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QFM Radio Station Stops Playing South African music in response to xenophobia attacks

Headlines QFM Radio Station Stops Playing South African music in response to...

Radio QFM has blacked out the playing of South African music effective today, April 17th in protest against xenophobic attacks on foreign national taking place in that country.

Managing Director Asan Nyama has explained that the move to black out South African music indefinitely which took effect at 06:00 hours is in solidarity with Africans who have fallen victim to xenophobic attacks in Durban and KwaZulu Natal province.

Mr Nyama states that considering that QFM has a listenership not only in Zambia, but across the globe via live internet streaming and satellite platform, the station feels duty bound to voice out in protest at the attacks on foreign nationals by South Africans by stopping the air play of their music.

He adds that considering it is not the first time that foreign nationals are being targeted in xenophobic attacks in South Africa, there is need to send a clear message to South Africans that violence on fellow Africans negates African unity which the continent’s forefather fought for.

Mr Nyama has called for the need for Africans to co-exist as brothers and sisters regardless of whichever country they come from.

He says QFM regrets the deaths of five people who have so far died in xenophobic attacks in South Africa, calling for an end to such brutal murders.

Mr Nyama has further called on the South African government to arrest the situation before more precious lives are lost, and bring the perpetrators of such heinous crimes to book.


  1. TU QFM, this is how one changes things – from butter-fly flaps to a tornado – a journey is the sum of the small steps, stumbles and jumps đŸ™‚

    • Bravo! Q FM hats off to you. Can our MPs take a signed petition to the S.A embassy seeing this Katanga is pretending the peaceful demonstrates can breach peace or do the MPs also need a police permit

    • @Ndaje Kahks,
      Spot on, Zulus are Zulus, they are primitive and still live in the 17th century. There is a big difference between them and the Xhosas. Look at Mandela, he was such a civilised and caring human being as opposed to Zuma.

    • Go home and open your fridge and start throwing away all South African products in it. If you manage then let others do it too. It starts with you coz you are you not we.

    • I wondered a little why God was such a useless thing. It seemed a waste of time to have him. After that he became less and less, until he was… nothingness.

    • Way to go, we should teach these people that they cannot always it their way. SA people are not alive to the fact that some countries like Zambia suffered big time to assist them to be free and now they are turning their back on the very hand which assisted them. What a shame

  2. Since those murderers cannot even read a newspaper or listen to news, the messages are being directed to the South African government for onward translation to those rascals.

  3. What about Shoprite, Pick,n pay, Spur and other shops? You can’t do without them right? shut up then. Will burn one ***** from Sasasa for you cowards to show them that we mean business this time around

    • Why cant we do without Shoprite? We stayed from 1985 to 1992 without seeing Coca-Cola and we survived. It is the other round Shoprite cant do without us that is why they have come all the way to Zambia. Chinese are successful because of their resilience and patience.

    • @Topcat: It wouldn’t be the first time Zambians have done without South African corn flakes and the like. We were once under Apartheid South Africa sanctions for years and the world did not end for us.

      If you don’t know, Zambians can be a stubborn bunch when it comes to empathy for victims of violence and discrimination. Our KK taught us well on this score. So for you to say we can’t do without their “Shoprite, Pick,n pay, Spur and other shops” is a complete figment of your own imagination. Get your facts and history straight before you start daring people!

  4. Who do South Africans think they are? stop trade with that govt. close missions there and isolate them. UN please push in sanctions the way you are advocating for Russia. America where is your muscle, AU president Madam Zuma must be the most ashamed African. Madam Step down you have failed the continent. Even in Zambia we have South AFricans, should we burn your brothers. South Africans are across the globe, what do you want the world to do to your brothers and sisters. We condemned Guy when he said South Africans are the most primitive people. This is true. Guy you were right.

  5. While I condemn the violence, I would like to share with my fellow countrymen that the violence occurrences are not accurately reported! This violence takes place in informal settlements where some foreigners have set up shops. Its like a foreigner comes to trade in Chibolya.
    So it is not like South Africans are randomly attacking foreigners! Many South Africans are good people and I have lived and worked with them.
    So this problem has a social dimension as jobless South Africans feel jealous of the success of the foreigners in business and attack them. There is definitely also a criminal element in this.
    Therefore I urge people to be calm and let our elected leaders resolve this problem.
    It is despicable and unacceptable for anyone one to attack an innocent person

  6. The best way to boycott South African products is to urge GRZ to stop going to MillPark and to transport good via RSA. Stopping South African music by innocent musicians is not the way to go. We have South African hotels (Sun international) and shops (Shoprite etc). Are you gonna stop going to South African shops? Just boycott South African GMO goods in shops.

    • “Stopping South African music by innocent musicians is not the way to go.”

      Well, it might be the spark that ignites a revolution against this barbarism going in RSA. Whether what QFM has done will grow into something bigger is yet to be seen. But at least they are doing their part to show their displeasure. Change always starts small and with individuals, so who knows!

  7. …so by ‘muting’ SA music, what does the station aim to achieve or what impact will it have on those barbarians in SA…..??…infact the station usually does not play SA music on daily basis….and SA music not that popular in Zed…..so no one will be bothered…..the remedial, solution and effective measures to ‘quench’ this barbaric behaviour is right there in SA or has to be done right there….up to now Zuma is commenting on the issue from the ‘terraces’…Pretoria while the act is concentrated in Durban…..it just goes to show lack of political will to stop this rot….Zuma needed to go to Durban immediately this nonsense erupted…..

