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Dora Siliya applies to recontest her seat on PF Ticket


Former President Rupiah Banda and former MMD Petauke Member of Parliament  Dora Siliya campaign for PF Presidential Candidate  Edgar Lungu at a PF rally in Petauke
Former President Rupiah Banda and former MMD Petauke Member of Parliament Dora Siliya campaign for PF Presidential Candidate Edgar Lungu at a PF rally in Petauke

FORMER MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya has applied to recontest the Petauke Central parliamentary seat on the Patriotic Front (PF) ticket.

The only other applicant for the seat as a PF candidate so far is Elias Banda, popularly known as “Eli Boma”.

Ms Siliya declined to comment on the matter but assured that she would issue a comprehensive statement by tomorrow.

But PF chairperson for elections Emmanuel Mpakata confirmed that Ms Siliya and Mr Banda had lodged their applications.

“So far, these two are the only ones who have expressed interest to stand on our party ticket. Applications are open until May 14, 2015. Thereafter, lower organs will scrutinise the applicants then make recommendations to the Central Committee. Mr Banda is our faithful member but we have also welcomed Ms Siliya since the party needs new members to help it grow,” Mr Mpakata said in a telephone interview from Mungwi.

In 2013, PF adopted Mr Leonard Banda after he successfully petitioned Ms Siliya’s election.

Mr Mpakata said the PF-adopted candidate for Mulobezi, Patricia Mulasikwanda, and Obed Shumba for Malambo are likely to contest the seats.

“But the Central Committee might decide to stick to them or consider fresh adoptions.

Chances for the PF to win the three seats previously held by opposition parties are very high since all factors on the ground seem to be in our favour and we are on course to penetrate opposition strongholds,” he said.

After the 2011 general elections, the Malambo and Mulobezi parliamentary seats were held by Maxwell Mwale (MMD) and Hastings Sililo of the United Party for National Development (UPND).

The Supreme Court last week upheld a High Court judgment to allow Ms Siliya, Mr Mwale and Mr Sililo to file nominations.


  1. The biggest insult to the Late Micheal Sata. Edgar Lungu the sick drunkard president has sold PF. PF members rise ans defend your party.

    • @ Hildah Malama:

      On this one, I 100% support your observation my sister. Edgar Lungu has insulted the legacy of Micheal Sata.
      True of PF Members should stand up and defend their party from being over taken by MMD. Dora Silia, Rupiah Banda, the late George Kunda, Edgar Lungu and Chanda Chimba III including William Banda of UPND insulted Micheal the Great. These people should be curved and should not be allowed in PF.

      PF belongs to true PF Members who fought for the party and not Rupiah’s MMD.

    • Dont worry guys, Dora has been rejected by all PF Members including the grassroots in Petauke and the chief plus his indunas.

    • @ Hildah Malama

      All F0OLS that were oppossing your comments are now coming to terms with the reality and that you meant well for PF and Zambia at large. I now consider you HILDAH MALAMA as a hero to all true PF Members.

    • I have already told Edgar Lungu to form his own party, he has shaved PF of all pubic hair, and selling to people like Dora for her wigs.
      Fire Edgar, and bring back the founders Scott, Simussa, Chenda and the Shamendas.

    • sata is ngomwa like my former husband said dora.sata was alive he did not answer, sata was again sata cant answer becoz he is burried.for 10 yrs while building pf sata recieved all heard and unheard insults from this woman.kamwili,scott,kaseba,sampa,what is hoing on??????

    • Our democracy is fast maturing. We have seen value of upholding the natural rights of individuals to freely speak, associate, worship and compete. This means the Zambian voters have challenged repugnant anti social pro-tribalism hate mongers. Our democracy of One Zambia One nation does not prohibit free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech; or the right of the people peaceably to choose their affiliation. Let the Bantustan continue wallowing in the tribal myopia and bitterness. If anything, they are insignificant and inconsequential to the national equation.

      Congrats PF you have scored another seat!

    • @Hildah Malama, your observation is very correct. Why not just get your own PF members to stand? The answer is simple, they are too weak and cannot win.

    • Thats Z politics for yu. Sata was a UNIP Cadre fo many years before he junped to MMD and later formed P F . What are yu telling us.

