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ECZ starts mobile voter registration August 17

General News ECZ starts mobile voter registration August 17

ECZ Chris Akufuna at the Scene
ECZ Chris Akufuna

THE Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) says mobile voter registration will start on August 17 and end on October 16 this year in preparation for the 2016 tripartite elections.

ECZ public relations manager Cris Akufuna said preparations for the mobile voter registration are progressing well and the commission is ready to kick-start the exercise.

Mr Akufuna said in an interview yesterday that ECZ has started putting in place all logistics and assured that the exercise will be conducted in a free and conducive atmosphere.

“We are asking all those who have either lost or misplaced their voters’ cards to take advantage of this exercise so that they also take part in voting for the leaders of their choice in 2016.

“This exercise is important and will be conducted at designated voter registration centres and civic centres across the country,” he said.

Mr Akufuna appealed to citizens, who have reached the age of 18 and above, to register as voters when ECZ starts the voter registration exercise
Mr Akufuna said the process of registering voters is of supreme importance to the country and it is important for people to take the exercise seriously.

He also appealed to political parties to start sensitising their members on the importance of the exercise and to register so that they can participate in next year’s general elections.

Mr Akufuna said during the voter registration exercise, ECZ will register new voters, remove the deceased persons from the register and replace destroyed or lost voters’ cards.

He said the exercise will also involve transferring of voters on application from one polling station to the other.


  1. Registering as a voter and consequently voting is the only way to fight for your rights. A serious voter will get time to register within the sixty days timeframe.

    • Agree with you MAN KENYA. BUT call boys will be busy lazing around just to wait and drink beer from the politicians. These *****s are a burden to the nation.

    • Sixty days time frame is not enough and voter registration should be a continuous process. This mobile voter registration while may bring relief to those areas that will be visited could be enhanced if a working arrangement was crafted between ECZ and ZAMPOST so that post offices could be additional centers of registration using current advances in technology. In case of transfers and relocations revisions and updates could be made at through the same postal network! Moreover the postal services are facing challenges as a result of technology thus hiving off from the current government arrangement or fusing certain services as voter registration, motor vehicle insurance and tax, NRC, passport, taxes, maintenance of district residence registers etcetera into the postal system would not

  2. Am requesting all our PF members to register in masses so that we show the under 5 that he can t rule this country with 5 provinces only

  3. Good development – mobile. But they should now forge ahead in technology to ensure that voters are able to vote from any corner of the country. The uncertainty with regards to the likely location at the time of voting can cause apathy in this exercise, as voters are unlikely to travel long distances from the their new locations just to cast a meaningless vote. With the current high mobility, brought about by the economic survival instincts, voters are likely to relocate after registration in one areas, to another. Hence, if one is not sure of their own stability, one is unlikely to be keen to register. BUT JUST REGISTER!

  4. We have to worry about the problem of foreigners obtaining registration cards, we all remember what the named party told us how they brought in voters from outside the country to vote for them to gunner support. We are asking the Immigration department to be in full force during this time of Registeration. In any given country you always have some crooked individuals and Zambia is no exception. We are aware that thee will be a lot of young people coming on board this time around, and with the political instabilities in the surrounding countries, we expect alot of faul play from this group of people. All the law enforcing angencies should be on the alert, thus ECZ should never do this exercise alone.

  5. Just synchronize it with the NRC attainment age (16) and computerize it so that only NRC is used for voting.At 16 yrs,the Zambian law allows one to marry but not to vote is this right????

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