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Opening Shopping Malls shows President Lungu’s lack of priorities-Mulongoti

General News Opening Shopping Malls shows President Lungu’s lack of priorities-Mulongoti

Mike Mulongoti addressing the media at the conference
Mike Mulongoti addressing the media at the conference

People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti says President Edgar Lungu has shown signs of lacking priorities by spending time on irrelevant activities and travelling unnecessarily.

Mr Mulongoti said the recent travels within and outside the country that President Lungu has undertaken leave much to be desired.

He cited the recent opening of the Mukuba Mall by President Lungu in Kitwe is another confirm that he does not know his priorities.

“Surely does it have it take the entire Head of State to go and commission a private shopping mall? Do we know how much it costs to have the President with his entourage leave office and move about like that? President Lungu needs to be serious with governing the nation,” Mr Mulongoti said.

He added, ‘Just the other day, he was away in Mpika commissioning a third level hospital, these are activities that could be done by Ministers or their Deputies or indeed District Commissioners.”
Mr Mulongoti said President Lungu needs to start spending more time in his office to respond to the many development concerns from Zambians.

“He is becoming very casual with the office he occupied and in the end he is not inspiring confidence especially in the business community because he does not seem to know what he is doing,” he said.
Mr Mulongoti said the 90 days of President Lungu have been characterized by lack of consistency on most key areas of national development.


  1. HH builds a mall, Lungu opens it without acknowledging HH for creating jobs and yet people are condemning HH for not greeting Lungu.

    • And who told you that is HH’s Mall? Why do you guys always want to associate everything with HH? Those heriot developers are the same ones who built Kafubu Mall in Ndola and why didnt you say ” Kafubu Mall is for HH”. The other time you were claiming Levy Junction was for HH and yet that is for Napsa. Manda Hill for HH and yet it is owned by Commonwealth development Corporation. Already you are claiming EastMall is for HH and yet that is for Italians in partnership with UNZA. You claimed HH had major shares in Zambeef until the owners refuted that. No wonder the posts writes ” problem with HH and his supporters, they point at things which are not his”. kanshi mweba Tonga mwaba shani

    • Opening a shopping mall by the Head of Sate is the right thing in the sense that have the following repercussion on the economy
      1.Investors will have confidence in the economy in the sense that the owners will feel secured to see the head of state in their midist.
      2.Much publicity of the opening ceremony by the head of state increased the sales as people would want to see the head of state at the same time buy things cheaply as was experienced by what happened at the mukuba Mall

    • I am sure ECL doesn’t know that Mukuba Mall he went to commission so excitedly belongs to HH…let me break it down for him…Mr President, the mall you so excitedly opened the other day was developed and is owned by Henriot Properties in which HH owns 60% debentures…if you understand economics sir, then you know he owns the business…tell your PF cadres…atleast they now have a modern facility in Kitwe, and some have jobs…that’s what’s up

    • Indeed HH is a man who has a heart for all Zambians by investing his money in his country. Most of the PF ministers we know have taken their monies out of this country but the gallant HH thought of our friends in Kitwe.Big Up to HH

    • And its not Henriot but Heriot. Ati he owns 60 percent kikikikikikiki. Sure poverty is bad. You guys embarrass him with your hallucinations

    • I am a staunch supporter of PF but don’t support ECL’s travels, its too costly. He can travel only when its really necessary as did MCS.

      Let ECL reconsider his position on trips and not listen to RB who was the most travelled president in the history of Zambia, the most corrupt and the worst manager.

      However I’ll still vote for ECL come 2016 coz I don’t have another choice.

      I can never vote for HH the tri..balist and free mason. This is a Christian Nation

    • At the rate HH is being ‘given’ properties and companies by ‘his people’, it won’t be long before everything in Zambia will be his – including their own properties and other wealth.

    • @Ricky Bobby, at times i fail to understand the caliber of UPND supporters though i look at UPND to be more like a cult coz definitely why should every property being built in Zambia be associated with HH as if he is the only Zambian around. The other time they used to claim that HH was the major shareholder in Acades shopping complex and Radisson Blue. These supporters for UPND are the most dunderheads currently happening to ZED politics. I have asked them this question and no one wants to answer me, ” if HH owns 60% shares in Heriot Developers, why are his supporters not also claiming Kafubu Mall in Ndola coz it was also built by the same developers in conjuction with Workmans Compesation Ltd.

    • When a commander keeps reminding his troops that “I am the commander” and keeps appearing in their barracks and/or camps for “inspections” then just know its a case of insecurity. EL keeps appearances at every opportunity to bolster his image for he is alive to the fact that he was elected by minority voting (30%) of which he got a not so overwhelming fraction. He is also aware that he has to do more for certain communities to put a face to the name.

  2. Totally agree, as a matter of fact just opening anything by the Head of State, be it road, bridge, stadium, school, market, pit latrine and all those trivial things is just absurd!!! Maybe we don’t need a president after all as the late Sata showed us. Government can run just fine.

    Why pay someone such a hefty salary with a mega retirement package to just come and open a borehole in your village and call him His Excellency and stick a placard on your borehole reading ” THIS BOREHOLE WAS OPENED BY HIS EXCELLENCE EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU ON …”

    What excellence is that??????

