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UPND U-Turns on removing Lungu’s Immunity

Headlines UPND U-Turns on removing Lungu's Immunity

President Edgar Lungu  addresses  Zambian's leaving in Zimbabwe at the Zambia's Ambassador to Zimbabwe's resident in Harare on April 29,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Lungu addresses Zambian’s leaving in Zimbabwe at the Zambia’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe’s resident in Harare on April 29,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

THE United Party for National Development (UPND) has u-turned and disassociated itself from the statement attributed its advisor to the President Douglas Siakalima that the party will remove President Edgar Lungu’s immunity after he leaves office.

UPND deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo said in Lusaka yesterday that the removal of President Lungu’s immunity was not the UPND pre-occupation or desire.

“We remain strongly against the removal of immunity against those that occupy the highest office in the land. The UPND will allow the rule of law to follow those that will be found wanting,” Mr Lifwekelo said.

The u-turn comes in the wake of the statement attributed in the Post Newspaper by UPND advisor to the party president, Douglas Syakalima who said that the party would remove Mr Lungu’s immunity once he left office.

Mr Syakalima said this was so because of the manner Mr Lungu had handled the matter involving suspended Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito.
Rule of Law

“We wish to state that the statement attributed to the removal of President Lungu’s immunity is not a party position but a mere personal opinion. The party firmly believes in the rule of law and respect of our former Presidents,” Mr Lifwekelo said.

This is the position the UPND took when former President Rupiah Banda’s immunity was removed and party president Hakainde Hichilema was on record of having stood firmly against that.

The UPND believes that Zambia had enough laws to deal with corruption and abuse of authority by those occupying the highest office in the land.

“We shall allow the rule of law to follow those that will be found wanting and we remain committed to the fight against corruption. Under the UPND, there shall be no sacrificial lambs or a selective way of fighting corruption,” Mr Lifwekelo said.

The party reaffirmed its commitment to provide quality leadership and assist address many social and economic challenges affecting the country.

UPND would also address gender imbalances and has commended the Patriotic Front (PF) Government for appointing more women to decision making positions


    • UPND are going backwards- instead of making strides ahead

      Riddled with people who offer nothing – including this Siakalima and that man who has now gone farming Canisius Banda

      HH, get rid of these dead woods.



  1. We black pipo used to pray to our own African Gods; be it the SUN/MOON/DARKNESS etc. It was until the whiteman came along and introduced the Bible and his “white Jesus”. He has succeeded in changing our cultures, names, dress-code etc, and even our way of life. Those whitemen in Anglican/Catholic/Baptist attire used to come into our congregations with ’empty plates’. At the end of the so-called prayers, the plates with full of cash went straight into their whiteman’s Bank. Centuries today, they have made Trillions of Dollars and have developed their Countries from our own sweat and toil”.

    Today we still suffering because we blacks cannot ‘see’. Their white Banks can can only lend money to fellow whites for businesses including those that are bringing in ‘Pie – meats’…

    • @2.u are right,but I still think that black people s mind is below a white man,our leaders steal money and invest in developed countries their by creating employment and more tax paid to those countries.its all about selfishness.zambia will only develop if it elects a leader who will not be selfish and intellectual pros.

    • Thats right. we need to love self first before anything else. that is the theme of pan africanism. Love of my people and my land first before any butter-milk complexion, blonde blue eyed jesus, love of self before the so called white man, asian, arab etc.
      We live in a white supremacist world, where everything has been structured to support and maintain white domination. The education system lacks the african philosophy, without which, one can acquire all sorts of acolades but still render him useless to his own people.isnt it what we seen today?All the so called educated people we have,have let us down.All the PhDs,Msc’s,Ba’s,Diplomas, you name it, but still will languish. Right now am told chagwa is brilliant academically but what does his education show for our country develpment?

    • They fear their own shadows.
      Also that they think they are educated while their education is in womanizing. The bulls tha fear men and terrorize females (which females)?

  2. Well done UPND for your assurance. But the rule of law must remain to avoid misuse of office.. Lets not engage in witch-hunting but allow checks and balances to apply,

  3. Ok ba UPND mwayamba kunkala silly manje! You guys are beginning to sound like a child full of sadness. Tekanyeni…you can’t force your way to state house.

  4. Thanks. This will at least give relief to the Kachasu Man; otherwise he would have died of BP before leaving office.

    But not removing Lungu’s immunity should be based on condition that he hands over power immediately after the 2016 elections.

    If anything he shouldn’t even stand, Zambians do not want him.

    He should just allow HH to go unopposed.

  5. When will this NGO pndu and its blind followers stop dreaming? With the current Zambian political landscape, i dont see that crippled chap they call Ichilema winning an election in Zambia. In Magoye or Dundumwezi, yes but not in Zambia!
    By the way, there was that other “crippled” Chap who sang a boring political song for Ichilema, where is he? I hope balimulishama because he realy jived on his cruches!

  6. iwe Mushota, ati HH must get rid of dead wood? But he is the one who selects and appoints the dead wood. I thought you would say for the dead wood to get rid of their leader if they are to stand a chance of survival beyond 2016, to me that sounds more reasonable.

  7. Iwe Lifwekelo, what personal opinion are you talking about? Are you so confused that you have forgotten that Douglas Siakalima is no ordinary cadre but UPND Presidential advisor, no less? and the president is quiet, showing tacit approval. Reminds me of that cadre who declared that UPND can only be headed by a Tonga and the president has never disassociated himself, same during Presidential campaigns this year when Munkombwe said something similar, but this time the president went to embrace him, showing approval publicly. !!Amazing what goes on in UPND!!

  8. This is a serious flaw to the UPND! As long as UPND remains relaxed towards corruption, they may as well forget getting elected. They keep telling us of Quality this, Quality that, etc and now this! What is their definition of Quality? Useless chaps! Even their attitude towards the mines are myopic.
    I now really think we may as well vote for Kabimba who we know is serious and will not entertain corruption and actually means well.
    UPND is so ambivalent and will never win a general election with their Flip Flop performance. Syakalima was right – he might as well now just resign from the UPND and join a serious party!

  9. I like the way UPND sounds One would think they are already in government yet they are miles and miles away. It will take time for our country to develop because we like pretending. Surely can UPND even think of wining. A biggest dream

  10. Up Down party is very inconsistent.

    1. They opposed DPP and now they are supporting him.

    2. They cried for higher taxes for the mines and now they are opposing that.

    3. They attached RB and accused him of corruption now they are defending him.

    Grow up guys, you can’t be led by an Under 5 loser for years!

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