Government has given Sable Transport a 48 hour ultimatum in which it should provide protective clothing to workers engaged to construct the Kasama-Mporokoso road.

Community Development Mother and Child Health deputy minister Obious Chisala issued the ultimatum when he visited the site this morning.

ZANIS reports that Mr Chisala said he was very disappointed to find workers unpacking and offloading pockets of cement without wearing any protective clothing like gloves, safety boots, work suits and materials to cover their mouths.

He observed that workers subjected to such conditions were risking their lives hence the need for the company management to provide them with the necessary working materials.

And some of the worker talked to said they feared to report the matter to the authorities because each time they asked about the protective clothing they were threatened with dismissal by the management.

However, the site foreman Nyemba Fambilai has since assured the deputy minister that the management would ensure that it provides the protective clothing by Monday.

Meanwhile, the deputy minister who was visibly annoyed said he should find things in order with regard to the working condition of workers the next he visited the construction site.

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  1. What ever happened to institutions in this country; should we wait for silly ministers to give orders…we should be empowering and strengthening our institutions to the carp down on this…this should also be part and parcel of the contract to undertake such projects.


  2. @jayjay

    Which school did you attend which taught you to be insulting people anyhow. Is it skill they look for to be a member of Upnd. I can’t be part and parcel of Upnd if thats what you call checks and balances


  3. …I wonder how the contracts are formulated as regard to safety of workers at site and the penalty for violating such clauses…..secondly…every contract must have a clerk of works in this case from RDA/Govt to supervise the works and ensure that the works are done in conformity with the specification, scope and that safety regulations are adhered to….why should it to take the minister to notice that irregularity….where was the clerk of works….his boss the project engineer…??…if people complain that generally, we Zambians do not take work seriously….this is a good example….why should the minister remind Sables his obligations/responsibilities…??…Geee!!!


  4. @ No 3, “P.F 3: 0 UPND”
    Whats wrong with Jay Jays comment?? To me it comes across as very sensible.
    Any wonder we are rated “The poorest Nation on the planet”??
    People like You, due to high levels of Ignorance in Zambia, end up being voted to Govern Zambia, & the Results are there for all to see “A failed State”
    Zambia has all the resources to be wealthy, unlike Chad, Surinam, & other genuinely poor Nations. Unfortunately with Brain power like yours, we end up in a quagmire of Poverty.
    As we speak K.K. International Airport cannot be refurbished, as cadres like You have pocketed the funds that would have given us a modern Airport. Im sure to you theres nothing wrong with that.
    Before You jump on Your high Horse, I dont belong to U.P.N.D, or any opposition party.



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