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Barotseland issue needs serious attention!

Columns Barotseland issue needs serious attention!



Mr Speaker Sir,

Mr Speaker Sir,allow me to ask the house to pay attentively and report correctly to their masters,as I quantitatively deliberate on the Barotseland question.

First and foremost Mr. Speaker I would like to bring to the attention of the house how revolutions in the middle east were triggered,many of you will agree with me that it started in the mind of a person and ended up into a big war.Think of the devastating Rwanda,the Southern and Northern Sudan! Barotseland issue too has a greater potential of deteriorating to what has been seen in Rwanda,Southern and the Northern Sudan.

Mr. Speaker ,let the truth be told,Barotseland is not Zambia but a country in Africa. The people of Barotseland were incorporated into Zambia by a violation of the Barotseland Agreement 1964. Mr. Speaker the people of Barotseland are not Zambians,Barotzis and Zambians are not one,they are not one people and have nothing in common,nothing makes them one except the forced acquisition of a green card (NRC) .

Mr Speaker Sir,On 27th March,2012. The people of Barotseland through the Barotse National Council (BNC),the highest policy making body of the Barotse people,resolved and declared to exercise their right to self determination,thereby formally commencing separation process of the two territories (Zambia and Barotseland). What the Barotse people need is freedom! They are not asking to be given a dog’s horn or a snail bone,they are simply asking to be given their Birth right,the right to determine their future and destiny.

Mr. Speaker,the issue of Barotseland is a ticking Bomb and once it sparks it will engulf both Zambia and Barotseland,because it has a greater potential to shedding blood.

Finally,Mr. Speaker through you Sir. I strongly urge the Zambian government that they should think outside the box where they are now but look beyond and do something while there is still time and space other than wait until it’s too late.

By: True son and citizen of Barotseland,
Muyunda Makala


  1. Hahaha ati Barotse is a country in Africa. Mr. nobody stop smoking whatever it is you are currently smoking.

    • That sketch of Northern Rhodesia showing Barotseland of that extent is not correct. Mr Muyunda Makala needs to get a little bit of education to learn the true extent of Barotseland. For a start, he should look up the MacDonnell Commission of Enquiry (Northern Rhodesia) of 1939 to 1942. Then maybe he won’t be so puffed up.

    • Big L

      Very soon you & your deceivers will be shocked. What Muyunda Makala has said is factual, ignore it at your own peril.

      Barotseland has been a nation since 1530 AD. In 1964, Northern Rhodesia & Barotseland signed a union treaty (Barotseland Agreement 1964) of forming the unitary state called Zambia. In 1969, KK the dictator of 27 years abrogated the treaty with impunity in his speech at Matero that, “I need to inform the nation”.
      Unlike the union of Tanganyika & Zanzibar to form Tanzania, KK dictator without consent repudiated it & nicknamed Barotseland as “Western Province”.

      Watch this space, it’s already at ICC for independent judgment whilst you’re still in slumber. Also, AU’s Human Rights body is awaiting for Zambia.
      The Skeleton Key
      You know Nothing!

    • Ricky Bobby

      You have atleast accepted the existence of Barotseland, good on you.

      Very soon Northern Rhodesia will wake from its slumber, international law is on coarse. Its you who needs education on the issue. No alien can tell us about our history. Barotse people are honest, but check the corruption & criminal activities of Northern Rhodesian leadership, criminal elements everywhere.
      Since 1964, all presidents of Zambia have been living in Cecil Rhodes House, the one you call State House.
      We know our history & Iam more than ready to teach you the historical & empirical evidence from 1530 to currently.
      You been deceived by a slogan of “One Zambia one Nation” its two different countries, Barotseland & Northern Rhodesia.

      The Skeleton Key

    • How practical is it to implement it? It cuts across SP, NWP and CBP besides portions in Angola and Botswana. Plz lets think before we open our mouths. There are also other tribes like the Nkoyas who have made it clear that they are not part of Barotse. Fine let them have Mongu only

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  3. …This issue nowadays makes me feel like I wanna puke man!! Lives have been lost, people are in prison, others have been amputated, families are divided and some are broke…Oh! Please ! Give us a break

    • Chanda Chilengu

      Very soon enough you will, this issue is not those of which can be easily be dusted under the carpet, until the truth & justice prevails.

      Even Nelson Mandela was in prison, many are South Africas who were massacred for the freedom. Mahatma Ghandi & many more, so your puking is not far.

      Watch this space, whilst you’re busy insulting & yapping, freedom is moving forward at a democratic level full of law, order & justice. Not laws of the the jungle, no.
      Liberalism & self determination is not a crime, especially where clear evidence is there in public ~The Barotseland Agreement 1964.
      You’re those who act now & think later, wait till the day that will shock waves across the globe. Barotseland Arising!

