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Kamwbili warns PF youths against rushing to the media

Headlines Kamwbili warns PF youths against rushing to the media

Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

Patriotic Front (PF) National Youth Chairman Chishimba Kambwili has urged youths in the ruling party against rushing to the press to issue statements.

Mr. Kambwili, who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Minister and Chief Government Spokesperson, advised junior party members to follow the laid down channels of communication in the party.

Mr. Kambwili said junior members should never issue statements against their senior party members like himself.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Kambwili was speaking to journalists in Lusaka shortly after gracing the 2015 World Press Freedom Day.

He said the ruling party has in place party structures which junior members should adhere to.

The Minister said he only recognizes statements from President Edgar Lungu and PF Secretary General Davies Chama including other Central Committee members and no-one else.

He further advised new members of the party like former Petauke Central Law maker Dora Siliya to ‘tame’ her mouth as opposed to insulting the PF leadership.

Ms. Siliya allegedly denounced late President Michael Sata’s rule liking it to xenophobic attacks in South Africa before she defected to join the PF in Petauke at the weekend.

“There is no way someone can insult my father and later decides to come and eat with me on the same table,” he said.

Mr. Kambwili demands that the former Petauke Central member of parliament Dora Siliya must apologize to the PF leadership failure to which he maintains that he rejects her from belonging to the ruling Patriotic Front.

The Minister reacted sharply that he can only get orders from the President, Party SG and the Central Committee members and not from a junior member like Sunday Chanda who recently joined the party to sustain his ‘big tummy’.

He has since advised Mr. Chanda to desist from issuing statement aimed at discrediting his name over Ms Siliya’s defection.

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  1. It’s getting interesting!
    Waiting for Sunday Chanda and Hapunda to counter the statement by Kambwili

    • Just fire Kambwilli. He is a loud moth, a liability to PF. Let him answer charges of stealing land from golf club. Fire him and let him prove his popularity like GBM, ugly fatty gunny bags.

    • Can we have ZNBC operate professionally. How can the main news on znbc give prominency to a statement by Brian Hapuna over a policy statement from the leader of the opposition? How can Grevasio Zulu fail to bring HH for Sunday Interview. ZNBC belongs to Zambians. we pay TV levy and taxes

    • And EL’s directive was for PF to accommodate defectors,Sunday Chanda was just following through with that iwe Kambwili.

    • This is as it should be regardless of the contents of the statement. The junior party members should not be competing for attention from their president and ignoring the chain of command.

    • kambwili does not care if he is adopted or not. He knows that he is definitely defecting to Rainbow party come 2016.

      More trouble will continue to brew as MMD fuses into PF ranks.

    • @ Tembo Chester

      We need leading light of PF intelligentsia to remind us of PF ministerial quality.

  2. Everything sensible you previously about Dora has just gone down the drain. You are.in the forefront rushing to the media sir.

    • Man Up!!!!
      Men need to tell other men and the next generation of men that true masculinity protects women and children rather than exploits them.

  3. I did not know that Kambwili can reject defectors like Dora. But it seems he is also fighting a losing battle. I can tell from the way juniors are pushing him all over the show…kikikiki!

  4. Kambwili will not be adopted for 2016. He is pompous and full of himself. No diplomacy and decency.

    • @Broken, unfortunately your opinion appears to be a minority looking at the voting pattern of Zambians. It is paradoxical that brusque Dora is apparently a voter’s favorite. Another point you must note is how Kambwili takes special note of and pays attention to his own electorate in Roan Constituency.

    • @Kalok, I think what @Broken means is that it will be very difficult for the PF under the leadership of ECL/RB/Dora to adopt Kambwili to re-contest the Roan seat. If adopted to stand, he will win (given the voting patterns in Zambia today). But do these guys really want to work with him? If you actually look at how the political platform plays out in Zambia, once junior party officials begin to harangue the senior members, know that the juniors have the backing of some big fish that want the senior official out.

  5. This man should learn to put his own advice into practice.
    Hon.Kambwili, the P.F youths you are advising have taken after you.

  6. It is becoming difficult to differentiate between the PF and MMD. Lungu must be careful , he may lose the Bemba vote come 2016. Eastern will not give him the presidency

  7. Mr kambwili you have bcome a nuesense now, your statement is full segregation rather exonophobic who junior and senior in PF, so you are telling the nation that the president is junior to you because he UPND as well. You remember telling fr. Bwalya about his politcal ambition where is he now…….you will be a disgrace to political career……b…..

