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Friday, February 21, 2020

Let’s make our voices heard on Labour day – UPND

General News Let's make our voices heard on Labour day - UPND

THE United Party for National Development (UPND) has called on Zambians to turn up for Labour day celebrations and have their voices heard by what it calls ‘stubborn’ government.

“As Zambians we must make ourselves heard by this stubborn Government during the Workers Day to be celebrated on the 1st of May,” UPND chairperson for labour Percy Chanda said.

He added that this day cannot be business as usual; rather this is a day when workers should air their grievances, make their demands to Government and send a powerful sign that change is needed.

Mr Chanda said that the PF Government is on record as having borrowed heavily, both locally and internationally.

He alleges that much of this money has been carelessly spent and it seems clear that a good chunk of it has ended up in the pockets of the few.

“How else can the Government explain why if the economy is supposedly growing and the Government is borrowing large amounts of money, our workers face wage and employment freezes, and the cost of living is beyond the imagination of most Zambians,” he wondered.

“The result of the careless borrowing and misuse of funds by the PF Government is an insult to the Zambian people who work hard day after day only to have the Government waste money and build up huge debts.”

In statement released in Lusaka today Mr Chanda continued;

“Our workers, and those who are struggling to even find a job, deserve serious answers from Government on this matter.

As UPND we urge all workers to boycott this year’s Labour Day celebrations and instead deliver the message to Government that change is needed.

By boycotting this year’s Labour Day celebration you will be sending a very strong message that you are not happy about the wage freeze, the employment freeze and the continual reversal of position regarding the retirement age.

As UPND we are committed to strengthening the labour laws to protect the Zambian worker from exploitation.

You have heard us talk about setting up the Tripartite Consultative Council that has now been created but implemented in the most chaotic fashion and without the proper political commitment.

When the UPND is elected into Government we will drive the Council forward until it becomes a cornerstone for good industrial relations, boosting our economy and GDP, and helping us to break away from careless borrowing and the sale of our future.”

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  1. The people of Zambia rejected you and your HH for the fourth time. You have no message for the people. Please we urge you to concentrate on mourning. We really sympathise with you and send our special condolences. May you rest in peace.

    • Bravo HH. And many thanks to all Zambians who have continued working in very difficult conditions of service, WELL-DONE.

    • HH so far you been committed to nothing but just being an armchair critic.

      Show or tell the people of zambia how you intend to change and improve zambia.

      Please don’t abuse the labour day meaning for your on selfish and failures.

      Spare us the chap of rising up at labour day.

      You have become an opportunist and so far your efforts are back firing.

      One day its: Yo get intelligence before the president.

      The next is. You publish some manufactured prescription.

      Guess what?

      People can now see. And they punished you at the just ended by – elections.

  2. At times this U5 politician irritates. He is so childish. When is going to mature unto a real politician? Currently he has only support because of regionalism and not because of political skill or gifts.

    Let the unions and the government deal with each other. You have no reason to interfere just because you lost an election.

    Bitterness will make this U5 continue to make wrong pronouncement, which are focusing on wrong targets. He forgets that he is a businessman, and he cannot be pro-unionist at the same time. Therefore this is naked and foolish politicking which even a child can see through. Just when is HH going to mature? Someone please help me understand this U5.

  3. Our workers” how are we your workers sir? Do not change keep on calling for boycott and see if workers will not attend. Do not overate yourslves. Govt will give us an increament not by your word but by its time

  4. UPND stop wasting our time.Your president does not understand how govt works because he has never worked in govt not even as an office orderly.Running govt is a serious business and let PF continue developing this country.Don’t confuse us…..such envy is evil.

    • Yet govt could hire him for advice on how to handle privatization!

      You seem to be commenting from acute ignorance!

  5. Many of you are loafers. You don’t pay income because if you did and the wastage that is taking place under PF,you cant be supporting this rubbish.Be objective,don’t just support for the sake of it,think and think pipo.I know you are not dull.

  6. I have to agree with HH on this one, but with a twist. Employers should also protest the laissez faire attitude of Zambian workers.

    Viva President Nawakwi.

  7. So we poor workers will only attend labour day when you form govt? When will this be? 2016 ni Kolopa dot com, 2021 kolopa kwena imwe nimwe bambuli please leave us alone ise tizaeenda ku labour day celebrations come 1st May chikubabe anso

    • What are you going to celebrate?

      Record unemployment? Mortgaging tax revenues for decades to come? Rampant corruption? Constant decrease in purchasing power? New Constitution? Police incompetence?

      Please, tell us what we should celebrate.

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