      The Skeleton Key

  4. The best way to resolve this nonsense sheet is simply by co existing and uniting firmly with the barotse people.
    It’s too late to separate with people we have lived with many decades and it’s silly to even think of that fuulish idea now. If you indeed want to shed blood for a matter that just needs your acceptance to the fact that we can live as one Zambia one nation brothers and sisters, we can avoid killing innocent people. What if we declare war and then you lose are you going to accept being zambians? Weshilu lyamuntu.

    • Sponge bob

      Those are your assumptions! The Israelites were in Egypt for 430 years but never at anytime did the Israelites become Egyptians. In this vain, Barotse people are just that, nothing can ever change the fact of Barotseland.

      No one is forcing you to be who you are not, so who are you to dictate what we are? Grow up & engage the a moral, mature with respect. Think outside the box for once in your life time, insults is all you ever know & illiterate of your own history.

      We know our history, if you don’t know yours, blame your ancestors for keeping you away from facts. Wake up!

      Do know what a nation is you Sponge? Off course NOT. History is worth noting not just yapping with slogans you don’t know about.
      Who wrote the original national anthem of Zambia?
      The Skeleton…

  5. Bring sensible topics which is going to feed the whole country than feeding a few stingy tribalists. Be careful where you want take this modern Zambia, we can not afford to go back in colonial days where even borders where just imposed on our grand parents who were duped. Chiefs been given brandy and whisky in a feeding bottle making them to stop thinking. Please, when are we going to make our own cars if all you think Barotse is going to feed your children?

    • Kombuzaa

      You’re unjustly suffering from denialism. A monkey or rat from the bush can never be a human & horse in the city, respectively.

      Its not about only colonial, its about facts. Why sign an agreement if you can’t respect the tenets of law provisions? Its folly & myopic form of low thinking if you start denying your own history.

      What makes Barotseland people Zambians & please prove how, when & where?

      We know our Barotse history. Yes Barotse will always feed our children. Its the same Barotseland that fed our forefathers, feeding us now, therefore there is nothing that will stop Barotseland to feed our children, their children’s children.

      Remain in denial, the train of Barotseland’s freedom is approaching its final destination as click on your illusions.

    • We all came from somewhere and all have our identities but we have integrated with our friends from other places who came from elsewhere and this is the trend all over the world. So whats the problem of the Lozis. We are bored now.

      Why didn’t they establish their kingdom during the time when manarchs were in fashion coz those are now just ceremonial for just identity, keeping culture, traditions and tourist sites. For administrative functions, its fordemocratically elected leaders

  6. Was that map drawn by the barotse chief or the colonialists to serve their own agenda of enriching themselves? You want to cut the country in half? What a joke! Please sir just go to bed and sleep on this one. Hopefully you’ll wake up with rational mind on this matter. Focus on improving your life and of your neighbours’ instead of tying to bring about war

    • Actually, it forms integral part of the Agreement signed by K. D. Kaunda as Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia and Mwanawina Lewanika III as Litunga of Barotseland on 18th May 1964.
      Please Mr. Zambian Namayo, remember factual reality, Zambia WAS not created by Kaunda alone.

  7. Sorry but I think this is water under the bridge, chances are very slim that something of that kind in this age can be allowed, when these politician where comings to you within the 90 days promise you should have analysed it first.

  8. The ever widening anuses of the Bembas just like their favorite monkey meat – ifipato is serious stumbling bloc to democracy. You saw what happened when a Bemba and dagga smoker devil none other than Maiko Mwanga Chalesi Chilufyamyana Satan- May his stinking corpse and eveil spirit rest in pieces

    • Venting your hatred and bitterness on wrong people will not take you anywhere my friend. Lozis eat opani, Bembas eat tukolwe and Easterners eat tukoswe so what. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

    • @ Mulenga Sata, you stink like your old great great parent who is the grave now and now bones. You are a wasted human being. Even if you insult Sata (MHSRIP) he can’t hear you. But you can only hear your stink breath that is fighting a loosing battle. You Barotse nonsense will take you to the grave as quickly as possible.

  9. barotseland issue makes sense if all you think about is history. if you think NOW and FUTURE, you will see that thinking about the PAST makes a prisoner out of you. a few questions for the author. how many prominent people in current government and past ever talked about barotse issue when they had instruments of power/influence? the answer is ZERO/NOTO. that gives you answers to you and your fellow past looking fellows that youre being used meanwhile LIFE is going. before you realise it, you will be 50, then 60 and then we bury you may be at 100 if you’re lucky. if you are a failure in Zambia, you will still be one in Barotseland. the same as going abroad for greener pastures when you’ve failed here at home.

    • Ine wine

      Those are just your perceptions. I totally disagree with you on your unlimited assumptions of misleading people. If you have been a failure in your entire life, it doesn’t apply to everyone.

