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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Catherine suffers first defeat

Sports Catherine suffers first defeat

Female bantamweight boxer Catherine Phiri says she has to come back stronger after her interim WBC title fight loss on Saturday night.

The 22-year-old suffered her first professional loss on points to Christina McMahon of Ireland at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka in what was undoubtedly her toughest fight to date.

“Once the judges say you have lost you have to accept defeat,” Catherine said.

“I felt emotional because I put in a lot, I can’t say I’m disappointed because if I disappoint myself, next time I won’t perform well, it’s a lesson to work on the mistakes.”

Catherine record drops to 10-1 while the 40-year-old McMahon extends her unbeaten run to 7-0.

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  1. You did your best girl,dont lose hope.You lost to a good boxer and the lessons learnt will help you in future fights.I’m proud of you.Stay blessed

    • Just sounds like that girl Catherine is really courageous, she was not even knocked down by such an experienced woman. Well said, “…can’t disappoint yourself Catherine”.

    • Catherine u did your best and your have a the ability to do better. That thug, Kampyongo unfortunately turned the event into a PF spectacle. When are Zambian going to learn to be professional? for starters please watch the Mayweather-Pacman fight and learn. There is no need to acknowledge and introduce a bunch of PF failures at a boxing game!

  2. How do you expect yo be blessed if you’re fighting your elders, of course you’ll lose, it’s a devine principle

  3. You put in your best indeed, but you lost to a better fighter. We are proud of what you did. Hard luck.

  4. The opponent was very tough with tall punches and that was only boxen we ever enjoyed watching than for Manucho whom we heard to have black magic(charm). Catherine will become a very good boxer and this is due to her courage. Hilda Malama I miss your comments and she make me start loughing wenever I read ha coment, she don’t tolerate nonsense

    • Hmmm ba Di Alex! Ninshi tamwachilandilafye mu cibemba, mu citonga atemwa muchinyanja?

  5. In my own opinion kristie was very professional n only hit to make it count. Cathy was a little bit overwelmed by her tactical punches. That was the real test….not that girl from rsa.

  6. This is the end of Carthy, she has been working on home advantage all along and now she will have to follow thw belt, may to ireland. Next it will be a knock out. I said it before though, 22 Vs 40 is no match. The wight of the bones are different, the experience is different and punch power is differen. Sorry, gal.

  7. The fact that Cathreen lost for the first time is a divine indication that Edgar Rupiah Lungu will lose to HH next year. Mr. Lungu start packing yo bags time is up for you Mr. President. At least u are assured of being burried aty Embassy Park.

    Pliz vote for HH in 2016 for the betterment of the lives of all Zambians.

    I thank you.


  8. When I saw that cat fight on you tube, I immediately knew that cathy will lose this one because that Irish potatoe can fight. Forget about age, her reach and dodging of Cathy missiles was perfect!

    • Abena Zambia are used to suffering.Leave them to wallow in poverty and corruption.They deserve to suffer because of voting with their tribes.

  9. That is enough lesson that nothing lasts forever in all fields. Those keen in international football bear me witness. This is equally applicable in the political arena. MMD broke UNIP’s 27 yr record rule in 1991. In short records are set by people and broken by people. Its the bitter truth but people hardly accept it. Catherine has accepted defeat positively.

  10. this is a good lesson next time you will the best, you tried gal, work had good lucky.

  11. I hate to see foreign boxers intimidated with heavy presence of govt officials nearly introducing the cabinet. Its not fair to the guest boxer.

    Christina deserves the trophy. Catherine has a lesson to learn from the fight. Excuses of age are baseless.

  12. Thats the spirit my girl child, dont be distracted by defeat for you are capable of overcoming the loss. Defeat simply means learn from your mistakes and your opponent, and work harder next time. Zambia is behind you en masse, we can see a champion in our little girl.

  13. I did not watch the fight but I give credit to the young girl for fighting an older person. I think age factor should be considered next time just like we don’t allow the under 18 soccer teens to play those who are over 20 yrs.

  14. Take courage young lady , you fought a commendable fight and SHOULD HAVE WON. Your punches were fast and crisp whereas your opponent was slinging wild swings with hope that they would land. Dont understandthe decision. Am I the only one who thought you won the match ?????

  15. you respect the elders even the bible says so. The girl requires proper training not lifting maize bags or stones.

  16. You did well Catherine. Personally I thought you won the fight but I was comforted by your maturity and the way you handled the post-match interview. All the best next time.

  17. I wish to recommend Cathreen for a good fight performance. It was a 50- 50 affair.
    It was difficult to tel who had won after watching the 10 rounds of that tough fight.

    Cathreen you are a very good boxer and looking at your age, you will reach very far. but just an advice, you need some good space of time before the next fight, and concentrate on your studies as well. Generally, we are proud of you girl. keep the fire burning.

  18. You know how it is with women’s muscles. They become harder and stronger with age, unlike men’s muscles. So a young lady has no chance against an older woman!

    ha! never mind me. I just cooked up that entire muscle theory.

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