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I still have presidential ambitions – Simuusa

General News I still have presidential ambitions - Simuusa

Agriculture and Livestock minister Wilbur Simusa
Former Agriculture and Livestock minister Wilbur Simusa

NCHANGA Member of Parliament Wylber Simmusa says he still has presidential ambitions and might stand in 2016 if the situation allows.

The former minister of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection who took part in the PF second general conference where he lost to Miles Sampa told Hot FM that if the situation and the party allows he will stand for presidency next year.

“There was a situation that allowed for me to stand last year at the PF general conference and I still have the presidential ambitions and can stand in 2016,” he said.

Mr Simuusa said he decided to take part in the PF general conference in Kabwe last year because people asked him to do so and that he will stand in 2016 if people call for him to do so again.

The Nchanga MP has come under pressure in Nchanga constituency as a result of bad roads in the area. Many people in the area have expressed disappointment with the law maker for neglecting the roads in Chingola.

Last week, Chingola taxi and bus drivers protested by parking their cars over bad roads in the area and demanded that their MP Mr Simuusa and the council look into the matter of roads.

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  1. How can you win when you are Tonga? Tongas, Lozis, Kaondes, Luvales and Lundas and their associated tribes are cursed people that will never rule this country unless they become a higher level tribal grouping.

    • You must be a complete id1ot! Didn’t Mwanawasa rule Zambia? Why then are your people against the Lozis breaking away? May be the other half of Zambia should just break away so that you the “higher tribal grouping” can be on your own. Incidentally, how do the ethnic groups that you have mentioned become a “higher level tribal grouping”?

    • @1.1 kashiji- Forget this idioot. Am sure he is not even Bemba. Could be a Tonga trying to bring divisions between the tribes. People are voted in the office regardless of their tribe. If a person wins it simply means he belongs to a stronger party not tribe.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if you became one Wilbur.It is only in Zambia where we have illiterate voters hence having a president of Edgar Lungu’s calibre.

    • He has lamentably failed in his Chingola constituency, and you expect this failure to become president. Who will even vote for him anyway?

    • @Jano I totally agree with you! They will vote for him even in Chingola where the roads are bad by the same people who are complaining.

    • @jano- you are very right. Just look at chawama. We have ponds during rain and very bad roads,but the former MP is now the president. Even Costmo Mumba can be president in Zambia????????. If Sata did it, they can also did it…

  3. Don’t waste our time. What have you done as an MP in Nchanga. Unless you show us what you have done and or people you have assisted because of your position can we tolerate your strange ambitions of aspiring for the highest office. Thank you!

  4. This is a premature ambition.

    Besides, our brother failed to discern the situation and mistimed his candidature.

    Wilbur needs to reflect; and he must avoid the mistake Nevers Mumba has made to step forward for Presidency, when clearly not ready.

  5. Low levels of thinking among commentators (and Zambians) in general. No wonder we vote for poor leaders. What did one Edgar Vodka Lungu do for Chawama to deserve the presidency!!

    • @Joy

      You said it. These people are forgetting that the dynamics of voting have changed for worse. They have already forgotten that voters now demand candidates to be less intelligent, in fact, the more dimwitted a candidate is the likelier the chances they will ascend to high office. So Simuusa’s ambition is not pie in the sky kind of dreaming. The current president told them: “I am not fit to rule, not intelligent, sick, clueless, no vision, dumb’, but they spoke with their pangas and installed him as president. Look now where we are headed at top speed, right into a gigantic economic abyss. If anybody imagines these guys will suddenly do a job of work and transform Zambia for better that person needs psychiatric observation yesterday.

    • You insult the very people that your party asks for votes from and you wonder why you are forever in opposition

  6. When did Zambia develop this culture of expecting the MP, a law maker, a spokesperson in the house, to sweep streets, unblock drainage systems, and repair potholes?

    Where does that leave the council and the provincial minister?

    People you have it all wrong!

    Picking up garbage and curbing crime is the responsibility of the members of the Executive [Cabinet], not the lawmakers. Twapapata!

    How do they get to make the law and implement it? Don’t you see the conflict of interest and subsequent ineffectiveness?

    • What then is the responsibility of an mp.and who speaks for the people in the constituency if not an mp.when the state of the road was leading to his office was shown in the media,this guy was quick to rehabilitate this road to avoid embarrassment.we are not talking about garbage collection.get your facts right

    • And you wonder why things don’t work like they must.

