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Lungu urges engineers to lead development agenda

Economy Lungu urges engineers to lead development agenda

President Edgar Lungu  addresses  Zambian's leaving in Zimbabwe at the Zambia's Ambassador to Zimbabwe's resident in Harare on April 29,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Lungu addresses Zambian’s leaving in Zimbabwe at the Zambia’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe’s resident in Harare on April 29,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

President Edgar Lungu has challenged Zambian engineers to take a leading role in driving the development agenda of the nation.

President Lungu said this in Livinstone today during the 5th Engineers Without Borders (EWB) conference annual general meeting in a speech read for him by Vice President Inonge Wina.

The conference is being held under the auspices of the Southern African Federation of Engineering Organisation (SAFEO).

The theme of the conference is “engineering knowledge creation, sharing and collaboration”

President Lungu has urged engineers to use their profession to find solutions in improving the lives of the people.

The Head of State said a lot needs to be done to change the landscape of the country and that engineers were better placed to do that.

He said prosperity in the 21st Century was dependent and driven on science and technology.

President Lungu said there is need to change mindsets if science and technology is to be advanced.

He said the major areas that engineers could tackle are poor road infrastructure, power supply and lack of fresh and clean drinking water.

President Lungu has however reaffirmed government’s commitment to the principle value systems of engineering.

He said government will seek to enhance science, technology, engineering and mathematics so as to contribute to a better success in engineering.

And Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) President Bernard Chiwala said the engineers will endeavor to work with the government on many projects.

Mr. Chiwala said the collaboration of engineers fuels creation of knowledge and advanced technology.


  1. Engineers in Zambia do have what it takes to create value and improve standard of living
    They are formula remembering *****s only. What is force? They will get a distinction. But what force has done in technology and science. They do not know. This is the tragedy of our UKUMEMA ENGINEERS.

    • Very good point HE Lungu. Wealthy Families and Engineers built Britain and Europe. Engineers made it possible for the dreams of those Wealthy partners to bare fruit. What is annoying is that most of the thieves in zambia bury the stolen money or build another guest house, motel, another mall, buy a fleet of buses… Rich people need to dream even bigger. London-based entrepreneur Irvine Sellar and Qatar knew what they wanted, then engineers, builders, electricians…..made it possible, now you have The Shard glass building. Cecil Rhodes had money on the table and built a rail line from the Cape to Rhodesia. Show us the money, we’ll design and build.

  2. Engineers in Zambia do NOT have what it takes to create value and improve standard of living
    They are formula remembering SKUNKS only. What is force? They will get a distinction. But what force has done in technology and science. They do not know. This is the tragedy of our UKUMEMA ENGINEERS.

  3. I am an engineer by profession and have been in diaspora for the last 20 years. Do you really think that Zambian born/based craftsmen could attempt to make even a “washer” ? I think not. As long as our Governments turn a blind eye, and don’t want to listen to us in diaspora, nothing will happen. Good evening…

    • Nkope Shinyenga,

      Nkope Shinyenga! Nkope Shinyenga! Ati kumenso kweka eko banyengela. Pyee pyee bakamutanda! Pyee pyee ba Zebron!

      You know what you remind me of my childhood in Kwacha, Kitwe.

      I remember the Luba Kasai neighbours who were celebrating the birth of twins in my neighbourhood. They had a night and day long celebration with a song that went like this:

      Bukara bumo bana babiji. Ela kabiji ela. Our understanding was that they were celebrating the potency of a penis that could produce two kids! As they danced, the progenitor made a point a point of exposing his tools to all and sundry! Those were the days!!

  4. Regardless what you think, no country would realize economic and social sustainable development without Engineering. Do you honestly think our engineers are bad or poor practitioners?
    You are busy glorifying our lawyers and accountants who are very little or insignificant value addition to our economy. It’s alright for lawyers and accountants to amass huge inexplicable levels of wealth but criminal for lawyers. The story of Clive Chirwa versus Mutembo Nchito. Amazing country!

  5. In all professional endeavours we Zambians are just copycats who take pride in displaying our qualifications but do nothing concrete. Engineers have invented nothing for 50 years. Our scientists cant find cures they keep waiting for Americans to discover the cure for AIDS and ebola. The world is waiting for alternative energy sources where are Zambian chemists, automotive engineers, electrical engineers. MUSICIANS don’t know how to be original they only sing what the west is singing. Where are our innovators?

    • Why have nt our numerous graduate lawyers not come up with statutes that are indigenous? why are they happy to practice English law? I was actually surprised to find all European countries practice their own national law but africans don’t!

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