  8. Stop fighting in the media bwana Government Spokesperson….in as much as you speak for government, the party speaks through its own spokespersons or their deputies. You raised a party matter (Dora joining PF) and the party simply put the record straight that you are entitled to your opinion and it remains just that – a personal opinion. The party has taken its position to welcome Ms. Siliya and your own SG welcomed her defection. Sunday Chanda’s statement therefore reflected his boss’s statement and yours didn’t. Correct me if I am wrong, but the SG is more senior than you therefore you are contradicting him and it is YOU is manifestly undisciplined. Wisdom would advise that you air your grievances within the confines of your party and not in public. That would be good PR – not this!

  9. The young men have lost respect in PF check
    and chanda is very new to insult founding members of PF.

    • For sure we are in a total mess up in PF..a bunch of Lusaka chaps are taking over our party we formed. Calling themselves media whatever,bakazolo imwe where are you from to start questioning senior leaders?

  10. KAMBWILI is very right ,procedures should be followed

    Wisdom is very impotant,for the sake of unity Mr CHAMA and so called chanda would have rehearsed with KAMBWILI and issue a mature contradictory statement.Dora is not impotant than kambwili in terms of pf
    Why is Dora not apologising and yu keep supporting her
    It’s a lot of pipo have no principles but it is better to have bad principles than having none.
    Just supporting anything for the sake of numbers is not logical.
    Bringing people while other are defecting is meaningless let the sg know that pipo are defecting .make pipo stay in the party and then recruit other

  11. Dora Slit must apologise. I agree totally with Kambwili. Kambwili is right to point out whats going wrong in the Party. Even if we want numbers let have some decency and morality

  12. SG take care of those yu have even as yu recruit others. Whats the use if yu are losing some. You must take care of those yu have and treat them well. You have come a long way with your members for yu to think yu can just rubbish them, that’s not leadership

  13. And why is EL just quiet, we want to hear from him on this matter. Is he the one who instructed that Dora Slit be accepted without consulting his colleagues, poor leadership

    • He is very busy trying to find out if any crumb of late Great Leader legacy is there to remind us on his “anointment”

  14. This is the only moment I have wished I was the President. Kambwili would have been jobless like Mutembo Nchito without Nchito.

    This is not the first time Kambwili has failed the test of patience. He failed it with Sata, He failed it at Independence day, He failed it at Mulungushi Rock of Authority, He failed it by volunteering uncensored anger/informoation to the Post Newspaper.

    President Lungu, what else do you need to fire a person?. Remove the hazard before the hazard removes you.

    • It will be more direct approach if you direct your question to RB, the REAL hart of the government.

  15. A show of might contest? Accusations and counteraccusations, mixed reactions and disowning one another. Who is mightier now?

  16. Chishimba Kambwili is just an *****. Big fat stupid cadre. Between him and Ms Dora Siliya I would choose Dora anytime. Politics in Zambia wants to put people in the toilet. What has Dora done wrong to be crucified if you think of it?
    Very true that Michael Chilufya Sata mhsrip wad promoting violence in the country and Dpra was right to point that out. We need to pray for Edgar Lungu, he has a great responsibility to unite the country before sectarian leadership takes advantage of the situation

  17. Greenwash Kambwili! Who the hell is he to be rejecting members when others have approved of them? His words: I only recognizes statements from President Edgar Lungu and PF Secretary General Davies Chama including other Central Committee members and no-one else? What an a*s*s-h*o*l*e showing us he’s not a team player and does not take direction. After stealing money to build himself a home in Luanshya illegally (Land Grabbing) on top of a waterline cutting off supply to most Luanshyan’s shows how much this s*w*i*n*e is educated. Everything is Mr. Tough Guy and Mushanga seller mentality. This is not proper etiquette, he needs to learn how to communicate and deal with people. Business or corporate language is needed in such a position. President Edgar Lungu seriously! What have you done?

