Jesuit Center for Theological Reflection (JCTR) says government should implement comprehensive measures that will effectively address the high cost of living in Zambia.

JCTR Media and Information Officer Mwiinga Shimilimo said her organization was concerned about the current price of mealie meal and the cost of living in general.

This is contained in the press statement released to ZANIS by Media and Information Officer Mwiinga Shimilimo in Lusaka .

Ms Shimilimo said the cost of living has increased according to the research conducted for March by JCTR Basic Needs Basket (BNB) for an average family of five living in Lusaka is K3, 797.55.

This shows an increase of K29.87 as compared to February’s BNB which stood at K3, 767.68.

“The increase in the BNB is mainly attributed to the increase in prices of beans and beef which increased by K11.61 and K3.00 respectively. In contrast, other commodities showed decrease in price namely, charcoal, tomatoes and Vaseline,” Ms Shimilimo said.

She has since advised government to speed up the setting up of milling plants in rural areas and also offer incentives to local business entrepreneurs to set up milling plants.

Ms Shimilimo said the results will not only reduce the price of mealie meal but it would promote local business ownership and sustainability.

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  1. But obviously u know that the president is workin tirelessly to deal with that,and has since made a lot of progress towards that,ba jctr do not jus b issuin statements for the sake of remindin people that u exist please



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