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HH is a wrong person to evaluate President Lungu’s 90 days in office-Kambwili

Headlines HH is a wrong person to evaluate President Lungu's 90 days in...

President Edgar Lungu with Sports minister Chishimba Kambwili during his Inauguration Ceremony at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka on January 24,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Lungu with Sports minister Chishimba Kambwili during his Inauguration Ceremony at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka on January 24,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

CHIEF government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili has advised United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema to “ keep quiet” because he is not the right person to measure President Lungu’s performance over the 90 days he has been in office.

Mr Kambwili, who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, said in an interview yesterday that Mr Hichilema should keep quiet because he has nothing good to say about President Lungu’s leadership and the Patriotic Front (PF) administration.

The minister was reacting to Mr Hichilema’s statement in which he is quoted as saying President Lungu has misplaced his priorities from governance and has allegedly concentrated on travelling abroad.

“It is not HH [Mr Hichilema] to evaluate President Lungu’s stay in office for 90 days but Zambians because this man is a wrong person to judge the President or indeed the PF government. So, my advice to him is that ‘keep quiet’,” he said.

Mr Kambwili said Zambians are seeing that the head of State has performed well in the last three months.

He said although Mr Hichilema has a constitutional right of expression, Zambians are now enlightened and are capable of judging for themselves if President Lungu is incapable of ruling the country.

Mr Kambwili also said it is surprising that as an economist, Mr Hichilema has failed to understand the difficulties world currencies are facing against the United States (US) dollar.

He said it is wrong for Mr Hichilema to allege that the Kwacha has been at its worst performance during President Lungu’s reign when all currencies are performing poorly against the US dollar.

He advised Mr Hichilema to expend his energies on strengthening the UPND by removing the tribal tag on the party instead of talking about the PF.

Mr Kambwili also said Mr Hichilema should prepare for another electoral loss because Zambians will not vote for him if he does not work on removing the tribal tag from the UPND.

Mr Hichilema claimed in a statement issued on Saturday that Zambians have continued to see misdirected priorities under President Lungu’s 90 days in office.

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    • Truth be told that we shudder to to evaluate Hichilema on his 10 years ruining leadership at the helm of UPND because there is no value he has added to UPND. From a 49 legislature membership national party under legendary Mazoka, to a 29 legislatures membership tribal party within the span. Its in a serious recession. ECL within a 3 months of pitching to Zambians, he is Head of State and gaining his party legislative strength.

    • there is nothing lungu has done apart from the latest of fainting in public is it povert that many are dancing when there is no song playing

    • Mr. Kambwili, why is the dollar perfoming badly against the Kwacha. If you see the other side of the coin, then you shall begin to be a leader and not a party cadre. Throw away the cadre’s hat and the cobwebs in your eyes will melt away.

    • As far as Kambwili is concerned, there can never be a right person to evaluate the president’s 90 days in office. Period! The problem with this peanut size for a brain called Kambwili, thinks that Zambians are zombies or blind, hence they should be thankful and not questioning.

    • Nyau It True Ulicinyau. Kambwili Is Right Hh Cannot Judge Our President Its U Who Is A Pig. A Very Useless Upnd Carder With Your Useless President Who Has No Direction

    • Yaba! I support PF but Kambwili is a big Miss and may cost Lungu the Presidency! Petty Party politicking should be left to Sunday Chanda and Brian Hapunda. How can an entire Minister of Information and full Cabinet Minister preoccupy himself with Politics????? Whose in charge of reporting on Government business? Have we now gone back to the Party and its government rubbish??? Kambwili, will you shut up, please??????


    • @Mwenyo… Michael Sata lost 3 elections before wining 2011, lost one to a new comer Rupiah Banda if you remember him.

