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President Lungu urges Zambians abroad to register as voters

Headlines President Lungu urges Zambians abroad to register as voters


President Edgar Lungu greets Zambian's living in Zimbabwe after he addressed them at the Zambia's Ambassador to Zimbabwe's resident in Harare on April 29,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Lungu greets Zambian’s living in Zimbabwe after he addressed them at the Zambia’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe’s resident in Harare on April 29,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

President Edgar Lungu has urged Zambians living in Zimbabwe to register as voters and cast their vote in the next presidential election.Speaking when he met Zambians living in Zimbabwe at the residence of the Zambian High Commissioner in Harare last night, Mr. Lungu said Zambians living in Zimbabwe may be the most comfortable among citizens in the diaspora because of the good relations between the two countries.

President Lungu said Zambians will judge for themselves who was telling the truth among the country’s politicians regardless of how some media houses were trying to distort his message and destroy his character.He said Zambians always decide who should be their President based on their judgment.

President Edgar Lungu has also urged Zambians both at home and in the diaspora to ascribe value to the meaning of national symbols in order for them to enhance the traditional spirit of hard work and unity in the country.He said the meaning of the national flag, coat of arms, the ’One Zambia, One Nation’ slogan and the national anthem were important for rejuvenating the idea of unity and hard work among Zambians.He said the words in the verses of the national anthem should be understood by every Zambian and applied accordingly.

“When we sing our national anthem, we say, ‘one land and one nation is our cry, dignity and peace,’ all those words mean a lot to me and I think they should mean a lot to you as well,” he said.

President Lungu noted that unfortunately, many Zambians do not even understand the words in the national anthem, let alone knowing how to sing it.“Find time to reflect on those words, they mean a lot. When we talk about land of work and joy in unity, it means we must work hard,” he emphasized.

Earlier, Zambia’s High Commissioner to Zimbabwe Ndiyoi Mutiti said President Lungu has already started fulfilling his campaign promises of caring for the Zambian people wherever they are.

Mrs. Mutiti disclosed that the Zambian community in Zimbabwe was confident that the President would steer the country to greater heights in terms of economic development.She also told the President that bilateral relations between Zambia and Zimbabwe have remained cordial adding that trade between the two countries had increased.

“For example, Zimbabwe imports a lot of maize from Zambia as and when the window of importing is available,” she said.

Mrs. Mutiti further said the embassy in Zimbabwe was working tirelessly to enhance trade and other relations between Zambia and that country.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Mutiti said Zambians in Zimbabwe were well behaved as they were law abiding and committed to promoting national events in their country of residence.

And First Lady Esther Lungu was pleased that Zambians in Zimbabwe have behaved themselves in a dignified manner hence the comfort they were enjoying in that country.

And in a vote of thanks, former Bank of Zambia Governor, Caleb Fundanga, said President Lungu’s attendance of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) extra ordinary summit was important especially that it was focusing on industrialization.

Dr. Fundanga, who now lives in Zimbabwe, pointed out that the industrialization agenda was key to the creation of quality jobs and fighting poverty.

He also said Zambians in Zimbabwe were happy with the way Mr. Lungu has embraced the bilateral relations with Zimbabwe, which he described as a very important friend.

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    • Absentee votes will now be accepted?

      Politics is a game of humans, it all comes down to hate and revenge.
      HH knows this.

  1. My President. be careful with what you learn from President Mugabe. He is intelligent, eloquent and articulate BUT he is a Dictator, sir. Copy the good but such statements as the one you made encourage him to be even more autocratic. There is everything good about having an opposition party in a democratic dispensation. PF would never have been born, let alone taken over power if multiparty politics did not come to Zambia. Zimbabweans are all over the world. These are not opposition party people but ordinary citizens who have found it unbearable to continue living in a country where only the big politicians and the senior defence and security personnel are enjoying themselves. We can blame the West but the West is not only involved in Zimbabwean affairs but are in Zambia affairs too.

  2. The West is in South Korea, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, South Africa, Botswana (De Beers etc), Kenya, Zambia (beautiful shopping malls, Kariba Dam, the Mines etc), but these countries have not taken Mugabe’s way of doing things. He HATES the West so much but LOVES the USA Dollar so much that he has adopted it as his country’s official currency!!! Not even 1945 War ravaged Germany abandoned its national currency!!!! What exactly has my President seen in Mr Mugabe that others have failed to see?? If Your Excellency were admiring President Lt Gen Ian Khama of Botswana or Kikwete of Tanzania, I would say, YES SIR, that is the way to go.

  3. If its HH who issues such remarks, then you will say that he needs a Police permit blah blah blah.

    This is part of campaigning….

    Lap green is getting back ZAMTEL

    SATA’S legacy, my foot!!!

