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FAZ vehicle marooned for 5 years at state house released

Sports FAZ vehicle marooned for 5 years at state house released

FLASHBACK Zambia national soccer team assistant coach George Lwandamina steps in a new Toyota Raider which was given to him at State House
FLASHBACK Zambia national soccer team assistant coach George Lwandamina steps in a new Toyota Raider which was given to him at State House

State House has released to Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) a Toyota Hilux that was marooned at State House for the past five years.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda announced the release of the vehicle at State House in Lusaka today.

Mr. Chanda said the vehicle that was donated to FAZ by Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) was parked at State House during the Rupiah Banda’s Administration.

He said he does not understand the circumstances through which State House and FAZ officials that time decided to park the vehicle at State House.

Mr. Chanda said FAZ was very grateful that the vehicle was released as it will easy the transport challenges faced by the association.


  1. It sounds more like it was impounded by State House than merely parked there. Why not ask Rupiah, he may offer the connection in the dots.

    • The vehicle was parked there by Nyamasoya. That’s how greedy he was with his sons, wanted everything they could lay their hands on. RB wanted to go with it when he left State House. Mr Sata was too bust and sick to attend to such petty issues and yu see when they asked the assistant he has attended to the matter given them the car

    • Stop that of RB stealing ka motoka, what is ka Toyota pick-up worth to president RB? Maybe RB solicited it and it was registered in his name.

    • It just doesn’t add up. Donated to FAZ, parked at statehouse for 5 years?
      What has statehouse had to do with FAZ? If it was parked at ministry of sports or police station, it would make sense. O, I forgot that the president is head of the police and armed forces. May be in his capacity he impounded it.

    • If this man was not removed from office, we would have found him making a road block in police uniform to take bribes. When there is nothing left for a thief to steal, he will steal his own pants.

    • @chilyati grow up instead of behaving like a Pygmy from the Congo forest. Is there any where to suggest that RB kept the vehicle? This is small matter too small even for thieving ftj

    • Yes Nyamasoya actually was the most greedy presidents Zambia has ever seen. What he did in 2 and a half years, he beat FTJ, he made FTJ look like a novice in the art. Nyamasoya was actually a champion in corruption, theft etc with his son and ka wife. Now he wants EL to help him out of his court cases… NO WAY

    • @Ndaje Kahks:

      Do you really have functioning brains or you are partially in vegetative state?

      If the President had nothing to do with it, why was a Vehicle parked at State House then – can you explain? If the vehicle had a police case, it would have been parked at the police?

      It is people like you that are taking our country backward – you need to wake up from slumber!!

    • Well he is, do yu think we have very short memories? No my dear we our memories of the terro of MMD under Nyamasoya, Dora Slit and one William Banda etc etc. No our memories are still very fresh and no matter what you do to try and make us believe otherwise, it won’t happen

    • Oh Ndanje Fimo Fimo, so its only some presidents who can be associated with thieving and not others like RB even when there is such overwhelming evidence, so much evidence against RB and his son and wife. How pathetic your efforts at trying to make people believe what you want them to , shame. You want to protect yo own right, mmh

  2. Was this not the vehicle donated to HR a couple of years ago? This says a lot about how FAZ rarely look at their stock inventory…they are more interested in the money. This is what happens when one greedy man is in charge of everything.

    • FAZ needed that vehicle, haven’t you heard that it will now help them with transport problem. RB is the one who got the vehicle for his personal use when he left State House yu can imagin inspite of all he had looted so why are u even shying away from the truth

  3. …There is more to it than merely the car being parked at State House for bloody 5 yrs!!

    RB knows something…The buck ends on him, period.

    • Why are u even doubting just call a spade a spade. It was RB who got the vehicle but at least now the rightful owner have gotten the vehicle. I guess that’s all that mattered

  4. People should thank State House for safe keeping if this was with FAZ it would have been sold by now by Galu…where is that Green Bus for the national team with RSA plates?

  5. What transport problems?
    Why should companies, associations and government departments keep singing about transport problems as if they were private individuals?

    This mournful talk needs to end.

  6. Ok.take out RB ‘s 2 yrs and we remain with 3 yrs of Sata ,so why was the vehicle still parked at state house for the past 3 yrs?pf danderheads are putting to rb and yet 75% the car was under pf control.

    • So this car was parked there for 5 years and OP security was merely looking…truly laughable!!

  7. The explanation is here. RB directed that the vehicle be parked at state house because he wanted did not want any dorm of empowerement to Kalusha led FAZ in preference to Andrew Kamanga and his crew a5 that time period.

    • So since Sata kept it does it mean he also wanted to steal this vehicle? People let’s be sensible

  8. Where I live a car loses value by the day. So this one is no longer saleable. But why keep it in State House? Its a good example of how our government and its institutions don’t function

  9. Disband FAZ. Zambia shall not waste any money on football or any other sport. HH will create money from thin air and then we will spend happily ever after.

  10. If it was donated 5 years ago, then RB kept it for 2 years and Sata 3 years. ECL is not interested in IT. The two previous ones were interested. VIVA ECL. Abash thieves. Now we have a transparent presido. Abash baka bwalala.

  11. Who can doubt RB’s dirty tricks? How on earth would you let such a dirty minded person like RB go scot free from being incacerated. The man was so corrupt that even his born marrow was full of corruption. I do not blame The late President SATA why he took such a firm stand on RB’s corruption cases. RB is quite a reckless man when it comes to lust for money and wealth. I am afraid that SATA’s legend is dying slowly and RB is back ruling us through LUNGU again. History will not judge us kindly. The only evil thing about SATA was his tribalism nature. He was actually xenophobic when it came to that. He hated Lozis and Tongas to the last because of their prowessness.

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