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9 die on Lake Mweru

Rural News 9 die on Lake Mweru

Nine people have died while eight others have survived after the boat they were on capsized on Lake Mweru Wantipa in Nsama district yesterday.

Both Northern Province Deputy Police Commissioner Alfred Nawa and Nsama District Commissioner Panji Chilingala confirmed the development to ZANIS in Kasama today.

Mr. Nawa said the incident happened on Sunday around 06:00 hours in Nsama District.

The Deputy Police Commissioner narrated that a boat which is believed to have capsized due to overloading was coming from Kampinda area in route to Kaputa district.

Mr. Nawa revealed that so far three bodies have since been retrieved from the water with help from the local people.

And Nsama DC, Mr. Chilingala said government is doing everything possible to retrieve the remaining six bodies.

Mr. Chilingala has since appealed to the local people to work with government in the search of other remaining bodies.

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    • you are a useless chap who take everything for fan even when pepole are dying. i think you are one of the freemansons.

    • @1.1 suban chaisa, I think you’re the one who is useless as you’ve failed to read between the line. Darth Vadar is merely criticizing the Government for not putting up measures to insure citizens do not perish just like that.

      RIP guys.

    • suban chaisa. Why do you think we have marine unit in Zambia? Sorry you sound so bitter. I guess you are very frustrated about something. Dont wait for people to provide solutions for you make them yourself. If all of us would say no to overloading of buses and boats, many lives will be saved. The problem is that we are so used to doing the wrong things that now the right things look wrong. God bless you.

  1. How sure are they to say that the remaining six have also died before finding their bodies?

    If anything, how many people where on the boat for them to conclude that such a number survived and such died?

    There should be a manifest/list if it ever exists that side.

  2. Why are we dying so many and often. Is it because we declared Zambian a christian nation that the devil is testing us? Again, today 4 school girls have been confirmed dead after a minibus from riverside-Kitwe to town crushed after being chased by traffic police officers. Please ba Minister Mwila and IG reshuffle and educate these officers . Why chase a bus with passages? FYI traffic police officers at Kitwe Central police station are very corrupt. They amount a road block in Chibuluma road runs from Kitwe to Kalulushi twice every day, is it necessary?

  3. MwebaBemba njebeniko. Why is this Lake called Mweru when we all know there is no r in Bemba? Also why Mwata Kazembe when there is no Z in Bemba dialects?

    • Lake Mweru is in Luapula,the people found there are not Bembas but Shilas, Lake Mweru wantipa is in the boarder of Luapula province and nothern province,it is not in the Bemba Kingdom either.The people found there are Tabwas.

    • Bandinawe ukucenjela kumbi kutumpa ngatamukwete ubwasuko bekalafye. its because of people like you that our nation is in dire straits. Thank you Umwinantoto for answering half the question please answer the Kazembe part

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