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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Lumwana Mine rescinds its decision to lay off 4 000 workers after Tax Change

Headlines Lumwana Mine rescinds its decision to lay off 4 000 workers...

Amos Malupenga
Amos Malupenga

Lumwana Mine has rescinded its decision to lay off 4 thousand workers following government’s move to revise the Mineral Royalty Tax regime.

North Western Province Permanent Secretary, Amos Malupenga says Lumwana Mine General Manager, Bill Macnevin communicated the decision to his office on Wednesday.

Mr. Malupenga was speaking to ZNBC News in Lusaka on Thursday after featuring on Radio 2?s Government Forum programme.

He said that the people of North Western province are happy that government revised the Mining Taxation regime which would have had negative impact on the mining sector in the country.

Mr. Malupenga also disclosed that the National Road Fund Agency has released 14 million kwacha for township roads in 5 districts in the province.

He said the money will be used to work on 25 point 5 kilometers of roads in Solwezi and 19 kilometers in Kasempa, Mufumbwe, Zambezi, Chavuma and Mwinilunga Districts.

Meanwhile Mr. Malupenga says government has embarked on a 300 million dollars project to connect all the districts in the province to the Zesco national grid.

He says the move will result in further social and economic growth in the province.

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  1. How did all these Post Journalists end up having high Political jobs like this man Malupenga, who I met and was never the sharpest too in the Kitchen.
    I realise he could write article but the path to Political appointments is riddled with corrupt practices and is the reason your country is heading no where

    You are lead by too many nonsensical , unqualified people who are hardly it enough to look after their families let alone the whole country

    Get rid of Lungu


    • The Devil hates President Lungu but Jesus Christ loves President Lungu, no doubt about it.

      By the grace of God, our good President will lead this great nation to better days.

      2016 if EL wins or HH wins ni fipelwa naba Yahwee!!!!!

    • Experience you twat not education

      Experience is superior to education. You can buy degrees nowadays, point is, this man should have started at a lower position than he did in the political spectrum

      There is nothing he did as a journalist that equipped him to look after 14 million people-simple.

      Think strategically, $illy man


    • We are happy to lose US$ 300 million in a year to save 4,000 jobs being paid US$12 million a year. Cry my beloved country!

  2. Proper arm twisting. Its also true these Malupengas etc are not supposed to be in those jobs. We are really led by nincompops.

  3. Weak government policies will always make investors hold government at ransom, if the government stood its grounds these investors would have obeyed, to me it seems we will never have a new tax on these mines.

  4. ” Lumwana Mine has rescinded its decision to lay off 4 thousand workers following government’s move to revise the Mineral Royalty Tax regime. ”

    Nationalize Lumwana, just for the unmitigated gall of holding the elected government to ransom over paying taxes on our natural resources.

    What if ordinary people could make deals with the government over whether how much taxes they should pay, if at all?

    The problem is that with this approach, taxing the mines only becomes a gimme for corrupt politicians to get paid.

    Tens of billions of dollars have been lost to the economy because of these despicable games.

    It must end right now.

    We have to take the mines back; sue all politicians and CEOs who have benefited, and try and confiscate their wealth internationally.

  5. Mushota,
    I life,especially at certain critical juncture, you will realize that all things pass through politics. When you realize that, you will also realize that building a network of relationships is critical. Its a skill that you must learn and learn it early. In corporate world, they call it stakeholder management.
    These Post newspaper reporters built relationships and were qualified enough that when the opportunities came, they were considered.
    Amos is a very cool, calm and collected individual. A very deep thinker who talks less than he listens. This sometimes throws people off as being “not so smart”. I know the man and if you say he is not sharp, you don’t know the man. You did not get enough time to know him (you are a poor reader of people) or he didn’t allow you to know…

    • Nonsense

      So ‘being cool’ and calm and collected and building relationships with people’ or networking allows one to be qualified to lead millions of people?

      What are you smokin?


  6. Mushota,
    Those are some of the qualities of good leadership. And yes, that may qualify him to be a leader of many people because he takes the time to understand their needs, applies his mind to addressing them rationally.
    So I’m not smoking anything (but may be I need to, lol) but I’m merely shading more light on the fact that your charge is misplaced. Your anger is misplaced.

  7. This is what happens when you have a president who has never ran a Kantemba before! Poor government run by poor minds, whatever the case Lumwana mines knows that, it has won. Shame on us!

  8. Simple logic will tell you that, threaten a dismissal to poor-man after he demands for a realistic pay raise, then he will beg not to be dismissed & promise to continue working at ANY rate the BOSS is will to pay. This is where my beloved country is, I MOURN FOR MY BELOVED COUNTRY! Zambia is number 13 in the world in natural resources BUT number 7 poorest country in the world. God did His part but we have decided to vote for POVERTY!

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