  18. Kambwili is right 100% right and has balls
    He has said it knows that PF has bn hijacked.
    These are defectors with a mission.
    Naulasa true PF
    Ala ka Lungu kasushi naci RB fisushi fyanunka

  19. Imbwil is practing the “DO AS I SAY & NOT AS I DO”. If he new the President is his senior he shld not have sneaked to the post to issue statements himself in the beginning. He shld ve gone to the President & raised his concerns, even the SG. But no bcoz he wants to make so political kilos he ran to his cartel newspaper. My warning to cheap politicians like u – U can not fight an incumbent. Lungu might look stupid & slow to u but keep pushing him you will c. Zambia allows two 5 yr terms. umunenu come 2016 will not even qualify for pension, and you think you can push such a person aside? U failed to push him around when he was a none entity in PF, when u thot PF belonged to u. Can’t u see yo friends now r looking like fools “eating matebeto with HH”. They ve never respected HH b4, u…

  20. Zambians learn to appreciate where it is due kambwili is right is pf in a short for of candidates.Sata never adopted individuals whose seats where nullified by the court.In as much as comrade Sata embraced the opposition he never adopted people whose seats were nullified. Is that the vision comrade sata left.Then voting for sata was waste of time.Twapapata ba lungu don’t waste tax payers money to please individuals we rejected in 2011.change for better before u destroy Pf with polluted individuals.

  21. Kambwili & yo cartel u r o stupid. u failed to beat EL when he was a nobody in PF. He dribbled u o & noe he is president. DO NOT COMPARE EL TO BANDA. Banda gave up the Presidency bcoz he had nothing to lose, he had done his 3 yrs & so pension was guaranteed. Uyu EL come 2016, he will only ve done 1 yr plus. No pension & u think u can REMOVE HIM? Mubepelefye! EL is a quite guy, pipo ve called him names, pipo ve called him a drunkard, but look where he is – PLOT 1. continue underrating him. EL is telling u everyday that he is learning a lot, even from Mugabe. Yes, EL is an amature as at now, but bliv me, u push a incumbent he priotizes survival than development. Examples r there. Kaunda spent yrs in Govt on survival (ba shushu only). country was poor. Mugabe has spent last 10 yrs on survival

  22. EL will sort u Kambwili & yo cartel, just wait. HH has already been put on the sidelines with the tribal tag. Wynter that u think u can jump on was kicked out of the party by yo instigations. Wynter knows u, GBM, KA WINE finance Minister, ka no clue Miles. Bonse, winter knows the snakes u r. EL has given u jobs u don’t even deserve since u insulted him b4 he became president. Just eat yo smo pie u ve been given & keep quite. U think when u run to HH he will trust u? Ask pipo who ran from Banda, as minister, & went barking like Dogs to Sata & see where they r now. Yes, Sata let them come, when time fo sharing the cake came there they r. Ichingo wembwili we. U mayb Bemba but its does not mean u r anything. GBM now has uncles in SA which he refused that he had south African mother b4…

  23. It seems our national youth chairman is scared for his job. This is what happens when one overates themselves.
    I’ve got one question for Mr Kambwili, as PF National Youth Chairman what has he done for the youths in PF in terms of capacity building instead of threats of suspensions, expulsions and ultimatums? Comrade Kambwili is scared of comptition since he knows that he has become a liability to the Party.

  24. I think Kambwili can not unilaterally force Dora to apologise of what she said about Late Sata because Kambwili is not Sata.

    After all who has not said evil things against each other among politicians. Kambwili is on record having insulted Mama Nalumango and I have never heard or read anywhere that he has apologised.

    Chanda was speaking on behalf of the party otherwise he can not contradict a senior member.

    It is time Kambwili started to analyse situations intelligently than he is doing right now.

    Who ever gets anything without using their brains quickly lose it.

  25. Anyone who flirts with or allows himself to be quoted in the Past news is a sympathiser or member of the cartel. Look at Chishimba Kambwili quoted in the Past on Dora. CB Minister Mwenya Musenge quoted in yesterday’s Past calling for reconciliation between the PF and the Past! For all the damage they have inflicted on Zambian democratic governance? Taking over the electorate’s power to choose who governs them? Controlling our Presidents? Fleecing our economy an our financial institutions (DBZ)? Reconciling with the devil, where does Musenge belong! The Past and cartel are loathed by the majority of Zambian voters and anyone who will put them in their place (jail), will be doing Zambians a great service, and so far so good. Flirt with the Past and we shall see you in 2016, promise.

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