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KK admitted in Hospital for a routine medical check-up

General News KK admitted in Hospital for a routine medical check-up

First Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda interacts with school pupils at Mulungushi International Conference Centre
First Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda interacts with school
pupils at Mulungushi International Conference Centre

First republican president Kenneth Kaunda has been admitted at Lusaka Trust Hospital for a routine medical check-up.

Senior Executive Officer in the Office of the First President Cheswa Silwizya confirmed in a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today.

Ms. Cheswa said Dr. Kaunda’s was admitted yesterday.

She assured the nation that Dr. Kaunda’s hospitalization is purely precautionary because of his age and that the family wants him to remain in good health.

“Dr. Kaunda will be turning 91 years old on Tuesday April 28, 2015 and the doctors and family want to ensure that he remains in good health. The Office of the First President and the family wish to assure the nation that Dr. Kaunda’s hospitalisation is purely precautionary given his age,” Ms. Cheswa said.

She said doctors attending to First President have recommended that he undergoes a check-up following a very busy local and international schedule during the past three months.

Dr. Kaunda was a special guest at the 25th independence anniversary of Namibia on 21st March, 2015 which also coincided with the inauguration of that country’s new President, Dr. Hage Geingob.

Dr. Kaunda also travelled to Johannesburg, South Africa to attend a three-day meeting dubbed, “The champions for an AIDS-Free generation”.

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  1. Note, those who want to live should seek medication in Zambia and not King Edward, Percy military, Milpark or Morningside. Good decision Comrade KK.

    • When i remember what Kenneth Kaunda did while in power, i feel like kicking his nuts and dragging him by the scruff. Evil man this!

    • Evil man indeed. He may be shown to the world as a saint! But he was indeed an evil man. I shudder when I remember what happened to Chipimo, Kapwepwe, Mundia, Kaitano, chapoloko, Musakanya,chambeshi, Lenshina and many more. What an evil man. Kuti twa elela lelo teti tulabe

    • The patriot has confidence in the local doctors and yet the undeserving “mbuzi” of politicians have a tendency to seek medical attention abroad at government expense and die young regardless.

    • @UPP
      Chinsali bunch again? You chased KK and his family from Lubwa as a result of a poor decision and lost his icon image. What a shame …

  2. This routine medical checkup is what 99.9% of us do not get.

    This medical service would have saved many lives that have been lost.

    • I went to UTH for a routine check. Had nothing wrong but just routine. Alas !! they smashed my balls! I wish I had not gone for this “routine check”.

  3. Routine medical check is for anybody. It is supposed to be done annually. All you do is walk into your doctor’s office and say you are there for medical check up, the problem in Africa is that we only go to the hospital when we are sick. I live in th US and I get a phone call from my doctor when am due for my annual check up and that is why people herd live longer

  4. So the old goat is still kicking. Well many of us definitely don’t view him as a hero but perhaps we can agree that his longevity proves that he used a condom. A lesson even his late son Masuzgo never learned.

  5. No leader shud be flown to the evil nation of R SA as protest to xenophobia (very ugly word I may say) and also as cost saving measures

  6. Yes he was and is an EVIL malawian run-away indeed! He locked up my Dad 4 times in Chipata, Kansenshi, Mumbwa and Mukobeko Prisons accusing him of sending yound Zambians to Angola for Military training; something my poor Dad never did.

    The many Zambians today writing and singing praises about this man DON’T know the man. All they know is he was President of Zambia, shame….

  7. KK at 91, he is truly living his “wamu yaya” mantra.

    I can’t say long live KK, because you’ve already done so. All I can wish you is, continued good health.


      KK at 91, he is truly living his “wamu ya ya ya” mantra.

      I can’t say long live KK, because you’ve already done so. All I can wish you is, continued good health.

  8. KK of Zambia, Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Moi of Kenya all aged 91 are African presidents whose oppression and myopic leadership is highly regretable to say the least.

  9. KK of Zambia, Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Moi of Kenya all aged 91 are African presidents whose long tenure of oppression and myopic leadership is highly regretable to say the least.

  10. Cut out the hate speech and just wish him well. How holy are you yourself to call him evil?

    If it was’nt for KK and the foundation he set, there would be no peace and unity endowing in our country today. All the other presidents in Zambia only build upon what KK already achieved.

    We all err, and he is no exception because he is only human. Even the scripture says there is no one on earth who is righteous, no one who does what is right and never sins. (Ecclesiastes 7:20)

    In that case, let us leave all judgement unto the Creator.

  11. It seems you can divide Zambians into two groups. Pro Kaunda and anti Kaunda. The beneficiaries of his regime of course fall under the former group. And those the old dictator screwed naturally fall under the latter.

    And which ever group you are in, trying to win devotees from the other group is quite futile.

  12. It is beyond me how some people live with so much hatred for the old man. They are like vultures that feast on somebody else’ misery. KK is the the founding father of Zambia. The man was never perfect but his intends were noble. Give me 10 bad things KK did and I shall counter with 10 great things he did for not only Zambia but the whole southern region.

  13. @gono, this is not a balancing act. Let people express themselves. A local language in Zambia has an expression that pain is felt by its owner (rough translation). You cannot slam peoples’ feelings by countering it with the good that you think they should have been paying attention to as they were being persecuted. Have a heart, man!

  14. I have been wondering if its only me who knows that this man didnt mean well for his fellow politicians,now i gat the ansa ….and i av seen that actually alot of us knows that..Honestly it pained me when Levy died……but i cried more when Sata died….but y should the sickness of this ungreatful man bother me…..he has done more damage to the zambian intellectuals and u keep on prasing the Devil in this man…

    • @KK15, the University of Zambia was built from contributions from Zambians (with some foreign aid if course) so that Zambia can grow the number of graduates from around 100 at independence to myriads today. This was under KK.

      Zambianisation and nationalisation were deliberate policies to chase away the whites (foreigners) so that the new educated Zambians (ouch!) can take over the running of companies. And this was under Kaunda.

      In other words, I don’t understand you…

  15. Yes long live for using condoms correctly, but ba Sata out of excitement stated inyenchitombetombe, chinyenege nyenge chichndechinde, cikundekunde, chikonyekonye at lat what happened? Fullblast AIDS of course.

  16. Routine check ups are really no good. For years I did them too and was given a clean bill each time. Then a clever medic somewhere did a non routine procedure and found that one of my balls was growing really fast at the expense of the other … the rest is easy to guess

    • Nsimbi my friend, please accept my deepest condolences. But if it makes you feel better,, the one remaining testicle packs millions and millions of those little swimming buggers. So it’s as if the smashing never happened.

    • @Yaluka, Vizungu and Nyau,
      Thanks for your kind words and I do not wish that you go through what I did if you are men or indeed your partners if otherwise.

      Living with or on ‘one ball’ is not exactly as having the proverbial ‘half a loaf of bread’. With the half loaf though, I have had miracles nearly as good as spiritual stories …

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