    • Dear Kabwili, it is not important who evaluate the president’s 90 days in office. Yours should be to counter the issues raised. In this case due to limitation in your understanding you have gone shopping and not telling the nation what HE has done this far. In case you are not sure what issues, the falling Kwacha, poor agric policies not rectified, handling of the external and internal debt. At least you could have pointed to one positive the reversing of the useless mineral royalty tax, though you still needed to explain how the gap of K2.4billion will be filled, is it by external borrowing or cutting expenditure. Next time do better than ranting

    • @ Mwenyo

      Unfortunately, HH is a president of the party which is not in the government and therefore his performance (or lack of it) is a mater of the membership of that party.
      When it comes to H.E. the President of the Republic of Zambia (who is most senior elected officer of the Government) rules of accountability and performance (or lack of it) are subject to constant scrutiny, not just by PF rank and file, but every one citizen of Zambia.
      Therefore, try to remember (before making partisan comment) that Presidency of the Republic comes not just with “power”, but most importantly, with obligations to ALL Zambians irrelevant to theirs political affiliation.
      At the best of my knowledge, HH is a CITIZEN of the Republic of Zambia and his fundamental rights are no greater or lesser…

    • @ Mwenyo

      … than yours or for that matter of any other Citizen of this Country.

      If you are still insisting on your misplaced beliefs, please consult Art. 11(b) of current Constitution, which for your information, as stated in Art, 11(3), says:
      “This Constitution is the supreme law of Zambia………”

      It is most unfortunate that Hon. Kambwili has forgotten that he and all other elected or appointed government officials are duty bound to protect and not undermine this Constitution.

  1. Tell them. The He Himself Party leader should not always be negative even when he knows that he is just being negative for opposition’s sake.

    • I don’t understand why all you guys are so waked up. That’s is the role of the opposition. He Himself belongs there forever! So let him make all those evaluations!

  2. I shudder to to evaluate Hichilema on his 10 years ruining leadership at the helm of UPND. From a 49 legislature membership national party under legendary Mazoka, to a 29 legislatures membership tribal party within the span. Its in a serious recession. ECL within a 3 months of pitching to Zambians, he is Head of State and gaining his party legislative strength.

    • Boss wat are you talking about? Go back to school.your word construction and your thinking is below our par.do that then you can come back we reason together.

    • We all get the gist of what @Mwenyo is saying here. Basically, HH is a big zero, when you note his achievements within his party over a longer time span than President Lungu’s 90 days in office.

      It’s irrefutable that His Excellency comes out stronger.

    • Mwenyo,

      Ask somebody to teach you how to frame logical arguments in a debate. You are doing injustice to yourself, Kambwili and the PF.

  3. which part of zambia is not seeing develoment for pipo to keep on saying PF is not working? In time like this the best HH can do is to suport this Govt or keep quiet. out sympathy Zambians can think of giving him the presidency. Otherwise this is job well done. After infrustructure we can now fix the dollar and pay debts

    • Can you please clarify how you are going to pay back debt of 8 billion US Dollars plus interest (as it stands to day) within next 10 years?

    • Kayula. It is dull people like u that will destroy Zambia. This kaponya president called Lungu has sold the country to the Chinese. Can he release the terms and conditions for the loans as well as full recordings of his discussions whereever he webt to woo investors. That money been used for development is not free. Moreover, the development such as roads do not pay back the loans you and your grandchildren will have to pay for them. Before you know it the chinese will start demanding for our resources. Chinese are not the best people to deal with – you must out smart them when doing things other wise they will take advantage. You are better off with europeans because those have human hearts and respect others. Look at how they mistreat Zambian workers.

    • Friends what are you talking about. HH has 60% shares in the Shopping mall in Kitwe, Mandahill, one near University all these. People without vision will say its EL when its HH helping create employment. EL even went to officiate at a mall which HH has 60% shares so who should be given credit here? Lets wise up people. Cadres’ arguments will not help lets look at issues

  4. Umfwikisha sana pa lwakutomba umukashi shi obe;
    Nga uletomba umukashi obe uleposako amano yonse. Icakubalilapo bula ubwamba bobe mupele alebwangasha. Amapuli teyakulabako iyo. Limolimo kuti abula akasalu (facecloth) alacina panono panono notwinshi utwakaba icifulefule. Elatinikisha pantu limo cilakalipa. Iwe naiwe ufwile uleyangasha ka soswe ne minwe shobe panono panono. Nga bwaima bwakosa, nao kasoswe waumfwa nokuti kaima (ala kasangwa kumutenge wa ndofu) muleke asename alyo atangalale sana amolu yonse yabili. Bula ubamba bobe elyo alebendelela ninshi nausonteka pandofu. Apo nisinshi umukashi obe alekukabila, amenso nayabwela, umubili naukaba naiwe ulelanda ku kanwa lulepona. Amano yonse ninshi uposele pa ndofu walatomba. Wilaskamana ni dofu yobe naiwe mayo bukala bobe. Wiingisha conse…

