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Dora Siliya denies saying the Late President Sata was Xenophobic

Headlines Dora Siliya denies saying the Late President Sata was Xenophobic

Dora Siliya addressing the Petauke crowd
File:Dora Siliya addressing the Petauke crowd

FORMER Transport minister Dora Siliya has denied criticising the late President Micheal Sata and accusing him of being Xenophobic.

At a media briefing in Lusaka last week, Ms Siliya is being quoted as having said that; “Never before, at least in my adult life, have I seen citizens liberties infringed upon as in the last three years. The Panga carrying xenophobic attackers in South Africa shock us, but I believe they also remind us of the path our country almost took, with Panga carrying cadres on the streets of Lusaka and in various by- elections.”

On Thursday last week the Supreme Court upheld the ruling of the High Court that allowed the former Petauke lawmaker to recontest the seat after it was nullified for electoral malpractice.

The judgement comes almost after two years since the Petauke Central seat was nullified by the Supreme Court in June 2013.

But Ms Siliya is yet to be approached by any political party including the MMD to contest on their ticket.

PF national youth Chairperson Chishimba Kambwili has advised former Petauke Central Member of Parliament Dora Siliya to apologise to the party and late President Michael Sata’s family, for allegedly suggesting that Mr Sata’s fight against corruption can be likened to the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

But in a Facebook posting ms Siliya wrote, ”Some reports reaching me claim that at my press briefing I talked about late President Sata being xenophobic. I know there is a culture of not reading in Zambia but those who care to do so will see that under Civil Liberties I stated that the panga carrying xenophobic ATTACKERS in South Africa should also remind us of the path our country ALMOST took, in the last 3 years when we saw PANGA CARRYING CADRES on the streets of Lusaka and in by elections. I never fabricated those scenes as everyone saw them on TV. I went on to call on leaders to be more tolerant to criticism. I rest my case.”

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  1. At least you are an Eastern power woman we can tolerate you. If you were from one of the cursed tribes of Southern, Northwestern or Western, we would have dealt with severely

    • The truth of the matter is that Sata was extremely satanic.

      By default he falls in that category.

    • Dora Siliya mistaken again, she uses a male condom and throw a female one on Kambwili. Xenophobia is so different from PF thuggery. Sata (my his soul rest), didn’t like the Chinese who sell roasted maize, but he never set those Matero thugs on them, instead he sent them to beat up Bishop Mambo’s church goes, who beat up Kaingu and rest. That is not Xenophobia Dora.

    • Kabwili at it again, in Silia’s statement it is talking about pangas and your party, then you decide to run away by referring to the imaginary fight against corruption. Please spare us and recall to answer the issues at hand and not to be ranting on everything else but the issue.

    • Umutu. I wish you believed in the God of the Bible. I do not have much words to say to you because am hate by your comment.

    • I think Umuntu is provocative! It feels like our friends are exaggerating this tribal/regional thing. i dont it should be painted that Southerners, Westerners, North-westerners are hated by others. This is an exaggeration meant to arouse passions for the good of these groups so that Umuntu benefits from the passion.

      On Dora’s clarification, well, we all know that PF started off violently headed by one and only arch-violent Winter Kabimba. We know that PF was equivalent of violence. We can breathe some fresh air now, the Kabimba dogs went with the loss of the crique. let’s not pretend- PF was a violent party.

      Well not any better than UPND!

    • I am Bemba but your sentiments about other tribes are really unfortunate. Its a shame if you are a parent, worse a husband/wife. You are an embarrassment to humanity.

    • If I can recall what madam Dora Siliya was referring to was the violence that Kabimba introduced in the Party when he was at the helm and it went beyond control such that at the end it consumed Kabimba himself. Thanks to the new PF secretary general there is sanity in PF . Madam Siliya you are very correct and you are well come to re contest your seat on the ruling Party ticket. We love your courage, wisdom and popularity in your constituency. A very hard working person.

  2. I pity those villagers who are going to vote for this bed wetting, greasy faced female canine answering to the name of Dora! What can she offer to Zambians besides what she carries in her nether garments!

  3. But you don’t need to attack the party you are courting like that in public. Mind your language

  4. Dora, don’t be scared to call a spade, a spade. We all know who sent those cadres on the streets carrying coffins and killing one another. It was SATA himself, perid. As a nation, let us not shy away to condemn perpetrators of violence, whether DEAD or alive. This notion that “never say ill of the dead” is archaic and primitive.

