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Zambian Voice wants President Lungu to address corruption allegation against Kaizer Zulu

Economy Zambian Voice wants President Lungu to address corruption allegation against Kaizer Zulu

Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali
Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali

The Zambian Voice has appealed to President Edgar Lungu to choose what kind of legacy he wants to leave in the fight against corruption.

Executive Director Chilufya Tayali has told a media briefing in Lusaka this morning that his organisation is particularly surprised that despite being aware of the corruption allegations against his aide Kaizer Zulu, President Lungu who promised to listen to people once voted into office has not taken any action.

Mr Tayali says his organization has also heard that Mr. Zulu has allegedly acquired substantive shares in a new cement plant coming up in Ndola besides his alleged purchase of a number of houses.

He says his organization is calling upon President Lungu to verify these allegations and if they are true, he should ask Mr. Zulu to explain how he has amassed such wealth which he previously did not have.

Mr. Tayali says the Zambian Voice is further calling upon the Head of State to explain how much he knows about the US$275,000 which Mr. Zulu and the late RDA Chairperson Willie Nsanda allegedly received on behalf of the ruling PF from Dalbit Oil the company that is currently contracted to supply Zambia with fuel.

He says his organization would like the President to reconcile the US$275,000 to the awarding of the oil deal to Dalbit Oil Company.

The Zambian Voice Executive Director notes that his organization is of the view that if President Lungu maintains his special aid for politics at State House in view of the corruption allegations against him; it will be reasonable enough to conclude that the President is in fact blessing such alleged corruption.

And Mr. Tayali says his organization is additionally calling upon the President Lungu to clear the mess that has been created in the tribunal investigating suspended Director of Public Prosecution Mutembo Nchito.

He says it has become clear to his organization that the manner in which the tribunal is being handled and where it is headed is an alleged abrogation of the law.

Mr. Tayali notes that it is for this reason that his organization doubts that the tribunal will be successful in proving the allegations that have been served on Mr. Nchito.


  1. No one can disagree with this as it certainly matters and counts for a lot (including giving further credibility that actions taken against Mutembo Nchito are not motivated by revenge).
    But equally President Lungu has still got the opportunity to make a mark by publicly allowing the ACC and other investigative wings to take on any case suggesting corruption or abuse of office.
    We all know that these institutions act on instructions from State House and only against those who lose favour…
    Lungu can begin to draw the headings for his legacy…Cant be much better than the President who started the “real” fight against corruption in public office

  2. As much as we encourage and advise Lungu to allow the due process to take its course. Lungu is a man with no vision or power of his own. He needs to ask Ruphia and his corrupt elements to get permission
    Lungu has no wisdom of his own and will need this wisdom from corrupt invids to ensure they continue rooting as much as they want.

    People said impyani yaba Sata but he one of the most crooked and cruelest individual. I wish HH had reached out and distance himself from the tribal tag that has always costed him elections. I wish he can speak the the language that a common man understands and not being bossy. Wish HH could man up and lower himself as a man of people like late Sata did Lungu must know he is a shortest president to rule Zambia

  3. Yes come 2016 we ‘ll still vote for Lungu if he won’t be too sick to stand, if not we’ll vote for whoever PF will appoint. Thing is we have no option, we can’t vote for HH coz of his trib..bali..stic nature

  4. The reason some people will not vote for a Tonga is this same issue of corruption. The corrupt have taken over Zambia and they will fight hard to deny the Zambian people real development. They seem to have discovered the formula for this by ensuring the tribal tag ever hangs on anyone from the South vying for the presidency. Zambia will continue to suffer mediocrity in leadership because of greed.

  5. Why should the ACC wait for the President to act. Wouldn’t this amount to interfering with an independent body? The only thin Edgar can do is to ask Kaizer to stand down so that he can clear himself with the ACC.

  6. Lungu you wanted to be the president. Now you’re in the hot seat running scared. Rupia Banda has you by the (beep)! You should have let real leaders take over. You have completely ruined our economy just look at the kwacha. What have you done about Mulenga Sata, Kambwili, Kaizer Zulu, Chilubanama, Alexander Chikwanda and his son, Bweembya. Mulenga Sata’s corruption dates back to 2013, when Shu (Chinese) bought a house at number 4048 on Nyimba Road in Sunningdale, Kabulonga for K6 billion. Shu gave Mulenga two vehicles that were subjected to an investigation by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) but the allegations were conspicuously dropped. Mulenga has been at the centre of huge sums of money that is streaming from Chinese businessmen such as Shu & Co. Lungu speak up please.

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