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Zambia Police block peaceful march to the South African High Commission over Xenophobia

Headlines Zambia Police block peaceful march to the South African High Commission over...

Zambia Police Service spokesperson Charity Munganga Chanda
Zambia Police Service spokesperson Charity Munganga Chanda

The Zambia Police Service has cancelled a planned protest march which was to be staged by concerned Zambians against Xenophobia in South Africa.

Lusaka Province Commissioner Charity Katanga said the protest march has been cancelled due to short notice given by the organizers.

The protest match dubbed Black Friday was going to see hundreds of Zambians gather at Crossroads Shopping Mall and match to South Africa’s High Commission in Kabulonga at 09 Hours to present a petition demanding an end to Xenophobia in South Africa.
The marchers also wanted to protest at the Zimbabwe High Commission in Lusaka to urge for action from Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe who is the current Chairman of the African Union.

But Ms. Katanga says the law on public assembly requires that police are notified five days before the planned date.
Ms Katanga explained that allowing the planned march to go ahead may paint a picture that the Police are biased.
She has since advised that police be notified to enable the Service also prepare adequately to police the procession.

Organisers of the March dubbed “Black Friday” have however hailed the hundreds of Zambians that had continued to express interest in joining the march. 

Organising Chairman Miles Mukumbuta said the people are still determined to march to the High Commission and protest

‘This is just a setback caused by the police. We however wish to express profound gratitude to so many peace loving Zambians who have been anxious to be part of this march. It is a peaceful march we plan to carry out to show solidarity to our brothers and sisters currently under brutal attack in South Africa,’ Mr Mukumbuta said.

‘We want to petition South Africa to stop the killings of our children, men and women in that country and Zimbabwe as current AU Chair to take urgent steps over this urgent matter.’’

Mr Mukumbuta has however prodded all citizens of Africa and the world tormented by the South African cruel attacks and killing of Africans to demonstrate their displeasure over the unfortunate events by wearing black today.

Mr Mukumbuta says the organising team would not be deterred by Zambia Police Service reaction but will ensure that the permit to march is secured for the procession to go head as soon as possible.

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    • Is it another rise of Shaka? Please stop the this nosense before it’s too late. Is this how they can repay us after looking and losing lives during their independence struggle? The best treatment to the South Africans is to boycott their goods and also impose temporal travel bans to and from South Africa. This will cripple their economy. With China around the corner, we can do without them. Atasee imwe ba soshi,

    • This is like asking for a child or someone mourning to get permission to cry, if something hurts, you don’t need permission to express what you feel.

      Zambia is worse than most doctorships when it comes to freedom of expression and assembly.
      We are still holding on to rotten colonial laws that even the British stopped following 15 decades ago.

    • “…to urge for action from Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe who is the current Chairman of the African Union…”

      Please forget about Robert Mugabe. He has no moral right to discuss this as he is known for grabbing white farmers’ land. He does not believe in equality. He will support what SA citizens are doing as he believes that the owners of the land need to benefit from all opportunities their countries offer before any other foreigner can.

    • Please publish the dates in both print and electronic media, SA must be shown that they cannot stand alone. Especially that Zuma who thinks of building castles in a land of majority people suffering. Shame to Zuma and his people

    • Zambia police is being dumb! We are protesting the xenophobic attacks that are currently happening,you expect Zambians to wait 5 days? Learn from Nigeria

    • Suntwe. Get your head examined. White man has no land in Zim. Mugabe fought so called white man to liberate land grabbed by whites. Your thinking is traitor like -Tsvangirais’

    • Katanga why not give the express permit you usually give cadres. Kanshi in Zambia Does our inferiority complex come from the mealie meal or our water. Its a peaceful demonstration for goodness sake grow a spine, you clamber over yourselves providing drunk and violent cadres with escorts and protection but normal people with a genuine cause yu start talking about 5 days. You are pathetic.

    • The law on public assembly is unconstitutional, and police have been systematically and shamelessly abusing their authority. The police can rapidly deploy police to the high court, to hunt muhabi or hh but not to protect peaceful protest with legitimate public interest indignation. Shemuna.

  1. Zambia is still marching backwards while fixing their gaze forward. One day we will stumble, fall and break our backbones… So what is the logic in preventing protesters from expressing themselves? What notice do you need when you easily scramble manpower to deal with useless persecution-based clampdowns of legally assembled protests by perceive enemies!? This is pathetic.