    Sata had thuggish behaviour and that’s a FACT. So Dora, you owe no one an apology for stating the FACTS. Even the so called Fr Bwalya, Mulusa and company who are now flocking to PF have done so because a thug is no longer at the helm of the party. But because they are cowards, they can’t say it openly, but they confess in their closets.

    • It is just politics of the belly and the PF being the party in government is the party where they can eat well. Had HH won the election you would have seen how many PF MPs would have abandoned ship and HH would have been glorified and his perceived tribalism conveniently thrown aside.

  5. Where else did she add those words you are putting in her mouth? We read everything clearly in LT in broad daylight. Kambwili should instead apologise to her for quoting her out of context.This guy has the problem of rushing at unsubstantied issues and putting them in the public domain only to end as the villain. Be organised in your future utterances, your post is highly sensitive.

  6. Madam you spoke the truth. Many of us were scared as to what was going to happen had Mr. Sata lived up to 2016 Who doesn’ know that HH was almost killed in Ndola and the man was smiling. Even our dirty Fr Bwalya was poured chibuku all over his dirty clothes by cadres and no arrests were made. Let the truth be the truth and you madam spoke the truth. I’m very proud of you.

  7. I would rather be jailed than seeing someone insoulting sata. it is evil to be in PF when you hate sata. sata is PF and PF is sata. So Dora siliya lets trrasure icimbuya without touching our father of development

  8. My kalongosi, keep your pride, be principled find another party, joining PF will be so unprincipled, do not follow RB, you still have a lot to offer this country. my simple advice.

    • To be truly neutral Dora needs to contest on UPND ticket. MMD and PF are almost one and contesting on one of them will somehow breed some discomfort between the two. Dora can win Petauke central even as an independent, so go for UPND mama Dora!!

  9. People should not forget the past. By all standards, and unreservadly I can acclainm that SATA was driving this country to Xenophobic levels. It is only Lungu who is trying to reverse the situation. I further urge LUNGU to work hard to remove all those PANGA wielding cadres in the PF for they nearly put the country on fire. SATA was never a good man to rule this country by all standards, for he was very segregative on tribe lines . Most tribes were removed from the governance of this country and for me this was not good for the country’s development.

  10. For me I do not care who rules Zambia next, what I need most is descence in the country. we need some one who has a human face. SATA never had any human face please. He was just a bitter man, especially on some tribes. Tongas were hated because of their wealth and were a threat to him, Lozis were hated because of their education calibres. He just hated these two tribes for no aparent reason just because they are more organised in their dealings. He made sure that he removed them from most of the positions that they held on merit, replacing them with none performing group of his. This is what we call Xenophobic tedencies. Lungu right now is on the righful track, and hope he will continue to equalise things for the sake of developing the country.

  11. Clearly people know that Smart Dora is indeed smart and she can win on any party she stands unlike others who depend on certain parties to win. Smart Dora indeed.

  12. Dont cheat yourselves u upnd dreamers,Dora Siliya is already PF just like Namugala,Mwalimu Simfukwe,Kapembwa Simbao ,Michael Kaingu,etc.So Petauke Central is already gone to PF!!!IFINTU NI LUNGU 2016!!!

  13. The truth is very clear that he was a tribalist, not only as president but long before. Sata is the one who advised FTJ against restoring or looking at BA64, he started PF to benefit bembas as he thought Mwanawasa had disturbed their corrupt business! Sata told the airforce to shoot the Lozis. He campaigned on a racist, anti Chinese platform. He unashamedely picked a tribal cabinet & civil service. He was a few steps away from xenophobia it’s just that he never got a chance! There many examples of his demagoguery, thuggery and anti other tribes. Let us not distort history! Anyway may he rest in peace & may God comfort his family.

  14. zambians lets stop sayin evil things about other tribes.it is not good for our country coz it brings hatred amongest us.remember we inter marry in zambia.so basically we are related in one way or another.pliz lets debate our issues in a civilized manner.we are o zambians.lets stop callin other tribes names.its doin no good to us o.lets continue debatin on the cheques and balances and other affairs affectin our country in a manner that wil continue bindin us together as peaciful lovin zambians.abash tribalism issuses…one zambia.one love..

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