  5. The bad thing in Zambia is that we have let comments from politicians to separate us more than uniting. My fellow Zambians let us be people that will not tolerate statements to politicians especially those in government. Kambwili is also another lunatic jagass, coz these politicians’ hatred of each other if tolerated by us people will end up fighting for no reasons when these morons are enjoying.

  6. Have you ever heard Republicans and Democrats praising each other in USA? Have you ever heard Conservatives and Labour party members praising each other? Even the Democrats who were in the collision government together with the Conservatives do condemn each other. So if Kambwili expects HH to say good things about how they are stealing money from the loans they are accumulating then he better kill himself. It is him with his fellow Bembas who are talking about UPND Tribal tag which themselves used to ascend to power. Even if UPND had someone from Eastern province or from Bemba speaking dialects, he would not win because the voting system has been consistently been tribal since 2001. Check the results since 2001 you fat pig Kambwili. PF is a bunch of thieves.

    • @malilopo you seem to be so emotional. Kill yourself if you cannot accommodate PF in power because 2016 will be another victory for PF. So immigrate to another country for your own good.

    • Sir what is a collision government? There is coalition government but not what you have written. Chizungu cho vuta!

  7. That’s the usual Kambwilimania!! What’s wrong with anyone, whether Zambian or foreigner criticising the so called 90 days of Chigwa in power? Seriously, what has Chigwa done in the last three months? Its true that he has spent all his time in the air, just like Rupiah did. Can Kambwili list 3 solid evidences of what Chagwa has done in 90 days! I accept Chagwa to be our president, but I suggest Kambwili uses a better time-line for measuring Chagwa’s performance than the now proverbial 90 days, which even the dead failed to achieve. Its very clear that the cost of living in Zambia has gone up lately according to the latest JTRC analysis. If I were Kambwili, I would shut my mouth and concentrate on finding better ways to improve the lot of many Zambians who go to bed on a hungry stormach…

    • Even Sata who did so much development for this Country, you still said he had not done anything. You ‘ll never appreciate/ You’ll just appreciate yoselves when you come into power. That’s what you want, to discredit others so that you can get into power. But people have eyes and are seeing the developments

  8. Obvious! What outcome would you expect in a case where the leopard is the judge for a sheep? Nothing positive to be precise. That was just a political mileage -seeking statement.

  9. Hon. Kambwili,
    may I respectfully remind you of the contents of Art. 11(b) of the constitution which is crystal clear:

    ” freedom of conscience, expression, assembly, movement and association; ”

    Therefore, until proven otherwise in the Court of Law, Mr. Hichilema has the same rights as any other PERSON in Zambia to comment on the achievements or lack of achievements of the party in government and also about lack of direction of such party and its officials.

    I am sure that even person of below average intelligence like yourself is capable to understand above quoted Constitutional provision.

    • If the only prerequisite to evaluate the president’s performance is that one be Zambian then I am afraid Mr Minister HH does qualify.

      If on the other hand it is that one ought to have been saying only positive things about the president, then there would be no need for a performance evaluation.

  10. his strategy in business has brought him massive wealth…the irony is how come the strategist has failed to modify the same for politics? Simply put he is best suited to business. stay out of politics mr U5

  11. Just as someone said, if you do not have anything good to say about somebody, it is better to shut up.

    • It is the perfomance of a president we are talking about here. The president’s performance affects the whole country. Are you suggesting that even when the country is going down a precipice people should keep quiet? This is stup1d Zambian wisdom. No wonder Zambia is mere market for other countries. Every Zambian, including HH, has right to criticise the president and the government whenever things are not right. After all HH pays more in taxes to the government than some of the people who are just waffling.

