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By-elections for Malambo, Petauke Central and Mulobezi set for June 30

General News By-elections for Malambo, Petauke Central and Mulobezi set for June 30

Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) public relations manager, Cris Akufuna
Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) public relations manager, Cris

The Electoral Commission of Zambia -ECZ- has set June 30,2015 as the date for the parliamentary by-election in Malambo, Petauke Central and Mulobezi.

ECZ Public Relations Manager, Chris Akufuna says on the same day two Local Government by-elections will be held in Mwense and Mpulungu Districts.

Mr. Akufuna has told ZNCB News in an interview that the Nominations for the three Parliamentary by-elections will be held on May 28,2015.

He has appealed to media organisations and civil societies intending to cover and monitor the elections to accredit with the ECZ starting on May 25,2015.

In April 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that former Petauke Central MP, Dora Siliya ,former MMD Malambo MP, Maxwell Mwale and former Mulobezi Mp, Hastings Sililo should be allowed to re-contest their parliamentary seats.

The three seats were nullified by the courts for alleged corrupt practices in the 2011 general elections.

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  1. I hope these are the last bye-elections until we go ma erections in 2016…talema. we have been voting sine 2011!

  2. Those Constituencies have had no MPs for a long time now. What have the people missed in terms of development during this period of having no MPs? What notable significant difference will spending money on these unnecessary elections bring in those constituencies till next year’s elections? Can the constituencies continue to exist and function normally without MPs till next year?

    • Am with you. Zambia does not need MPs who just fatten themselves eating taxpayers money. What the country needs is for citizens to enact laws and approve Govt expenditure from time to time that’s all. What difference, for example does it make if Lusaka Central, Kabwata, Munali etc have or have no MPs? What developments in these areas have occurred which can be attributed to the area MPs?

  3. This is what Dora
    said ablt PF’s
    rule btwn 2011
    & 2014 Oct
    Will see how
    Chagwa will
    take upto 2016.

  4. They r not the last bye elections. They still need to fill the ones left by directionless GBM & that useless muselela kwakaba woman Masebo

  5. I used to support pf but the moment they started inducing these by elections i move on,billions of money has been spent on unreproductive venture on the expense of development.if all the wasted cash would have gone to uth and kitwe hospital sata ‘s legacy would have been cemented for a long time.RB ‘2 term is not inspiring at all.we need a movement to change the mentality pa zed.most of our leaders still possess colonial master mentality.

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