      Allow me to explain to you, in case you missed civics in 5th grade.

      The Executive puts a plan together to address the problems in the country including potholes. The Minister of Finance presents it in form of a budget. MPs have time to study it, making sure that it is balanced and it also reflects the concerns of the people in their constituencies. If it is not, they debate on the areas of disagreement in the house.

      After it has been agreed upon, it is passed and it becomes law. Enforcement of that law is the responsibility of the President and his cabinet, not the MPs.

      If the president does not do what is contained in that law, the VP or minister should answer questions in the house (Ref: Moono Lubezhi v. Kaingu)…

  7. Well done! Cast your net wider as you prepare your political graveyard. May your (political) soul rest in pieces.

  8. Simuusa is far much better than EL so think before you shoot down his ambitions. This is a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a God fearing man. It’s a pity in Zambia you prefer gonga, mediocre to quality leadership

    • ba Mwansa my cousin,
      you use that silver spoon like a compliment. Do you realize the connotation of the metaphor is, one who feels entitled because he/she never had to work for what he/she has?

  9. Mr. Simuusa, Rainbow party has no president, try your luck there, that is if Kabimba will welcome you. Seriously Mr. Simuusa, who are you? What can you offer. Do you have a party? My final advice to you join Muliokela!

  10. This is the indecisive character who at a critical time did not know whether he was going or coming – together his brother Chenda. No wonder ECL took you out. If these were real men, they are the ones who would have made a difference in Southern Province. To add to his dullness, at the peak of the campaign, he chooses to attack their only saviour RB!!! Whose interest was he saving?

    • What could have Chenda and Simuusa done in Southern Province? If chiefs cannot influence the people to vote otherwise so who is Chenda or Simuusa to do that. Even during the Kaunda days UNIP used to bite the dust in Southern Province despite the support of people like the late Mainza Chona and Elijah Mudenda. It was only Livingstone that used to support UNIP. Like UNIP, PF will continue to lose in Southern Province even if people like Brian Hapunda are members of PF.

  11. 1, & 3 may be Wilbur is your friend. Nchanga is the only CB area where roads look like they are from a war torn zone. Reports are that he was awarding road contracts to relatives who actually pocketed the money without doing the job. Edgar was right not to appoint him. One thing I noted, my brother in law who happens to be Simuusas tribes was very happy when Wilbur got dropped. Don’t just talk without evidence. I have noted that you guys abroad are brain washed by propaganda media

  12. Why are we focusing on becoming president when we cannot run local and village affairs. We have failed as a people by neglecting to amend archaic laws governing how administration devolves and how an MP articulates in the confused scenario. DCs, MPs and Mayors all seem like headless chickens bleeding to the cooking pot. Disgusting. Iwe Simuusa just bite on a samoosa and shut the hell up! Pumbavu senge wee!

  13. It is his democratic right to dream. That dream becoming a reality, however, is another thing. Just by saying this he’s considering himself better than the current leader of his party and the country, seeing that ECL has not ruled himself out of next year’s election. This statement will antagonize the cadres at the grass root levels of his party as these normally tend to side with the party president. Very soon they will start screaming “Simuusa out!!”. Just ask Wynter.

  14. All you chaps who are yapping against SIMUSA you have a hidden agenda. Let me expose you. Lungu did nothing for Chawama and yet you voted for him to be president just because he fits in your tribal agenda .If you voted for Lungu a non perfomer what can stop you to vote Simusa as president? The answer is simple its simply because Simuusa is TONGA and TONGA are cows who should never rule this country. Can you listen to your reasoning. This is the reason why Zambia will always be cursed because of such levels of Tribalism. I SIDO MARK will continue exposing tribalism until its sorted out in Zambia. Its a cancer and root cause of our misery.

  15. Zambians can vote for even a frog just like KK used to treat us. You can slap a Zambian today tomorrow he will be rejoycing with you, we are made of something I do not even understand to this day. Poverty in Zambia is a virtue for we can not differenciate between riches and poverty. I pity the rest of us. We are very illiterate to start with, we do not know what we want sencodly, we do not want any one who dislikes corruption so what do we want really?

  16. me i av no problem with tribal anyone cn stand as president but incopetent leader like simuusa i cnt tolarete as i hav bn in changa and see for myself, we have seen hw even oppsition works as mps some do inspire us

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