  12. ….I would as well advise CK to keep quite too….because, as he says, Zambians are enlightened and capable of judging on what has been said about ECL…whether negative or positive….CK has nothing good to say about any opposition….on any subject.
    ….CK stance on opposition must be put under scrutiny….otherwise before we know it…opposition shall be rendered useless…democracy shall just remain on paper while the reality shall be one party state…..MMD is slowly melting out of existence….erase Nawakwi from FDD there will be no FDD to talk about….other parties NAREP, PP, UNIP etc are just figure heads…this tribal outburst CK is always highlighting must be discouraged by all right minded Zambians.

    • …I overhead CK on radio recently referring to 2015 voting pattern as tribal alluding to what ECL got from southern province….but deliberately chose to ignore associating the same tribal remarks on the results from Luapula and Northern province where the opposition got almost zero in some constituencies….even in renowned democracy like the UK, USA, INDIA, RSA, CANADA, AUSTRARIA etc name them…there are voting patterns where one part has what they call ‘strong holds’…..you never hear leaders there highlighting ‘region politics’ utterances like we are witnessing from CK….his language, utterances, pronouncements on tribal must be condemned by all Zambians including ECL and the entire PF family if we have to move along as one Zambia….

    • Why should the tribal tag be not high lighted? HH’s ascendency to power was through tribe, almost all Tongas are Up n DN members and the voting pattern is that in SP, HH- 99% and ECL 1%.
      Think before you write, and don’t deny facts. That tribal tag on UPnDN party will always be there because all you bantu botatwe cherish it. That’s why even us must strengthen our relationships of Easterners, Northerners, Central, Copperbelt and Lusaka etc etc

    • @jo…..
      …..for your information I’m neither UPND nor PF….or any other party for that matter…I’m just a Zambian….from your posting I can tell that u are staunch PF cadre….sorry, I don’t engage in debates with cadres…..because most times than not they tend to see sense when there is nonsense and see nonsense when there is sense….

  13. i Now hate Kambwili… He doesnt think before he talks..He says its Zambians to talk..IS HH not Zambian? And why is he complaining about tribe, tribe all the time?

    • Do you expect any sense from a buffoon? It is only in a banana republic like Zambia where you can have such a clown as minister of information. Kambwili should have been minister of forestry so that he can mingle with his fellow look-alikes.

  14. This dull fat i.d.i.o.t only comments to protect his job he has been reduced to nothing in PF even the youth have lost respect for him in the party.

    • HH is just a dull politician. That egg shaped head who is a perpetual loser. Give us a break yu in group thinkers.

      What CK is saying is that hh can’t be the best judge. He is an interested party. He is working very hard to discredit the President so that he gains some support for 2016. This won’t happen we won’t allow him. Shame on you him such a buffon. and you his supporters and sympthersers. go to hell. HH never rule this Country. Come 2016 we will use the Mapatzya formular and you will taste yo own medicise you embaciles

    • You are the dull fat id1ot you and yo HH the egg shaped head full of hatred for one tribe. What have they done to yu u embecile. Just know that 2016 will be Mapatizya formular. Am already sensitizing my village. Thank u for opening our eyes

  15. Everyone has a right to speak his or her mind just like CK and HH. The true of the matter Zambians voted for EL and Zambians voted for HH, only that most (majority by 1 %) Zambian voted in favour of EL. My own opinion is that EL and his group must work hard to maintain the lead otherwise the next election, votes could change. So CK should not say Zambians will not vote for HH, Zambians (more than 40%) voted for HH and may be CK ‘s wife voted for HH as well

  16. Ba Lusaka Times please stop publishing the face of Edgar lungu. His ugly and Kachasu infested face is scaring my little children at home. My two daughters normally experience nightmares each time they see this sangoma haunted face. just publish the rubbish he says and not his images, they are a threat to children.
    Hope my request will be accepted and thanks in anticipation.

    Even our dogs couldn’t stop barking at our computer screens.