      The people of Kosovo where “failures” in former Yugoslavia, but now they are successful b’coz they chose to determine their destiny without corrupt elements, law breakers or hooligans conversed with leadership.
      No one is “using us” but exercising our unalienable rights to liberty. If you don’t treasure your history, good on you, but the people of Barotseland treasure theirs.

      Whether you like it or YES, Barotseland is gone.
      The Skeleton Key

    • @Ine wine

      I totally agree with you on the point about Lozi politicians and the issue of Barotseland.

      Start with the Litunga Ilute Yeta. The old man was part of the Choma Declaration that gave KK unlimited power to chart the course of Zambia. Mr. Wina will tell you this to be fact.

      The Lituga later became a member of KK’s UNIP Central Committee. He did not complain, neither is the current Litunga.

      Sinyinda realized he was from Barotseland only after MMD lost and he was minister no more.

      Point is, all Sons and Daughters of Barotseland are who are economically OK (in Zambia) are not complaining. Somebody else who may not be, must be agitating for the cessation.

      I disagree with Makala, Lozis and the rest of Zambians have no differences but language: Lozi. We are learning,…

    • @ Skeleton #10.1

      Whilst I do agree in principle with your other comments on the Barotse issue, your inclusion and interpretation of Kosovo carries same intellectual weight as comments of Big L, Sponge Bob and others. If you want more info on how Kosovo has reached “independence”, please read judgement of ICJ. It may show some light on your Kosovo misconception.

  10. True! true! true! the only problem with Zambia is that it has always survived by taking dangerous, negligent, and suicidal missions since independence. Please do not take those guys’ calm nature for granted. Remember that there is an Incredible Power of one! You could be focusing at a group, but one incredible power is developing somewhere.
    Surely, let somebody tell me, does someone still believes the matter can die a natural death at the level it has reached? lets wait and see.

  11. So this matter still exists? There are so many professionals of Lozi origin in the “rest of Zambia”. Does it mean that when Barotseland “gets its independence from Zambia” as advocated by these confused souls, then all those professionals will have to “migrate back to Barotseland” because they will no longer be Zambians and will require work permits to work in “Zambia”?
    God forgive these poor souls for they know not what they are doing. But then what do Lozi professionals say?

  12. With this kind of thinking I now support the University of Cape Town students and staff for removing the statue of John Cecil Rhodes from their campus. May be the Souith Africans should think of donating to some chiefdom in Zambia.

  13. To our Lozi brothers and sisters, please stop this nonsense. Maybe you should be the ones to leave Zambia and find yourselves other neighbouring places like your Sotho cousins in South Africa.

    We are tired of this nonsense. This is treason and we cant support you on this. Just push for development of Western province, period.

    • For example, we have our Tonga, Ila and Lenje groupings that have been living in Southern, Lusaka and Central provinces of Zambia since the 12th Century, why aren’t we getting claims from them that Zambia is their country?

      The Lord has allowed some of the barbaric tribes to be displaced, wiped off or integrated with others for His glory. The borders are drawn. Just unite wherever you are found to be.

      Acts 17:26-28 (KJV)
      And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;

      That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us:
      For in him we live, and move, and have our being;..

  14. This is a dead issue just put all agitators and their supporters abroad behind bars. Those who put up a paper (a document on line) which was signed by someone who didn’t know how to read or read a map must also be charged as accessories to treason.

    • The issue of Barotseland and that of equal share of our natural resources is real and will remain a time Bomb.This issue is not for the lozis alone but all marginalized tribes of Zambia. One day like Ethopian Jews in Israeli, Blacks in Baltimore,Newyork,and los angels,USA ,the Lozis,Tongas,Lenjes,Ilas saalas,Lambas,Kaondes,Lundas and Luvales together with others will rise to claim for their rights. It is too much of the Bembas in Zambia. They have given themselves every important position in Zambia and in foreign service. Enough is enough one they will the rath .we can not continue to passengers in Zambia. If federalism fails then we can go separate ways ,which one Zambia.to hell.


  16. Why is it that people cannot understand that they missed it when they agreed,we l not torerate any nosense from anyone who wants to divide our country,we are ready for anything mind you you are the minority,i never wanted to go this far but its like some people dont want to understand.zambia is one and those who want to leave please just leave us in peace,we are tired of your utterances and theories,where were you all this time

  17. I bet some myopic politicians are sponsoring these daydreamers to make political gains. The tribalist Hutus of Rwanda were thugs and myopic. They thought they could get richer with politics by butchering Tutsis. Lozi and all Westerner are our brothers and sisters. Unless they bring up genuine concerns that Zambians fail to resolve, they but stay low and not show the nation their Ignorance.