    • CBL here I tend to differ with you though I often find your contributions mature. Look ECL did not go there on his own. He was invited and for good reasons.
      1. Publicity
      2. Investor confidence
      3. Showing progression of the entire economy
      4. Shows country has the right investment policies in place
      5. Opportunity for HE to send message to investors, like on local products in their shops
      6. Opportunity to meet his people on the copperbelt.

      Wonder what happened to the chief to miss these clear opportunities.

  3. Iwe naiwe tawakwata fyakucita. Twala icimoona cobe ukutali. SELA STUPID TUBOMBEKO ALAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kasundini ba Mulongoti pantu imisu shilefuma netoloshi nalibomba bosses mwalasebana

  5. It also shows that delegating mundane things like this to a subordinate is a foreign concept. It’s a carryover from Kaunda where the man shouldered all responsibilities from single-handedly micro managing the central committee, cabinet ministers, ambassadors, civil servants, members of parliament, permanent secretaries, opening a bridge in shangombo. The only duties other officials performed were campaigning for and accompanying the president to the airport. They feel if they don’t participate in every little thing they are missing out on the fun.

    • Ntemba ya Mulongoti yagwa because of the mall.

      UPND mongrels claim HH owns Kariba Dam and Victoria Falls. HH built Bottom Road. Perpetual Hallucinatory condition.

  6. Hey- they always use you and dump you. Nothing comes to my mind faster than “condom”.

  7. If Mr. Mulongoti was a genuine politician who entered the political arena in order to contribute in the development of this country, he should have appreciated the need to request the Republican President grace the opening of Mukuba Mall in Kitwe.

    Mr. Mulongoti should have assessed the impact of South Africa’s xenophobia in the SADC Region. President Lungu was expected to cool down the minds of Zambians and prevent a regional catastrophe. It In this vein Zambian politicians must know that this country has strong business ties with South Africa – affecting big industries as well as many men and women who buy their goods from South Africa.

    May be Mulongoti cannot stomach the reality that he will never be a President of Zambia. His brand of politics are dangerous.

    • Ba Mphangwe wesu,
      We thank you for your constructive comment…I quote:
      “May be Mulongoti cannot stomach the reality that he will never be a President of Zambia. His brand of politics are dangerous.”
      That president is a jealousy president of two persons: himself & his wife the advisor (at his deliverance).
      People do not know that ‘jealousy’ is a demon which can lead to death by self execution.
      Ma jealousy fye especially umulongoti nga waba ne ndalawa, wabola nokununka wanunka pipi.

  8. Well Mulongoti, President Lungu may be lacking priorities by opening malls and hospitals as you claim but offering you a job as you had openly requested would have been the greatest misplaced priority of all.

  9. Nothing wrong and certainly not a lack of priorities for a sitting head of State to officially open a significant business investment whether belonging to HH, GBM etc, as local investors or belonging to foreign investors as long as jobs are created for the citizenry.

    All good governments around the world work hard to encourage job creation. If this scenario doesn’t excite a President, what does?

    Don’t criticise President Lungu just to make news with your names or comments in it.

    This is both stale news and unnecessary criticism from quarrelsome people.

  10. Let him open as long as he has the time to do so. He even opened LAZ meeting in Livingstone and will be back there for E.I.Z this weekend. If you have a wedding or Matebeto, please invite him. He is indirectly campaigning for 2016.

  11. For once the Chief MMMD bootlicker who has been singing songs to Lungu day in and day out has said something sensible.

  12. Ka Mulongoti, as an opposition party president, is grovelling on your knees crying you’ve not been rewarded for campaigning for Edgar Lungu any better?

  13. Mr Mulongoti please do not bore us with the obvious. What else do you expect the president of a third world banana republic to do?

  14. Monitoring the president’s movement on a minute by minute basis searching for faults to criticise is, by itself, a misplaced priority for an opposition party president of Mulongoti’s stature.

    • And monitoring news releases on minute by minute on Zambian sites makes you Man Zambia! What time do you have to comment on Kenyan sites? I know the world is a global village and websites are accessible anywhere worldwide but what I don’t understand is your keen interest in Zambian issues minute by minute and you seem to be well versed with our political and economical issues.
      Why hide your identity? You are Man Zambia but you claim to be Man Kenya. Severally you claim to be in Nairobi, I wud understand if you are Kenyan resident in Zambia. Shake off your inferiority complex, Kenya is no better than Zambia. Accept to be Zambian.

  15. Zemuntu changed to Jacombian Transform

    The current owners of Manda Hill are not the Commonwealth Development Corporation but Hyprop, one of South Africa’s largest property developers. Manda Hill has undergone several changes in ownership. Stocks and Stocks of South Africa were the first owners, with much of the funding for its construction coming from the Commonwealth Development Corporation and the Venture Capital Fund. Stocks and Stocks later sold it to Old Mutual of South Africa. Old Mutual then sold it to the HBW Group also of South Africa. It was at this point that HH briefly served as Chairman only to be replaced Mr. Phesto Musonda who was also Zambia International Trade Fair chairman. HBW Group sold the mall to African Land Investments who in turn sold it to Hyprop.

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