  17. The tribalism tag is there because of Kambwili.
    Kambwili must be the worst person to blame HH.
    Is not madness what is happening in PF.The same Kambwili voted RB removal of Immunity,Kambwili voted to support Nchito,Kambwili voted for the incerase in mineral royalties,Now kambwili in his madness has even the courage to speak lounder?
    Are you not ashamed of your self.Which currecy in the world has lost value by 19% within three months?
    Not every one is as dull as Kambwili and your suppoters.better to be alone than with embaciles like Kambwili.The best is to shut up your self as in

    • CK is not the causer of the tribe tag on yo party. Yu caused it yoselves when you passed a rulling that it can only be a TONGA to be president of the UPnDN party. In any case who doesn’t know that yo tribe is tr1bal. This is common knowledge so don’t try to deceive yoself and yo minions like people don’t know. We are not id1ots like yoself to be fo..oled by yu. Just know that 2016 is coming

  18. “It is not HH [Mr Hichilema] to evaluate President Lungu’s stay in office for 90 days but Zambians because this man is a wrong person to judge the President or indeed the PF government. So, my advice to him is that ‘keep quiet’,” he said. Is HH NOT ZAMBIA? Late President Sata said he hjad a lot of Useless ministers or is it Mini Stars.

    • HH may be Zambian, what CK meant was that its not up to HH to pass judgement but the people of Zambia (i.e many) will judge say through the ballot.. dunderhead

  19. Surely President Lungu should have found someone more mature, more intelligent than this Kambwili.Does this man think, really?

    • Leave CK alone you imbecile. What you are saying is that only yo UPnDN can do a better job. Let CK do his job plz. Your insults will not take you to State House

  20. The point being HH is the only one so far who has assessed and published EL’s 90 days in office and further he is part of the ‘Zambians’ CK is talking about and nothing wrong about it.

    Being an opposition leader I think he is the best to point out the missing links that are hindering Government achieve its success such the dollar appreciation against the Kwacha. CK should instead tell us the strategies in place to offset the strengthening of the dollar instead of finding excuses.

  21. I would rather listen to HH than Kambwili. I have a Kambwiliphobia anytime I see his mouth about to open. By the way, ECL should also and can learn from what his foes say about him unlike always hearing the best of his Presidency from Sunday, Kambwili and all the other human worshippers etc…. The tribal tag of any political party will only be removed by people like CK who WHENEVER he talks about UPND/HH, a tribal sentence comes in. During Supper Ken’s time, frogs never used to win elections against him. This time around I have seen species looking like the amphibians winning elections… I wish I was a politician may be I would understand why there is so much dust and potholes next to my house with all my PAYE

    • The hate tag will only cease when you bantu botatwe become more cilivised and embrace other tribes and appreciate them even if they have done better than yourselves and just strive to compete with on a level playing field

  22. Same hate news everyday. Some of us what to see unity and a prosperous Zambia, regardless of who is ruling. Common, Zambians, we can do better than this.

  23. @Aleshaday

    You do understand that debt is one that the next gov’t will carry into their term? As such, it’s more important for you to advise us how HH’s gov’t ( heaven forbid); will pay it off.

    Your repost seems to suggest it is a debt that will magically resolve itself….if only we vote HH. How will HH stop the strong USA dollar depreciating the kwacha?

    Duty of Opposition is to raise issues, but in a constructive way that follows a democratic path, that is for the good of the country and people. Just being disagreeable like a indignant child after sweeties in a Supermarket with Mum, is not doing HH any good.

    • What credentials and experience in governance does Kachema has to evaluate ECL. If he means Lungu has no cattle herd, yes, but managing Zambia, so far so great. Hazarira nafuti nafuti.

  24. Edgar is President of Zambia and every sane Zambian is free to comment on his performance. I just don’t understand Kambwili’s excitement that one Zambian and opposition leader (HH) has commented on Edgar’s performance.

    • Truth be told, even if the economy was doing well and the kwacha was K2 to $1 dollar, HH and yu his minions would always complain and insult our President.