  18. One day when iam HE the president of the Republic of Zambia, i will allow the break away of sandland from Zambia and the boundary will be at Nalusanga gate in Mumbwa. Whichever sandlander crosses the boundary will be killed like that NGONI BULL they slaughter when there is Ncwala ceremony.

  19. It is folly to start war you cannot ever win
    We will just beat you and marry your wives
    Tukabatomba while you watch.
    You are nothing with the mighty tribes in Zambia led by the tribal cousins Bembas and Ngoni’s.
    You are part of a unitary and indivisible state called Zambia
    Just campaign hard. With good manifesto you can produce a President. What id failing you is lack of how you can market yourselves. So far what we see is just hate and bitterness which wont take you no where except to be beaten Ukoponoka or prison.
    So choose wisely imwe ba lozi people

    • Hakainde Hakalusa Again

      Those are your insinuations. Pay attention to the word UNITARY! A unit~tary is divisible. You see, only saying things you don’t even know.

      Unitary states such as Britain, Tanzania, USA for example, have respected their agreements. But Zambia on the other hand, has lambently failed to honor such an Agreement of Barotseland 1964, which is the birth certificate of Northern Rhodesia & Barotseland’s “child” Zambia. Now the for has been violent towards the latter, unfaithful, torture, breaching the vows of the marriage agreement per se. Now Barotseland divorces’ the unfaithful & violent Northern Rhodesia it becomes a crime?

      NO, NOT under international law & law of treaties or contracts. Agreements must be respected period.
      The Skeleton Key

    • Nzelu

      Pay attention to your filthy mouth. Don’t bring your kanponyanic madness to me. If you want to engage is a discourse, better grow up & start thinking, not pummeling bupuba.

      Kaponya as usual, no scope & will leave you in your cacophonous cocoon denialism.

      Ulimbe Nzelu dunderhead iwe!

      The Skeleton Key

  20. There is nothing impossible under the sun. Even when our fore fathers started to fight for independence in Zambia the whites were laughing saying were will these Baboons go they are losers. Today Zambia is independent. The Bembas will not hand over Barotse land unless we engage in physical fight and latter courts. Victory is certain we don’t care even if it takes three generations.It shall surely happen .Now the Lozis look like their own their own,but soon more tribes will join them because of Bemba’s apetite for stealing and sharing job opportunities among their children only.Our modern kids wont accept that .They will ask why are most Bemba kids getting more jobs than us?why can’t we be presidents also?When they get the answers ,they kick the asses of these Bemba tribalists.

    • Who has more jobs in Govt Minstries I think its Tongas but let survey be done. Tongas are the ones who like .. when manager is Tonga all done the line up to cleaner will be Tongas

    • @Sidomark and your like Baboon Skeleton
      Accept that you are inferior and will remain inferior as long as we are superior.
      you have no arguments in your cause. Zambia is ONE and UNITARY
      if this is far or too much for you to grasp, seek medical attention.
      we shall only whip, beat you and marry off your wives while you serve jail.

  21. Ati Barotse land, ine ukupapa!!! Don’t these stupid halucinating Barotse activists understand? Even if you took the case to international court of justice, you will lamentably loose. The world is becoming one. These people needs to be clobbered. Some comments even equate the Lozis to the Israelites in Egypt. The only different btwn Israel and Lozis is that Lozis will be forever be slave if that is what they wish to tag themselves. Kudos to Inonge Wina and Michael Kaingu who sees no tribe.

  22. Too much xenophobia among Lozis pushing for BA64. Natives like Nkoyas of Western Province do not recognise the BA64 and have no plans of breaking away from Zambia. We say NO to Lozi xenophobia NO to BA64..

  23. While I agree that Barotseland was a state and that the whites as usual have created a problem on our backyard – let me say that it is lack of vision for the Barotse people to want to secede from Zambia. The reason is simple. There is POWER IN UNITY. People of Africa – there is a reason why Europeans Created a European Union. There is a reason why 52 Countries in America created one Country called the United States. What we as Africa needs is not useless states such as South Sudan, Zambia, Tanzania – these are just empty entities that can be swallowed in a day by the European Union or indeed China – they can be recolonised. Remember Africa has a lot of what the world wants. What we NEED and MUST HAVE is NO Longer fragmented Africa – it is ONE AFRICA – a UNITED AFRICA STATE

  24. @ Mwamoneni there has never been a state called barotseland. It was all a fantasy. Dont let propaganda confuse your mind.

    We the natives of Western Province have never been under any barotse state because it never existed.

    What we had was chiefdoms which are still there today. Every tribe has a set of chiefs who rule themselves Not a state.

    Let us not misuse words which bring confusion.

  25. this is a true structure of the map but however puzzled about the ethnic groupings of tribes from Zambezi being mentioned as part of barotseland some languages such as yeyi are not included does it means they are not part and parcel of the barotse?

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