    • Such was Sata’s heart,he had a big forgiving heart and if he was still alive,he would have welcomed Siliya into PF. Remember how Silvia Masebo used to insult him left,right and centre? He still went ahead and allowed her to stand on PF and took a step further to appoint her as minister. Let’s give EL a chance to implement his vision and if as a member of PF you’re not happy with his style of leadership, you’re free to join other parties cause that’s what democracy is all about.

    • There is no insult at all here.

      The question is: she is MMD, how does she adopt to sit on the PF? Shouldn’t this be illegal?

      Secondly she is doing this not for the people in her constituency but for Dora Siliya. As hard as it is to swallow, that is the bottom line.

      The people shouldn’t vote for someone who has clearly little interest in them. If she had any much mortality and support they would vote for her inspite of the seat.

      She wants a position and look after herself.

      I don’t blame her – I would blame the people that will vote for her



    • In politics, there are no permanent enemies or friends.

      That’s why political prostitution is and will always be a perpetual feature.

      Politics and political parties are dynamic and change with changing times

    • The sooner Nevers Mumba opens his eyes and ears, the better it will be for MMD.

      Unfortunately, you can’t “just” go on a “Pilgrim” … fasting for weeks believing you will win by prayer. It’s about going out there, working hard and making good political calculations and praying too.

      A 15,800 presidential votes for a person who is leading one of the biggest opposition party, at a ballot box spoke volumes.

      I guess the question is: What’s in for Dora,s calculations. She is looking at the dynamics of 2016.

      It’s no secret, a section of MMD MP, s will work with RB to help Lungu stay in power and block HH from winning.

      It’s called Political Calculations. It’s happens in Europe frequently.

      HH has failed to handle such Political Marriages or PACTS in the past…

    • Breaking news!!!
      They have eyes but can’t see.
      True PF
      RB dismantling PF.
      Y should Dora be a PF candidate .
      Nway If u can entertain Kaingu entertain RB myt as well entertain her.
      RB has taken your party all due to your Lungu
      Stand up and say nonono.
      Next this Elias will ve given a post bu ambassador or PS to pave way for Chisusu

    • Pf is a national party not a party for one region. If that hates you go and hang. We will swallow all members who mean well for the developmental agenda we have embarked on.

  2. @ Hildah Malama;

    It is true my sister that Edgar has sold PF to MMD. Where are true PF Members to allow Sata to be insulted in his grave by Edgar Lungu who is determined to finish PF.


    • You are very wrong my friend. ECL is far much ahead of you and your perpetual looser. While you guys with your shallow minds are preoccupied with PF, MMD and so on, ECL is focusing on the bigger picture which is Mother Zambia and he is willing to work with every Zambian regardless of their political affiliation. He is re branding the one Zambia one nation which is what our forefathers believed in. Wake up or else you will remain in the past, the President is busy working while oeople like you are busy thinking backwards.

  3. May Edgar Lungu collapse today during Labour Day cerebrations. All camers should be on him. The FOOL has sold PF to Rupiah Banda.

    I will vote for HH next year and not Edgar Lungu the drunkard.

    • Your heart is evil how can you wish your enemy or a friend to collapse or die. I do not agree with many things Edgar is doing, but I recognize him as the Republican President. And the Bible says pray for those in Authority as well as your enemies. Where are the values of a Christian national? It’s real sad when you hear people cursing our president Edgar, opposition leaders like HH and Nevers. The bottle line is to encourage the public to vote for a person who have the heart for this nation and has practical and factual Knowledge to develop our country. And capable to change the mind set of our people to a new culture of working. Corruption of this country is terrible: bribe government workers to do you a favor, being serviced first before others because you have connections.

  4. You UPND cadres 1 to 2 above are very conflicted and being hypocritical about their knowledge on Zambian politics and its politicians.

    Where was Mazoka from MMD
    Where is your VEEP Dr C Banda from MMD
    Where is Maureen Mwanawasa from MMD
    Where is William Banda from UNIP and MMD
    Where is Maxwell Mwale from MMD
    Where is Felix Mutati from MMD
    Where is Prof Lungwagwa from MMD
    Whereis is Situmbeko Musokotwane from MMD
    Where is GBM from MMD and PF

    The list goes on.

