lack in abundance if only your thinking is schooled appropriately.

    • You have nailed it my brother, they even preach ati foreigners cause crime yet black south africans consistute over 90% of prisoners so maybe foreigners “trick” them into commiting crimes finama fi bantu ifi

  12. It is very sad and un acceptable for the entire african continent we helped these blacks to attain indipendence yet they treat fellow africans like this my heart is bleeding .
    We us zambians we should send all these south africans packing and stop doing business with them as talking will not help us precious lives have been lost and they will not be seen again,pls ,pls,fellow africans let us show these *****s that they can not mistreat us .AU ,SADC, Where are you show these people your teeth.

  13. This is why I personally dedicate time to educate people about studying about self especially children to avoid this selfsame thing that is happening in RSA…you see the media praising Madiba for what? You will never see them praising black leaders like Garvey, Brother Malcolm, Thomas Sankara or Lumumba why? Religion can never help these people…study about self and wake up.

    • the madiba that went to prison never came out. he died in prison. what or who came out is a compromised man. And i understand, you can get weary fighting especially when very few people can actually see or try to understand what you try to show them.
      We as a people have become so lazy that we wait for the western media to tell us who our heroes should be, which religion and God we should worship. we lack self determination. Kujichagulia as Dr. Maurana Karenga would say from the concepts he got from east africa.
      This lack of self determination is what is causing these problems amongst our own people.
      “If you are not careful,the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing”. Malcolm X.

  14. Stop complaining about the xenophobic attacks. RSA is their country. Don’t flood there like lice. Go back to your own countries and suffer with everybody else. Some of the affected even carried unlicensed arms, especially somalians. These are terrible chaps and I don’t want them in Zambia either. Let them go back to Somalia. They are dangerous lice who r a menace wherever they are.

    • So in your wisdom you think these black baboons will differentiate between Somali Zambian Ghanain Zimbabwean Ugandan to these primitive apes anything from Africa is the same. When Zambia was haboring their likes you were quiet (or not yet born or just ignorant of the fact). In you your wisdom also explain how and how business people from Africa with legal permits and their own capital should have their shops burnt with people in them whilest employing the same lazy bums who have BEE etc but cant do jack for them selves. Are you even aware that banks their have no security facilities but these bums cant even start a kantemba. Ulichanama just like them. Revist the history of America and the reasons behind why it became the worlds biggest economy we chinama we. In this day and age we kapoli

    • For the record even you as a Zambian (if your are one) are considered lice yes you jamakudi are considered lice (unless you are part of the problem the ones calling others lice. In the late 1930’s some short ***** in Germany started like that and graduated to become Adolf Hitler. Some of us come back and are doing well here in Zambia after getting our exposure but not everyone can snap their fingers and do the same. Ndiwe chimu Zulu olo ndiwe mu zambian mwati….

    • You really sound bitter and very uneducated. They too are people. Just police their muslim selves do not hate for no reason.

      Viva President Nawakwi.

  15. They are addicted to violence, these guys it seems like. If by some miracle all foreigners leave, they will start their tribal wars all over again.

  16. This, for some of us, is the final nail in the coffin of Pan-Africanism. People like Kaunda, Nyerere, Samora, Nkrumah et al who sacrificed so much for this land must now be wondering what has happened. If Kaunda had foreseen this, maybe, just maybe, he would have used the last pounds left by Roy Welensky for other things not this lost cause. Having said that, I think this xenophobia illustrates what happens when there is so much poverty and inequality in a society. The masses always scapegoat the foreigner, the immigrant.
    Nevertheless, shame on all South Africans.

  17. This is for all the naysayers who are hoodwinking the attackers and criticizing the immigrant victims of this butchery.

    In Nyanja we say, if you are sitting comfy on top of an elephant do not claim the grass below has no morning dew.

    Meaning: if you do not have the economic necessity to go to South Africa, don’t blame those who do.

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