  4. What is wrong with this move. By now Zamtel would have been leader in this sector but alas insinuations all the time. Tell us if Finance bank is doing well. It is not. Mahttan was used at cheating Governments that has capacity to provide finance when not.
    Let us see progress not what you are yapping about. It is well known that Sata miscalculated in reversing sell of Zamtel. Zamtel is still on government overdrafts maintained by poor and heavily taxed Zambians.
    The hate against RB will not work. Just embrace progress. Thats all.

    • @ hakaivotela Hakalusa, Its not just hate against RB, its hate against his corrupt tendencies that’s what Zambians rejected. Ukufwaya ukulyamo all the time, a President becoming the Procurement Authority etc, no RB was just too much and we just pray he is not coming back and we won’t agree as Zambians imposing a rejected corrupt old man who has no manners in speech etc and is a self confessed triba.list, encourages tribalism in his region. RB is useless so iwe HAikaivotele sorry are from ku mawa

  5. I will vote for Mr Hakainde Hichilema of UPND because I believe that he has better policies and because he will be true to his word. I wish Professor Clive Chirwa was in politics, I would vote for him. The man is a geneuos.

    Mr HH, dont forget people like Professor Chirwa in key economic positions such as Rail Transport system, construction, etc.

    • I concur with you Mr. Intelligent!
      All well meaning Zambians, please let us vote for Mr. Hichilema. Forget about whatever ill-mannered people might be saying about
      the big man. He means well to Zambia. How I wish all people could reason like I do!! God bless you all and God bless Zambia.

  6. I personally feel the president got it all wrong here. Is it time to start appealing for votes, the elections are too far. What the president needs to do especially that he’s away, was to issue statements of policy on how the government is expected to respond to the ever failing kwacha, mining taxes, the late rains in certain pockets of the country. To say by Kambwili that all currencies are having a challenge against the dollar is failure of leadership on their part. Why the did we vote for them, is it just traveling or to deal with the Dollar vs Kwacha? Look at the economy of Botswana, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa and many more, they are far much better due to good leadership.

    • Most of us in South Africa can afford to fly back home and cast our vote. Come 2016 and I will do just that. You guessed correctly my vote will go to ECL. By the way those of you who keep on saying that Zambians living in South Africa should come back home. Any chance of you giving me a job which pays K 60 000.00 per month? My current salary is in excess of R 100 000.00 but I am prepared to take a pay cut for the sake of coming back home.

  7. @Let me say this………….., please stop hallucinating. Africa has no other leaders with a backbone than the man.

    • @Victor, I am not hallucinating. ECL is my President and he is a human being. He probably meant he would not do what Mugabe has been doing. What do you think about the reversals ECL has been making against what the late President he took over from was doing? Read the comments of foreign on News24 regarding the comment by our President. They are not good. In the meantime you do not want to tell the President the truth. I am sorry, I am not like that. I love the President and would like to tell him the truth.
      The leaders i mentioned have spines, my friend. What are you talking about? Late Mwanawasa stood up to Mugabe.

  8. EL is visionless together with his cadres.I wonder how zambians were easily tricked by fake tears.This man was supposed to be awarded a chief mourner at sata’s funeral.

  9. Zambia will continue to wallop in povert as long the current way of voting mediocre continues. Chitundu was hastly removed from Zesco and some one has to start with new ideas. Today there is load shedding time table. That is what we can get from this mediocre leadership.

    Anyway Ifintu ni mfifi and kolopa.povert.

    • Your spellings like your viewpoint are skewed.

      Learn to engage your brain before you spew your drivel! It doesn’t hurt at all

    • That’s the problem of using your emotions to reason instead of your brain, if at all you have one Kavuyi. See, I cannot even get what your point is…incoherent!

  10. Has our President ever given us what his govt intends to do concerning the various problems we are facing. What has he said about the exchange rate with the euro now taking over the dollar in appreciating. What has he said about unemployment and practical steps. It seems Zambia is majoring in the minors!

  11. Ba Lungu how are you expecting us to vote? If it’s by flying home to just cast a ballot 4 get. We don’t have money to waste for such frivolous endeavours If you plan to invent a system to enable us to vote then we can register. Are you aware that we don’t vote because the govt doesn’t want us to vote not because we don’t want to vote?

  12. First things first, Mr President sir! Register to vote for who? Talk about dual citizenship first, then registering to vote after.
    These Zambian/Zimbabwean citizens he met in Harare were so star struck, they did not even ask pertinent issues affecting Zambians in diaspora. Eish.

  13. This Lungu of yours, what does he talk with this old man Mugabe, why can’t he have friends like Kanyatta, of his age? Limbi balamupelako ifmofimo.

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