    • Wow notice to express annoyance! Unless someone is not touched – only then can they have the luxury of waiting for police 5 days notice to be annoyed.

    • At least more Zambians now know what it feels like to be denied a permit to hold meetings or peaceful protests/demonstrations in Zambia. I believe some of these are PF sympathisers or members who have been taunting the opposition who have continued to be denied permits to hold meetings. “He who feels it knows it”. The best is to do away with archaic laws such as the Public Order Act!

  2. Protest about problems at home: unemployment, police roadblocks extorting money from motorists, high cost of living, corruption, dilapidated schools & colleges, filthy overcrowded hospitals whilst politicians go to Milpark, corruption, unnecessary by-“eretions”.

    • Sadly, most Zambians can’t see the significance of such a protest. We Zambians are always polarised and cannot unite for any serious and important purpose. This is because the poor are always tools for the rich politicians who thrive on the hunger of these poor (youths). Also, if a commodity (such as sugar) becomes too expensive and I fail to pay for it at the till, the next guy behind me will buy a whole case and even tell the till operator to keep change! This is how doomed our Zambia is.

    • A police officer can override public opinion, and the constitutional right to freedom of assembly so casually. By what authority and mandate? But she will be happy to deploy officers on the road to collect ‘road tax’ instead of protecting the constitutional rights of citizens. An autocratic mind-set still prevails in important public institutions.

  3. Nigerian Govmt has given SA Govmt 48 hours to stop xeno attacked or else Nigeria will suspend all SA companies doing business in Nigeria. Guess what, Nigeria will do it. They have done it before; when 20 Nigerians were deported from SA, Nigeria deported all SA MTN workers in Nigeria… look at Zambia, even a protest march to SA embassy in Lusaka has been cancelled…shame on us.

    • Can our MPs take a signed petition to the S.A embassy seeing this Katanga is pretending the peaceful demonstrators can breach peace or do the MPs also need a police permit as well (seeing we have such a wonderful constitution)

  4. Zambia was on the great road to be a beautiful nation after independence, but UNIP destroyed the country such that even after 50 years Govt officials have to go out of the country for Medical help. There’s just too Zedian living outsides which wasn’t expected as we the Zedian had always been proud and patient of developing Zambian. But corruption slowed and stopped the country from developing, now everyone with an opportunity to leave the country like west Africans to leave the country is a Zambian dream, what a shame. Living in a foreign country is not a joke, no matter how educated you are or good residential area you live in things can’t be as comfortable as home. HOME IS WHERE OUR HEARTS WHERE BORN.

    • Really? so what makes you think by protesting in Zambia, those hooligans and yobs in South Africa will change their primitive mentality? Just concentrate on your business or whatever you are doing.

    • It is shocking that you see yourself different from Malawians and Nigerians or Somalians who have been caught up in this madness.

  5. No Zambian has been killed in SA, therefore there is no urgency but of course we have an indelible right to stand with countries who have lost their citizens. But this right must be handled properly so that no property or life is lost in Zambia during this terrible period. Police were therefore on the sound ground to block this demonstration so that hell doesn’t break loose in Zambia. These are emotional times, and an angry crowd is impossible to predict and let alone control.

  6. The folly of following a law blindly. Any law has exceptions imwe ba police spokesperson. Reminds me of a story in Greek mythology about a security guard who was told by his boss not to move from his station at any cost. Unfortunately a volcano erupted and larvae was flowing downwards towards where he was. The chap never moved an inch(because ba boss bakamba ati don’t move). That is similar to our police. Move with the times!

  7. too bad that police had to turn down this protest,, neverthesless let those people Living in SA just come back home , Home is Home there is no place like home. lets not inconvenience govt were its not necessary, its better to be in Zambia and suffer the consequeces o povert but yet be happy and have your freedom than being a prisoner in a foriegn country for life.

  8. It’s really a sad fact that Zambia, & other African Nations SACRIFICED A LOT, INCLUDING LIVES /RESOURCES, to assist these thankless countries attain their freedom, & now they Sh*t in our faces.
    I did experience rotten attitudes many years ago, when we frequented Zimbabwe on holiday, & these guys, right from the airport would treat us like trash, yet Malawians who never helped them, would be allowed free un -hindered entry.
    South Africans are even worse. It makes me wonder how our African Brains are wired really! After all Zambia was Rich after Independence, & part the reason we are now poor & Bankrupt is because of our sacrifice for these ungrateful excuses for Human Beings, who Butcher fellow African’s.