    You are just shaking knowing that you will lose and wished biggie bokosi Dora should have joined UPND

    • @ Chanda Beu:

      You are a big F0OL my brother, no wonder your wife likes going out with other men. You impotent 1diot.

      The rate at which Edgar Lungu is actioning PF to MMD is alarming to all true PF Members. Unlike UPND, Edgar Lungu is favouring MMD Members in key jobs at the expense of those true PF Members.

      HH is winning next year. PF Members are not happy with Edgar Lungu.

  5. It is now becoming clear that HH will win the Presidential Elections next year because of the careless of Edgar Lungu who has started inviting Rupiah’s people and chasing away Sata’s people.

    May God be with HH now and forever more. HH is an alternative to Lungu’s miss rule.

  6. We said it that despite insulting Sata,Dora will still be a PF candidate but foolish PF cadres couldn’t read between the lines.RB has taken over PF.Even Kambwili will have no choice but to and campaign for Dora.Its politics.

  7. There should be some morality in Z politics. Dora & PF are like oil and water. Besides its only the other day when she savaged late Sata & PF 3 years. Madam Dora shud find another party.

  8. I wish Edgar Chagwa Wagwa Lungu to collapse again on Labour Day celebrations and be admitted to Kalingalinga clinic to remove the narrowing passage of his throat. Chagwa is a great disgrace to the PF party and to the nation as a whole. He has given jobs to MMD cadres, leaving us PF cadres who campaigned and suffered for him.

    • Your heart is evil how can you wish your enemy or a friend to collapse or die. I do not agree with many things Edgar is doing, but I recognize him as the Republican President. And the Bible says pray for those in Authority as well as your enemies. Where are the values of a Christian national? It’s real sad when you hear people cursing our president Edgar, opposition leaders like HH and Nevers. The bottle line is to encourage the public to vote for a person who have the heart for this nation and has practical and factual Knowledge to develop our country. And capable to change the mind set of our people to a new culture of working. Corruption of this country is terrible: bribe government workers to do you a favor, being serviced first before others because you have connections.

  9. Politics is about numbers. There is nothing wrong having Dora Bokosi as our Candidate..Petauke…tulekolopa….Ikunyokoleni njala ba UPND…ifwe after win.

  10. This is Rupiah Banda, the controller and senior PF & Republican president at work while Edgar Lungu watches.
    This is a big challenge to all genuine PF members to save their party from these vultures by using their vote power to reject all those that are being imposed on them. Rupiah Banda and his Siliya will bring about the collapse of the PF.

    • We the true pf are actually celebrating the joining of other people from various parties. We are comfortable with the move and if that doesn’t taste good to you we don’t care. Next to join Pf is HH. Watch the space.Kikikikiki

  11. I thought this Dora had some dignity, so she is also a politician of the belly! She is now hungry and wants to steal again. Some people have no shame! This is the woman who insulted the late Sata at every turn and called him an impotent mad man who would never rule this nation! Today she stands on the podium saying she is standing on PF ticket! What shame! Real PF members are such idi0ts to allow this nonsense from Lungu!

  12. PF has become a recycling bin. Why allowing Dora to stand on PF ticket? This is rediculous because the same woman condemed PF. We do not need the party to be spoiled. I do not think she is going to win because she is not likable.

  13. How fast are unprincipled PF bloggers easily swayed by ‘advice’ of the likes of Hilda Malama? Since when did she wish Lungu’s leadership well? You even seem to defect and sing her master’s song. Be principled and support Lungu to steer Zambia to greater heights.

  14. President Lungu be warned that Dora Silica managed alone to have RB lose elections Zambians do not like her for not having respect and being very arrogant, how do you pick some one who has insulted the founder Ower of PF to his resting place?

  15. Observers have assessed that political dynamics have changed the landscapes of both the MMD and PF. The leadership of Mumba who went on rampage to publicly criticise and issue threats to senior members of MMD tore up the party into irreparable pieces. Late President Sata also thrived with the support of the most treacherous national political and economic crooks.

    The decision by RB, Dora, Kaingu etc to support Edgar Lungu in the January 2015 election cannot be ignored. The environment has changed for the better in PF. For the first time PF leaders can now breath a sigh of relief that their wisdom is being respected by a progressive President because Government decisions are made on consensus.

