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KCM forced to import DRC power, three miners trapped during ZESCO black out

Headlines KCM forced to import DRC power, three miners trapped during ZESCO black...


Konkola Copper Mines says it was forced to import 46 megawatts of imported power from the DR Congo through the Copperbelt Energy Corporation for emergency supplies to some key areas after ZESCO cut off supplies.

KCM said in a statement that three employees who were trapped in the Number 4 Shaft at the Konkola Deeps in Chililabombwe following the power outage were rescued.

It said none of the men were harmed as its 24 megawatts emergency diesel generator set at Konkola was activated after the power outage.

It added that production at both Nchanga underground mine and Konkola mine ceased.

‘Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) lost power supply at about 19:30 hours on Monday evening, which caused significant disruption to its operations. Full power supply to KCM was restored at about 09:57 hours today, Tuesday,’ the statement read.
It said KCM’s first concern in this situation has been the safety and welfare of its employees and contractors.

‘Immediately following the power disruption, KCM’s emergency response plan was activated to protect people and equipment. Operations at our Tailings Leach Plant have equally ceased. The impact on production and financial losses is severe across KCM. The extent of the damage to equipment will be quantified at a later stage.’



  1. whats wrong with this PF of yours??,,, not long ago, one PF Minister anounced that there will be no more loadsheilding pa Zed,,,,,did he mean that loadsheilding will be replaced by blackouts

  2. The wages of tribalism and nepotism is a failed country. Instead of Zesco and other parastatals being managed by competent professionals, they are run by tribesmen, relatives and party cadres of PF leaders. This is the result. No wonder Zambians prefer to take their chances in South Africa against bloodthirsty Zulus.

    • That’s what forced me to leave Zesco. In November 1997 I was registered as an engineer with the British Engineering Council. With this qualification I could also work in Europe at a level of a professional engineer, but Zesco recognized my qualifications at a technologist level. This is the major problem in companies owned by the government. if you have no connection to management or politician it is not easy to advance in ranks on merit. Some boys come from university within 10 years he is manager engineering or chief engineer etc. – minimum of 3 years is spent in engineer training, in the 4th or 5th year is a junior engineer and after 5 years is engineering manager because of connect. Such a manager has no professional skill in engineering practice to set system in place.

  3. Poor planning is a sure way of planing to fail, PF is the major legacy you will leave behind for generations to come.

  4. Zesco will surely shut down completely one day if things are not put straight. However, it completely has nothing to do with PF. I have warned Zesco years back.

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