  9. Lets pray extra hard so that the devil using the south Africans to conduct these attacks be put to shame, and madam I.G and P.C please do not let us down. You have been given an opportunity to prove in decision making, so if you let us down don’t complain if you are not considered in decision making positions. So be proactive and not reactive.

  10. All these excuses just go to show what I’m saying. We are cowards. Mr Mukumbuta etal are trying to standup for something & the police do our usual ‘muzungu wanga anikonde’ thing.
    Our cowardice is from our ancestors who were running away from kola & the mfecane. Like one Augustine Lungu used to say “its genetically inborn”.

  11. Where is this world going to? It is time for believers to be vigilant and alert. Satan is roaming around looking for someone to devour. Remember always that we are in the Last Moments of the End times. Brothers will raise against brothers. Nations against nations ( ISIS vs the West), Russia vs Ukraine, Yemen vs Suadi Arabia) etc. Why Watch? So that you are not caught unaware. In 1 Timothy 1:4 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrine of the devil. Mt 24: 10 At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other.


  13. Looking at the pictures you notice that these are youngsters born after the struggle and coupled with lack of education they probably don’t even know their history. This is the dilemma most african countries including zambia are facing where a young and ignorant population is making irrational decisions for the entire nation because of their numbers. The challenge is on governments to invest in education to remove ignorance from these youngsters.

  14. I think lets not even involve the Devil in all this all, south africans have always been known to be violent people, violence is in there DNA and you just cant change it……………..i think its beacuse of the their history and the apathied that has really damaged these people and this damage can not be reversed ……….cry my beloved country. what a colonialist can do lol

  15. Charity Katanga is an oppressive cop and always wants to please her masters who appointed her. How can she say that we needed five days notification for the demonstration to take place? Why do these cops always want to politicise issues? It is very clear that the cops are never on our side as the general public and tax payers. They would rather service politicians who give them jobs. We need to rise against this useless approach that cops have taken towards the citizenry. Charity cant say we need five days when the purpose of the demonstration is very clear. Can she tell us what she is going to do in five days when a notice is given? Katanga must know that we the people have the power and she is there because of us, not because of the politicians. Next time please side with the people.

  16. @7 Mwamba, you are very right. Let me add that these planned demos have the dangerous potential of escalating the situation, inflaming tempers and putting the lives of Zambians in South Africa at more risk than it is at the moment. For the time being let’s put our trust in our government which has already assured us that they are alive to the situation and taking measures to protect Zambians and to address the plight of other Africans.
    Remember that government has more information than we have as individuals or protestors.
    Zambia is renowned for its diplomacy in resolving such matters, and you can bet that it has already engaged the government of a South Africa. So let’s give them a chance.

  17. People cannot march against S Africa where Lungu and other top officials go for medical care, can they? That is the real reason for stopping the march.

    Durban – An injured Malawian man was allegedly denied medical care at the RK Khan Hospital in Durban last week.

    DA MPL Dr Rishigen Viranna alleged the Malawian man was turned away by the hospital’s nursing staff despite his injuries at the hands of locals.

    The Department of Health said patients are given priority according to their medical condition. It said it cannot give special attention or discriminate in favour of or against any patients, regardless of their nationality.

    The DA statement said the man, from the Bottlebrush informal settlement, managed to escape his attackers and was taken by friends to RK Khan Hospital.

    ‘Not enough medication for foreigners’

    It is alleged that on arrival at around midnight…

  19. PEACEFUL demonstration is everyone’s right worldwide. So these colonial laws still exist in Zambia? What a disgrace!

    • I Fully Agree “Man Kenya”, hence the reason I will always be one of the numerous Zambian folk, who Scream for a New Constitution- A.S.A.P!!
      In Developed Nations, most policy is made by weighing Pro’s v/s Cons.
      The Benefits to the Citizen of a New Constitution, far outweigh the current archaic Constitution that Favours the leadership & their Cadres, hence even Late King Cobra made the right noises against the “Repressive current Constitution”, when M.M.D, was ruling, but as soon as he had a taste of power, he promply reneged, & kept arguing for the status quo.
      This current Constitution is a “Constitution of Greed, & lack of accountability”
      Zambia will keep beig ruled by Theives, Clowns, & Pimps, if we keep the Current Rotten Constitution!