    Hence Dorah’s wish to contest on PF is merely a natural process leading to normality

    • You Idi0t! Dora is not doing it for anyone but for herself! She is now very hungry!

  16. In as much as other leaders might have come from other parties to form their own, the wounds inflicted on PF by Dora are too fresh.

    She just humiliated PF yesterday, equating our departed leader to a xenophobic beast.

    Are we saying there is no one worth the salt in the rank and file of true PFs to stand in Petauke?

    This all inclusiveness nonsense is being over done.

    Sata would not have done such rubbish. Im a PF sympathizer whose heart is bleeding.

    We fought to free Zambia from the shackles of MMD plunder and yet ECL is reversing all our gains.

    We shall one day pay the price for this.

  17. Mwakumbwafye. Nyekese ya PF is growing. We are mopping up entire MMD as we chip into UPND. Not a threat but a promise.

    Sata forgave masebo. He could have forgiven Dora too. Our hero was not as bad hearted as that leader?? Lol. Masebo too is welcome to work with us. We don’t have permanent enemies besides hunger, unemployment, corruption etc.

  18. Zambian politics is a real joke…absolutely no integrity at all…if you play back the insults Dora directed at the PF one would forgive her for opting to sell tomatoes in the market than stand on this ticket. The same goes for PF who accused this selfsame woman of corruption.
    One Michael Sata is turning in his grave as he left power to a cowardly weak visionless lazy bum….I really hope the people of Petuake teach these politicians of the belly like Dora a lesson.

    • Jay Jay you criticize a lot and nothing wrong with that. Can we also hear your suggestions please

      Can you please list people you think should head the following institutions

      1) government
      2) FAZ

  19. Which person would be adopted as popular as Dora in Petauke. Those complaining are honest. If Dora was adopted by UPND. There would be all praises. Politics is about outsmarting your opponent. PF is consolidating a base to penetrate Eastern province. This is what it is all about. Masebo during Mwanawasa insulted Sata more than Dora. Masebo was embraced into PF. Why to get a base in Mpongwe. And they got it. This is politics not what you are hallucinating. PF has at least 2 seats out 3 to be contested. UPND should simply join hands with Rainbow so that their testicles can be visible

  20. If people care to understand what Zambian politics is all about … just personal survival and it all starts at the highest level.

    Think hard about it, UNIP still rules by proxy because all its cadres and trainees moved and have been in all the parties since 1991 and now this PF as many bloggers have observed. Remember also, we had ANC and then ZANC and who was there and where did they go? Wealth and power are the only things that matter in Zed politics.

    Should it be UPND or any other party next year, believe me all maggots will move and that is because the person at the highest level will encourage them to do so.

    This behaviour will not end any time soon as many citizens are still living under a BIG rock …

  21. Hey LT, is it Obed Shumba or Jacob Shuma the most famous candidate I know here in Malambo Constituency to stand? Please rectify that one before false information is spread in the area.

  22. I had to read the heading again to be sure people are responding to the right article, Dora has APPLIED not ADOPTED, so what is the noise about?
    Now having corrected and put the two terminologies in their right perspective, I can only pray that one day Zambian politics will mature to a level where a Republican is a republican and a Democrat is a democrat. I’m sure all mature Zambians don’t want to see all these shifting of goal posts, it defeats the whole purpose of serving the people. These are now personal interests at work, politics in Zambia is now a livelihood and not a service, what a shame.

    • This Zambia a big fish like Dora don’t just apply that is just a mere formality. ..remember she is backed by Banda who controls State House and has influence in Eastern Province.

  23. Listen amatures politics is about numbers.,dora is a polical giant and pf need giants to strengthen the part. If you recall sata was at one time insulted and even beaten up by late willy nsanda but later apointed nsanda as his campain manager.we need dora silit in pf to weaken the oposition.

  24. I can smell a rat in the ecological noise being raised by the many bloggers who seem to disagree with Dorah’s decision to stand on PF’s ticket. Such noise is being massively generated by cadres of the Cartel in strange partnerships with UPND.

    UPND is extremely scared on the developments that appear to rebuild PF as an all embracing political giant. UPND chances are fast being dwindled in Eastern Province. Simbao has also shown the way.

