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2 Chinese and a banker arrested for unlawful accessing and stealing of clients data

General News 2 Chinese and a banker arrested for unlawful accessing and stealing of...


TWO Chinese businessmen and one Zambian have been arrested and charged for money laundering activities involving K 13,000 by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) through its Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Unit.

DEC assistant public relations officer said Wang Jing Jing, 28, a Businessman of Makeni area has been arrested and jointly charged with Dong Xiao Kun, 28, a Businessman of the same abode and Jones Chuma, 35, a Merchant of a named bank of plot No. 3049, Makishi road, Rhodespark in Lusaka for theft, unauthorized access to data and Money laundering contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that Wang Jing Jing and Dong Xiao Kun on dates unknown but between 1st January,2015 and 20th April,2015 jointly and whilst acting together with other persons unknown, with intent to defraud did without authority access data for various account holders by cloning visa cards of unknown clients of the bank of America and stole money amounting to K13,988, using a Point of Sale Machine (POS) which came into their unlawful possession by conniving with Jones Chuma a Merchant of a named bank.

The three suspects further engaged directly or indirectly in money laundering by acquiring an iPhone 6 worth K7, 900 deemed to be a proceed of crime.

Wang Jing Jing was arrested by the Commission in September 2014, together with other known persons for a similar offence of unauthorized access to data.

He pleaded guilty and was convicted and sentenced to 9 months imprisonment with hard labour. He appealed against his conviction and was given bail pending appeal at the time of his arrest.

All the three suspects are on Police bond and will appear in court soon.


  1. The two Chinese guys will not do any time in jail, especially since China has been giving Zambia so much money

  2. Certain Banks like Barclays Eco Bank and Necor along Cairo road should be placed under careful eye by DEC especially on card cases of fraud and elements of skimming customer accounts taking money for pleasure

    Eco Bank Barclays and the security companies like G4S and Armguard DEC should pay particular attention

    To some extent FNB has also been in the news for instances of Fraud on Customer Accounts Including Fake and fraudulent use of Certificate of titles to obtain loans and mortgages to finance new acquisitions of Plots and Real Estate that has proliferated in Lusaka being done by Chinese through estate agents

    Zambia Real Estate loans are particularly the common…

  3. ZANACO should equally be watched very closely because they are fond of stealing their clients’ money. When they do, they purport the account holder used an ATM to withdraw. They do this with remorse whenever a client has a reasonable balance in his/her account. Very sad indeed!

  4. Zambian courts judges and lawyers are f00ls. How can you put these same Chinese on bond having done a similar thing in 2014? If it was pure Zambians you would have locked them for longer. Convict, lock these criminals for 7 years and then deport them back to China and lock up the Zambian for 7 years.

  5. Move to e statements has also contributed for many of these banks which often are not being sent

    Roll back of transactions on client accounts is also common Use of and abuse of reversal window period for VISA misposted transactions often used to buy time and deprive clients of access to his money

    Use of cross rates higher than transacted also a common scheme being used when posting foreign transacted withdrawals

    In some cases signatures have been forged and NRC forged and accounts compromised on ATM and mandates FNB culprit and Barclays Poor compliancy and un professional attitude

    Scheming of names like Mulenga Bwalya with another Mulenga Bwalya now common fraud

  6. MTN and Airtel should also be on the watch list including Zoana and Western union

    MTN and Airtel employed customer services should stop the fraud lent borrowing of talk time in unauthorised manner charging customer accounts number when the customer unsuspecting has bought airtime for cash to balance off trays only the customer realising quick finish of credit and surprised when loading only to receive a deducted message

    Stop It its unethical and not right

    For Zaona and western union stop using fake NRC and fraudulent pocketing of customer money and paying it over some calculated period to ensure float is covered

    Airtel money should also be watched…

  7. If it was a Zambian with a similar crime residing in china, it was going to be a different story. It was going to be a death penalty.

  8. someone used my zanaco credit card details to purchase items on amazon when I asked to trace who dd or maybe the recipient or address but they told me to say it’s my problem nt there’s till now my money z no where to be seen…pls like seriously banks re failing to track transactions Wats ur say pipo?

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