  8. I don’t support or condone the bloody thirsty murderers in SA. The scenario in Durham is more of where foreigners, particular Malawians and Mozambican s are involved in bad vices there. All we need is to preach togetherness within and among that community there than this thing of boycotting to play SA music, pnp, shop rite blablabla……there is strength in togetherness than when isolated. There must be a better way of addressing this issue than these tu ma boycotts. Xenophobic tendencies thrive when there is some imbalances. Hope chisokone market won’t blow up one day, too many “Renjes” from kwa “Mungures” and people from East Africa.

    • @10.1, you know it from your head to toe that SA is a supplier of 70% of zambian grocery items including entertainment and thats were DSTV falls. Tell me if you watch any sport/soap/news on your local broadcasters? I can bet your ass that even the mobile network you are using is from SA. Talk of PnP, Pep, Shoprite, Furncity, you name it, all from SA. Now imagine life without these. Can you and your lazy chaps survive? Fact still remains, zambia cant do without SA. To hell with black friday.

  9. What’s happening in South Africa is symptomatic of the ignorance that largely looms over our continent. Lets face it, we don’t like our fellow Africans progressing in life. The South Africans who are killing the non South Africans can’t live with competition from their fellow Africans especially those they perceive to be inferior to them. If it were the white people who traded in the same shops, we would not have heard anything like this. The South Africans thought once apartheid was over, they would be given free things and because they are disappointed, they turn to butcher other Africans. Xenophobia for me is worse than apartheid because the latter was not based on ignorance.

    • Same can said about the tribalism in your homeland Zambia…people need to learn that they can’t eat tribe!!!

  10. Just call for evacuation of Zambians caught up xenophobia fracas! Why should our brothers and sisters jobs who work in spur,shoprite, game stores from livingstone to kasama etc pay the price? Are you going to feed their families and send their siblings to school?

    • Iwe ka @Quest, yes is the answer to your shallow questions. What we lack as a people is the power to organize, sustain and make a statement. All you are thinking of are the trivial things in life that we can live without in the event of such calamitous times! You are lost, dude.

  11. YES BOYCOTING SouthAfrican music is not fair.The people involved in this scourge are people like kabovas in shant townships not every South AfricanMost educated south Africans are good people.Let us forgive them and love them as christians and let God intervene.

  12. Nigerian Govmt has given SA Govmt 48 hours to stop xeno attacked or else Nigeria will suspend all SA companies doing business in Nigeria. Guess what, Nigeria will do it. They have done it before; when 20 Nigerians were deported from SA, Nigeria deported all SA MTN workers in Nigeria… look at Zambia, even a protest march to SA embassy in Lusaka has been cancelled…shame on us.

  13. Ladies and gentlemen.

    Shoprite, spar and pick N’ pay, DSTV, and other numerous SA business entities have nothing to do with the barbaric KILLINGS. Infact the supermarkets or hypermarkets are owned by WHITE AFICAN SUPERMARKETS who have nothing to with the XENOPHIBIA there.

    The Xenophobia has been orchestrated my primitive and backward BLACK AND DARK ZULUs who just envy the foreign blacks.

  14. South Africans are very f00lish including their stup*id backwards so called king. They even refer to us as Africans and themselves as South Africans, very stup*id uneducated demons.

  15. @ Gara..spot on…in fact it’s the unemployed youths…I am going to Shoprite right now to get original baby powder…not magon’ga yogulisiwa na bakaponya and Ba mweenye!!!

  16. Africans should learn to participate in developing their homelands…Zambians are economic refugees running away from poor OF economy…please come back we kick these PF limphnodes and fossils…we can be one the best economy on the planet…but we busy trivialising politics.!!!leaving only people from the compound to make the decisions for our future!!!???

  17. Zulu are violent people. Remember the Marakana strikes? Any one who reported for was torched alive just imagine.

  18. If Zuma killed his own people for demanding descent wages at Marikana Mine…you think he gives a damn about Oskido and Big Nuz’s music not being aired somewhere, some place else…Its high time other Africans and their governments drew a real lessons on the meaning of these repetitive xenophobic behavior of South Africans in amidst the Pan-African Philosophy!!!

  19. Close down all foreign missions there…we have been too asleep elsewhere in Africa…we have even allowed south Africans take jobs in our countries which they are illtrained for…this is absurd!!!

  20. Well done QFM Radio.

    Hoping that others follow your response to the calls to boycott South Africa.

    I had in mind to go to South Africa on holiday from my EU abode. I have now decided to boycott South Africa. I will keep my Pounds and spend them somewhere else.

  21. Stop hurting our brothers and sisters,why can’t you change!There is no country without foreigners, your so ungrateful! we stood as Africans when you needed us but now see what your doin’

  22. I am short of palatable words to express my feelings towards these chaos but I hold Zuma solely responsible for the whole fiasco. No more no less.

  23. Terrible! these guys are saying foreigners are getting their jobs but they are forgetting that all the SA shops in other countries are creating jobs for them as they continue to stock them up with SA products. They are very ungrateful, we hosted them here in Zambia and shared the little that we had when even sleep in their country was considered a luxury. SA should move with time, life is sacred.

  24. We should not be too quick to condemn. What FQM Radio has done because of Xenophobia is childish and downright stupid. Where are your Christian values? You do not correct one mistake by making another mistake. Zambia needs to show maturity in events such as this one and not to be emotional and childish. God is in full control.

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