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Don’t politicise labour day, Shamenda tells UPND

Economy Don't politicise labour day, Shamenda tells UPND

Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda (right) and Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) General Secretary Roy Mwaba
Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda

LABOUR and Social Security Minister Fackson Shamenda has told the United Party for National Development (UPND) not to politicise labour matters ahead of labour day celebrations.

Mr Shamenda said as a minister he has engaged with the trade unions on different issues and that he represents the workers and government.

Mr Shamenda was responding to the UPND’s call for workers to boycott next week’s labour day over the wage and employment freeze.

But Mr Shamenda has defended the government and revealed that cabinet yesterday deliberated on labour matters.

“Yesterday in the cabinet meeting we discussed labour matters and soon we will engage the labour movement on different issues,” he said.

Mr Shamenda added that people should not be misled by the UPND on labour matters because the PF government was looking at different issues that affect the labour sector.
The UPND through their chairperson for labour Percy Chanda has called on workers to boycott this year’s Labour Day celebrations next week.
“As UPND we urge all workers to boycott this year’s Labour Day celebrations and instead deliver the message to Government that change is needed,” Mr Chanda said.

He added that by boycotting this year’s Labour Day celebration workers will be sending a very strong message that they are not happy about the wage freeze, the employment freeze and the continual reversal of position regarding the retirement age.

“As UPND we are committed to strengthening the labour laws to protect the Zambian worker from exploitation. You have heard us talk about setting up the Tripartite Consultative Council that has now been created but implemented in the most chaotic fashion and without the proper political commitment,” he said.

“When the UPND is elected into Government we will drive the Council forward until it becomes a cornerstone for good industrial relations, boosting our economy and GDP, and helping us to break away from careless borrowing and the sale of our future.”

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  1. Who cares if U5 followers dont participate,are they the only workers in this country?if they dont,we will participate atase ifyabupuba fye lyonse ma politics.seleni tubombeko….

    • Bwana Shamenda, when we say well done Mr. Minister for preventing job losses in the mines for negotiating acceptable mine tax regime, it is not politics. When it is said that Mr. Minister you went wrong on the employment freeze, retirement age, wage freeze it becomes politics. Politics it is indeed a hazily defined profession, if it is that at all.

    • @ pato

      Only individual who was born as 1mbecile and live as 1mbecile can make 1diotical comment like you.

      Well done 1mbecile.

  2. i thot UPND does not attend such gathetings. Let them measure their influence by asking workers not to attend.

  3. awe naimwe ba upnd twatendwa every time its politics and we have no time to rest.if u want dnt participate its not a forcing matter ngaimwe impiya shikafuma kwisa ishakufolesha abantu ishingi? the money we a geting is enough let them jst work on the kwacha depreciation we dont want inflation here

  4. Loafers and street vendors continue supporting PF,it is well with you.Moreover,you had no time for school.Sitting in the sun the all day is what you have been doing since year 5 when your friends where busy with school.Continue smiling natuma 2pins muma streets and you think that’s life.

  5. Only mad workers will match on an empty stomach for a donated suit on labour day. Me I will not over my dead body and I have told my wife to match if she wishes she has also told me Dad I cant with all these loans on my pay slip and on wage freeze.PF should recruit their cadres those kaponyas to match for them since they are very important and are handsomely paid each time they wield pangas during bye elections. We the professionals they should forget come 2016 we shall vote them out. We don’t roads, which have been abandoned ,no money to complete them ,when they were fully budgeted for.

  6. Iwe Mkandasenga dont think that all street vendors are not educated twalinwa inki na ifwe that is the problem with you U5 followers you think you are the most educated people in this country thats why you ll remain perpetual losers.have you forgotten how you knelt down before the same kaponyaz asking for votes?so carefull you are the people who are making HH to lose.

  7. Mwaiche aleshaday i did not insult you since you’ve decided to join you this way lets compete.i dont blame you,i blame the manufacturer of the product to bring such an expired thing on the market.musat..n………

    • Come on Pato. You call that an insult? I thought wala funya bomb kanshi it is dull sh!t as expected from twats who support PF. One more chance mwaiche. Funya ulukali zoona otherwise walatukwa ufilwe nokulya umulembwe bepike for supper ku bondi. Come on now you kama PF homo, impress us.

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