    As for Hon. Minister Kambwili, his recent reaction on Dorah was a result of him falling into a hell-bent media trap set up by the Cartel & UPND Co. Ltd.

    This time around, we are witnessing a listening Govt that is run through extensive consultations. The truth is that Sata was a puppet-ruler controlled by the money-wielding cartel.

  25. Dora represents everything that is wrong with Zambian politics. She has put me in a position where I now doubt my own beliefs and what I stand for. Endorsing is acceptable, switching political parties the way she has brings home a serious sense of feeling that our politics are wrong. Who are these politics for Politicians or the citizens. I think that things should be allowed to change and evolve but for SATA’s party to evolve the way it has is betrayal never seen before in the human race. Dora who was accusing Lubinda with treachery will now belongs to the same party as he? Dora is a big player on the Zambian political scene and she should see the conflict in her decision. Her decision is wrong and heart-breaking!

  26. We want Dora in PF in order to kolopa eastern province in 2016.There are no enermies in politics.Ba Sata was very forgiving person.Therefore,Pipo against Dora are UPND cadres.Genuine PF members are have with dora.She helped us win in 2015 by elections. In-fact there is no MMD now.MMD is working with PF.To those saying RB is dismantling PF mwaloba iyauma.Ifwe ni pabwatooooooooo.We knew Sata very well.He welcomed Masebo who insulted him.He even jocked with RB.Only pipo from bantustan party are not happy.kikiki they want now to make us hate lungu.u’re jockers

  27. The question is why should it bother other parties’ cadres if indeed Edgar is destroying PF? Shouldn’t they be happy to face a weakened PF in the elections? If Dora is unpopular why ask for a stronger candidate to be fielded by PF?

  28. PF cadres still think and believe HH will never rule zambia please be reminded that SATA fall several times and those who thought sata could not make it got talks but GOD does the conclusion.HH got 42% and there is 1% difference.humble yourselves.

  29. Am also former MMD, please adopt me as well just like Dora, Mulasikwand, Mwale, Iris’s father and many more?

  30. All id1ots who are against popular Dora Siliya here are from tribal UPND bcoz they’re very scared of her!!!all true PF are happy bcoz our PF is still able to attract prominent politicians like Dora!!the fact is that people like Felix Mutati,Patrick Mucheleka,GBM,etc are very dull bcoz UPND cant win them seats in 2016 or beyond!!95% of seats in Lusaka,CB,Luapula,Northen,Muchinga and Eastern will be won by PF.SO DO U THINK DORA SILIYA IS AS DULL AS U DREAMERS IN UPND WHO CANT SEE REALITY ON THE GROUND?U ONLY SUPPORT HH ON TRIBALINES BUT DEEP DOWN YOUR HEARTS U KNOW HE CANT WIN!!!mark my words,PF will win in 2016 and easily so!!!

    • @eddy….nigga please…am not happy seeing same old faces jumping from one branch to the other.and you also know that PF will not cross over to 2016.wat u got was a sympathy vote on 20 jan.not everyone likes PF and not everyone likes upnd.thats democracy.full of choices.

  31. Even The late Micheal chilufya Sata Was Once in MMD. You have scored another seat PF! Congrats Ba PF.


  33. Hildah find something sensible to do, go to school. school will sharpen yo thinking and your analytical skills. in a democratic dispensation, everyone has a choice to join any political party at any time. parties don’t belong to permanent members. no wonder upnd accepted William banda as adviser to the party president . who is better between Dora and William?

  34. in fact, upnd cadres are empty. they don’t realise that the more they are hurting about being beaten by someone who only campaigned for 19 days the more they are becoming irrelevant. all they do these days is to fabricate stories that their leader owns zambeef even when they know that he only has 6% shares in the company and insult anyone who is more intelligent than they are. 2016 they shall cry more

  35. PF needs a new bruiser after Masebo, who list her way ……..then her mind clearly!

    Uncomfortable as her musical chair manoeuvres are, she is merely making an astute change. There is no doubt in her ability. She can work for PF to their benefit. She is eloquent, a clearly able politician who if she concentrates on clean people representation should be a contender for Presidential role……, after regaining respect from electorate. She needs to concentrate on image rebuilding.

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