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Nkandu Luo to repossess all idle play parks to create recreational facilities for children

General News Nkandu Luo to repossess all idle play parks to create recreational facilities...

Prof. Nkandu Luo (c)
Prof. Nkandu Luo (c)

Gender and Child Development Minister Nkandu Luo says her ministry will soon seek President Edgar Lungu’s permission to repossess all idle play parks in the country.

Professor Luo says move has been necessitated by lack of recreational facilities.

The Minister notes that most children have taken to beer drinking and prostitution due to lack of recreational facilities in their areas.

Professor Luo says official statistics indicate that a number of girls have been indulging in vices that are leading to early pregnancies due to lack of recreational facilities especially in schools.

She was speaking during a workshop for Teenage girls at Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka.

And World Bank Country Representative, Kundavi Kadiresan said reducing child marriages requires involvement of all stakeholders and not the government alone.

She regrets that most girls drop out of school at the age of twelve due to pregnancies and early marriages.


    • Its only in Zambia where you cant find recreational parks.

      ZCCM used to have such facilities but all these parks have been turned into plots for houses now following privatization of the mines

      We have so much Land but we cant utilize it well

      Good move by mama Luo

    • Mama Luo that’s the way to go. We know wherever they put you you can perform you are a real professional. Keep it up mum and make an impact in that area

  1. Why should everything go via presidential directives. ..honestly how can you develop a country like that?

    • @ Jay Jay. That’s the most puzzling thing about Zambia! The President has to intervene in literary everything including the most trivial of issues otherwise he will be seen as being lazy and not working

    • Did you know that the accounting for the pediatric hospital in Ndola is conducted at Plot One?

      Some of these thing are simply stoopid!

  2. I would have thought she could have simply discussed with Local Government or Lands. What are the responsibilities of ministers if even utilising parks has to be decided by the president?

  3. “Repossess idle play parks” who is her ministry repossessing these play parks from is it local councils, private individuals or what? Journalists must be a bit more clear. Anyway its a good move that can create employment for people maintaining such facilities. Good idea l hope it is implemented.

  4. Luo.u dont reposses idle play parks but you have to improve them by erecting park structures which will attract more recreation activities.unless they are private owned parks but still the your ministry can enter into partnership to improve such parks.

    • I support that move 100%. Its practical, implementable. I have seen locals in the informal sector making swings, slides, se-saws etc. Am sure this would give them good business if the demand grows due to high demand. Can you imagine if all the 112 districts start buying these items. Guys lets not just criticise our mothers. this is a noble cause which we should support. Obviously a lot has been done wrongly in the past but there is still time for us to make things better

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