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Monday, July 6, 2020

Police arrest businessman for selling drugs meant for government hospital

Health Police arrest businessman for selling drugs meant for government hospital

The Pharmacy at Sikongo Rural Health Clinic
The Pharmacy at Sikongo Rural Health Clinic

A combined team of Zambia Police and Ministry of Health officers yesterday apprehended a 30-year- old businessman of Liumena area of Sikongo District for selling assorted drugs suspected to have been stolen from a government hospital.

Acting Sikongo District Medical Officer Kawana Mulonda confirmed the development in Kalabo today.Mr Mulonda explained that the businessman was found selling assorted drugs with GRZ labels and suspected that he might have connived with a government pharmacist to obtain the drugs.

He disclosed that a number of boxes containing drugs with GRZ tags were found in the suspect’s shop and home.Mr Mulonda was not in a position to determine the exact names, amount and quantity of the drugs.

When questioned, the suspect maintained that he bought the drugs from Lusaka’s Kamwala market.Police are still holding the suspect as they carry out investigations so that he could be formerly charged.

Mr Mulonda has since warned government Pharmacists to desist from engaging in drug pilfering as the law would not spare them.

He however said the District hospital was at the moment equipped with enough drugs.

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  1. This business of drugs being found in wrong hands should be stopped forthwith. We cannot continue to lose lives all because of a few greedy people. Yes, both employment and business opportunities are hard to come by, but it can never be an excuse for people to engage in ventures that puts the lives of others under threat.

    • Letus sensitise on dangers of pilfarens the community who buys these drugs can play a role on Identify these Crimanals stealin frm poor letus educate our community hw they can differentiate GRZ drugs frm non GRZ so that if de culprits z found de law deals with them

  2. Africans are a danger to themselves. So now you steal drugs and are surprised when we seek medical help elsewhere? Can we not do one fcuking thing right in this befuddled nation!?

  3. Welcome to real Africa!!! Usually Zambian nurses steal skin ointment “medicines” for skin diseases and use them for bleaching their black skin to brown or sell them to people who bleach their black skin.

    In South Africa, health workers steal ARV’s and sell them to drug dealers who mix the crushed tablets with dagga and smoke it to get high!!!

    • What a sad lace Africa is? We are our own worst enemies! Will we ever rise above all this nonsense? You know I don’t think we have respect for life!

  4. The Lozis are now thieves. They are busy stealing government trophies and others. I hear that they have now learnt the art from the Bembas.

  5. Western province,where is the problem!every time is western the other day somebody was telling me that western is not in Zambia.What is the problem the issue of steal ling drugs is western, goodness me.

  6. It appear in Zambia the phrase “each man for himself and God for us all” applies well (man- eat- man theory). A country of ten billionares and ten million beggars is as well as collapsed. Lets be our brothers’ keepers.

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