      HE MCS was busy busy delivering developnt but yu stilkl complained and insulted, what do yu want. Tamwakatashe

  25. The pig at it again. so this pig has nothing to talk about. Just manage your family. If chagwa had done good things to the Zambian economy, why does this pig kambwili prefer to take his family to the UK. This means he has no confidence in his pilot. So pig frog kambwili bring back your family here if the country is stable. Poor Zambians die every day here, when you guys go to UK or South Africa just for a headache. And you proudly proclaim that you are working when you are just ballooning yourself like frogs at the expense of a poor Zambian. Guys lets be realistic, lets call a spade a spade na mu mfilwa. Foolish pig frog, anyway your heart is as agree as your face so we cant change you. if you don’t have anything to bwata about go and visit your friends in the lower Zambezi national…

    • You are the biggest frog yu cow. Go continue behind the cows and inhale more of ifisushi fya ng’ombe. Anyway walikolwa kale yu dung smoking imbeciles

  26. When President Lungu expressed his opinion on the levels of nepotism left by Sata, Kambwili kept quiet. He never ranted that Lungu should not drink water from a Well dug by Sata. Dora says something similar, Kambwili is calling on all so called PF founder members to rise against Dora! Double standards! Ba Edgar be careful with that man, keep him closer.

    • The worst corruption and mismanagement of this Country was under RB, Dora and you losers know it. People suffered the worst abuse, corruption, violence spearheaded by one William Banda and condorned by RB. The day light robbery by RB and his sons and wife ka Thandiwe, such that Chiluba became a novice. It was there for all to see. So for Dora to say such blatant lies its unfortunate. But our memory is not too short to forget the plunder where by Dora’s son even had dollar accounts. The list of the plunder and corruption during the reign of RB is endless.

    • Iwe chi Ole, Sata could only work with those who were willing to work with him. You wanted him to force yu so that you could sabotage the work, you tr1ba.lists. Yo hate will kill. Leave Sata alone, I can’t understand yo hatred even in death you are a witch/ wizard

  27. Why should God be so unkind to some people? He denies you good looks and brains at the same time?
    Why should Kambwili be discussing tribal tag when the subject is on performance evaluation?
    No wonder even his wife can not stand Kambwili’s presents!
    Mr Cornerstone University PHD holder, please articulate like one who holds a ‘fake’ degree otherwise kids will not see any value is education.

    • Taste yo medicines coz that’s yo stile. No matter the topic you’ll aways find a way to spew hate talk on one tribe. Moreover that’s a fact, UPnDN is a tr1bal party very tr1bal, even the the way HH ascended to party leadership, it was on the tribe ticket. So whats yo problem

  28. Kambwili has no point at all, HH is a Zambian and every Zambian has a right to comment on what happens in the country full stop. Whether you agree with his comments or not makes no difference. Ati people you agree with are the only ones qualified to comment. Please!!!

  29. Hon Kambwili is perfectly correctly on this one, and any other future comments on HH kikikikiki.

    Seriously look at this, Mazoka nearly got the Presidency in 2001. Andy would have deserved it.

    Enter HH, UPND went down over the years. In January 2015 HH nearly got it by campaigning very hard and taking advantage of the PF internal feuds. Once PF elected Edgar, the fortunes of HH simply evaporated in the face of a nonentity who had only campaigned for a few days.

    Come 2016, the bitterness of HH will consume him as he is sending unpalatable signals to the electorate.

    UPND sycophants will do well to read sense in Hon Kambwili’s statement so that they can guide their president, but alas! they are simply incorrigible like an ostrich with its head in the sand!


  31. How some of these silly trends start. The late dictator pulled that 90-day nonsense right out of his tail pipe. Now ka Lungu thinks it’s a fashionable trademark.

  32. Kambwili is just a replica of late SATA. There can never be a time when kambwili will be civil enough to talk smoothly to HH. Whenever Kambwili hears HH speak it is like some one is pricking him in his neck. I can only advise Kambwili for once to be civil and behave like a normal homocipien who has 5 senses of reasoning, where he is able to differenciate between an exchange of views and arguing. Just because Lungu is a President of Zambia never makes him superio than these other phyilosophers we have in the country. It is just by shear circumstacial that he has the courage to pre-dispose himeselt to insults to stand the test of time, hence he is a risky taker. Some intellects are not risk takers because they are able to see dangers as they continue analysing issues.

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