What do you think of this hairstyle?




  1. Now that you ( LT) have exposed it to the public, its just a matter of time and you will see almost everyone with it especially the youth. We are very good in imitating without first establishing the source or possible consequences. The issue of bleaching our faces was equally imitated but negatively affected some people. Nonetheless, the guy is smartest to his ability.

  2. creative, atleast someone has something constractive going, than patronizing bars early bells. nice one mwee.

  3. @Mushota you are just a miserable buffoon. With that being said. Hello Pineapple head. Hope your’e not full of “pineapple like Mushota!

  4. ….certain things are only good for a particular function….it can make a lot of sense if he was at stage with Kofi Olomide…you cannot go swimming in a suit….bikinis at the beach wont raise any eyebrows…..

  5. Ni ba mwenye aba , bati ka haircut ni mbama!!

    It’s More Than A Haircut, It’s Art. Very Unique! With skills like that, only thing one needs is own, neat private barber shop and the money will roll in by itself.

  6. his surroundings are dirty. He needs to focus more on cleaning the surroundings than spending ages coming up with meaningless hairstyles of value only to social media

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