  20. PF does not like peaceful demonstrations unless it is in its favour. Shame! South Africans allowed their nationals to demonstrate in Durban. That is democracy. Democracy is when people can protest over high cost of living, school fees, high mealie meal prices etc. These are serious issues. By the way, some Zambians are also guilty of xen. attacks when you recall attacks against congolese traders in Lusaka on July 7 2012 at Soweto market and somalians in Ndola.

  21. Zambia Police really needs reform. It is archaic. Do we have a permanent state of emergency in this country?

  22. Meanwhile youths in Nigeria on Thursday April 16, led a peaceful protest march to the South African Embassy in Victoria Island, Lagos.

    The youths were protesting against the ongoing massacre of foreigners, which includes Nigerians in the Durban region of the former apartheid nation.

    The youths carried placards with words: #Stop the killing in South Africa, we are one United Africa#, #stopTheKillings#, #stopxenophobiasa#.

    Speaking on behalf of the protesters, Olusesan Daini, the co-convener of the protest, said they are not happy with the killings in South Africa and that is why they are leading a peaceful protest

  23. Zambia is not affected like Nigeria, Malawi etc. I dont think Zambians are living in squatter camps in SA. Why do you expect the government to overreact?

    • Uli mbushi sana sana! What kind of thinking is that? If anyone in Africa is being murdered for living in another country, Zambians are affected! We ngulube wee!

  24. Zimbabwe has set up a task force to assist victims of the on-going xenophobic attacks in KwaZulu-Natal.

    According to the country’s Foreign Affairs department, one Zimbabwean has died and 800 other have been displaced in the continuing violence.

    Over two million Zimbabweans are estimated to be living in South Africa after fleeing from political persecution and the economic recession.

    Home Affairs says some of those living in KwaZulu-Natal want to go back to their homes.

    Authorities say they will assist in facilitating their return.

    The ruling Zanu PF party’s youth league says it plans to mobilise people to march on the South African embassy to demand greater action.

  25. I don’t understand this crap about what the Zambian government is going to do about this? Why do people just not boycott south African owned businesses and products? Shoprite etc. If the government of south Africa cannot act because it is impotent and has a psychopathy as a leader why do Africans not wake up and act now. BOYCOTT SOUTH AFRICAN BUSINESSES AND PRODUCTS. It will hurt them.

    • The problem will be that there are no alternatives so boycotters will starve. South Africa has taken over every supply in Zed.

  26. if you want to march go ahead no need for police permits thats why Zambia is a failed state. just a thought lets start attacking South African living in Zambia now.

  27. Zambia Police so backward the are always in the fore front hindering any form of Progress. Everything shot notice shot notice ifya bupuba Chi Katanga province.

  28. South Africans what you did is barbaric behaviour. You cannot suggest to other countries that your people are never found in other countries! Realistically, that will never happen, at least one of your citizens is doing business or just residing in another country. Stop that behaviour it is inhuman!!!!

  29. Zambia police were destroyed by Sata, they don’t reason at all. What bias are they worried about?this is a peacefully arranged protest

  30. If what is happening in South Africa had anything to do with Politicians being refused to access medical treatment in that country our president would have instructed the police to let the people match freely but now that its the poor who are being killed the politicians have nothing to do with. Not even a comment from the head of state to condemn what is happening.

  31. In Zambia, the right of Freedom of speech does not exist. We are not able to express and enjoy our rights as citizens of this nation. Laws are bent, by those more privileged, xenophobia attacks are high in south africa, and we want to show the continent we arte not happy, and our police official want to follow protocol, because non of them have felt the pain, of having a brother or sister in that situation, its appalling how we as citizens don’t feel supported by our government.

  32. I just feel like it is because these cops are not here to see what is going on thats why you block such. The leaders of today do not realise that leadership is not about you its about your people. You do not see the pain. But there you are stopping a march. I do wish you could come and feel the pain so that you see how your people suffer. Its fine Block it and Watch your people get hurt.

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