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Japan’s car export surge as domestic sales slump

Motoring Japan’s car export surge as domestic sales slump

The number of Japanese used cars exported in 2014 reached the third highest figure since records began in 2006. According to data released by JAMA (Japan Automobile Dealers Association), more than 1.4 million vehicles were shipped in 2014.

The upbeat figure marks in contrast with a slump in domestic sales of both new and used vehicles in Japan. Toyota, the biggest and best-selling car manufacturer in the world sold 17.6% fewer new vehicles in February 2015 compared to the same period from the previous year. It was the eleventh consecutive monthly decline, and immediate recovery continues to remain uncertain due to the country’s shrinking population and the recent tax rise.
Sales of used cars (including used Toyota) fared even worse as they sank to a record low in 2014, with 6.9% fewer cars exchanging hands compared to the previous year.

The export sector on the other hands continues to be buoyed by the weak Japanese yen and the low prices of used cars. Cars in Japan lose their value rapidly with age, perhaps faster than any other country because the Japanese tend to upgrade to new vehicles every few years. A vehicle that is only five years old is often perceived as “old” as a result, and is usually sold at a fraction of its original price due to weak domestic demand. Any signs of accident history or damages further render it next to worthless, so such vehicles are then sold and exported to overseas where buyers can still be found.

The export market has been recently joined by several of Japan’s domestic second-hand car dealers as they expand their business base from the shrinking domestic market to the growing export market. Some of them are currently working in partnership with CardealPage where their vehicles can be viewed and purchased via the latter’s website.


  1. No longer drive Japanese vehicles as they are not good safety wise ( Yalapona Sana). Would rather buy an American (USA) or Germany vehicle

  2. Germany Engineering here, just doing for BMW now. Love being in my car than the house. It’s a fine piece of mobile four wheel machine.

  3. There are fake Toyota cars in Zambia with fake names that you have never heard of any were before I was shocked to my bones.

    • Thats not true coz those vehicles are bought from Japan and certified by the Japanese. Lets just accept that Japanese vehicles whether new or used are not stable

    • @lungu, Some exposure is needed. Every car company sells cars under different names depending on the region

  4. What about UK Toyota made? Are they more stable than Japanese made? Thinking of going for a secondhand UK made, not Japanese. Comments invited…

    • Especially Prado as your pseudo name my brother dont try it. Its a death trap. Maybe Uk made but woudnt encourage. They have been a let down

    • Used BMW, ML mercedes or range rover are not bad. Off road you can get yourself a 2012 Navara at K120000 ( All inclusive of CIF and duty)

  5. U are free to say anything about cars from from Japan, but remember that, u Zambians cant make anything. u import almost everything except kapenta, chibwabwa & ubunga! Make yo own car there in zambia & then compare it with the worst JAPANESE brand. which one would u like to drive, JAPANESE or zambian? a country that cant even produce a needle. u have to import it from CHINA. LOOK AT YOURSELF AGAIN AND AGAIN.


  7. Even The Benzes and Ma Bema Who Are Importing Are Japanese,
    May Be Even Chinese. After All You Buyin From Used Japanese Sites!!

  8. Ba LT there are more important things happening in the world such as the earthquake in Nepal that has left thousands dead and you put up a non-article on Japanese used cars. SMH

  9. It’s true that Toyotas arenlazy and unstable. I drive a VW Jetta, it has done some wonders. If it were a Toyota, I would have long parked it. One day as I was driving, one guy in Toyota triednto compete with me, he overturned as I watched leaving him behind. The other time I was doing 140km/hr and had a tryre burst with my family in.The car never overturned, Imjust pulled up.

  10. @ gb plse don’t go up to that speed when with you family . You don’t love them ?commit suicide alone don’t involve inocent beings.they no road in zambia which allows such a speed

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