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Sunday, January 19, 2020

President Lungu appoints Mumbi Phiri PF deputy SG

Headlines President Lungu appoints Mumbi Phiri PF deputy SG

Munali Member of Parliament Mumbi Phiri
Mumbi Phiri

President Edgar Lungu has with immediate effect appointed former Munali Member of Parliament Mumbi Phiri as Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Secretary General.

President Lungu in his capacity has PF president has also appointed Mrs. Phiri as member of the Central Committee of the ruling party.

The President has since directed Mrs. Phiri to immediately take steps to mobilise the party by enhancing the on-going membership recruitment drive to grow the party from all willing Zambians.

The Head of State emphasized that the PF is a social-democratic movement founded on the principle of inclusiveness where any willing citizen was welcome.

Mr. Lungu said the PF is a party that is always informed by diversity of content and character in terms of both ideas and individuals.

And Mrs. Phiri has assured President Lungu that her first task will be to undertake a countrywide membership recruitment drive to attract all Zambians eligible for membership under the PF party constitution.

Meanwhile, the President has appointed 16 District Commissioners for the entire Western province.
Among those appointed is former Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) Mangango Member of Parliament and Commerce, Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Robert Chiseke as District Commissioner for Kaoma.

Others are Freda Luhila (Nkeyema), Precious Muyenga Ndui (Senanga), Vivien Mubukwanu ( Mulobezi), Albertina Mwanamwalye (Mwandi) , Siyamana Mubita (Luampa) , Captain Nyambe Sampaya ( Shangombo) and Mubiana Mutomena for Sioma district.

The rest are Captain Limwanya ( Sesheke), Alfred Miyato ( Kalabo), Kufuka Kufuka ( Sikongo), Teddy Chimbinde ( Nalolo), Morris Litula ( Lukulu), Joster Manjolo ( Lukulu West-Mitete), Ndombo Litambo (Limulunga) and Simasiku Kamona for Mongu district.

President Lungu has since instructed Secretary to Cabinet Roland Msiska to employ the 16 district commissioner’s in the civil service and deploy them to their respective districts.

This is according to a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka this evening by Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda.

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    • After being under pressure for sidelining the people that worked with the late Sata, the Kachasu Man has responded positively. The good thing with our drunkard sick leader is that he is positively allergic to criticisms.
      After the Kopala Times criticized him on why he had to sideline Mumbi Phiri, the Kachasu Man has responded.

      Let us also presurelise him on the need to drop the cooked charges against our DPP, and the sick Lungu will do just that. Why persecuting the innocent DPP?

      Congrats Mr. President. This is a good path, like that u will retire in harmony in 2016.

    • Nyati @ 1. How can the dead be ruling you. Then your party must be the most useless ever. It means that your party worse than anything meaningful. Anything that is ruled by the dead must be rotten. I guess that is the case with UPND, a rotten and useless party without substance. A party that is based on one individual who has failed to form government because his party is rotten with regionalism. What a shame!!!

      PF is very much alive, That is why you failing to form government because a much more formidable PF is beating you in politics. Who is dead? Your UPND is the dead party.

    • How can one man, one human being have the powers, the capacity and the professional know how to appoint so many people? This is an absurd system of governance, no wonder they behave like little gods, far too many mouths feeding off the hands of one person. This is truly insane, makes no sense at all. He would appoint people everyday of the year and still have plenty of posts to be filled. What a joke!

    • Gondwe, who else is supposed to appoint these people. You want HH to do the appointments? Take you complaints to Parliament for amendments. you do not just criticize for the sake of doing so. Even if your party president was in plot one, he would have done the same. Do not waste time with trivialities. You are demeaning yourself.

    • No comment. What a disaster we have in Zambia. So Lungu is busy appointing and firing instead of dealing with the economy and debt issue. We Zambians need to start governing ourselves. We seriously have to kick out the kaponya president and make the next one more accountable. “When the voice is strong, the powerful become powerless”. Let Lungu hear our voice loud and clear. After Lungu no more kaponyas

    • aGondwe (Mobile Phone Gondwe) munda pulikepo ati ma advisors na office of the president? Aba bantu be kuba chita recommend na screen by the OP. That’s how it’s been, that it shall be even when HH (if ever) comes to power. Blame it on Chiluba for starting the appointment of DCs and then blame it on Mwanawasa, RB and Sata for perpetuating it.

    • @Nyati
      This Mumbi is not dead.
      She is a boxer. Hope she doesn’t beat up her juniors in the party. Remember the fight at parliament in 2010; she was clobbered by Elizabeth Chitika Molobeka!
      She gave an excuse being smaller than the opponent that’s why she lost. Wasn’t Tyson shorter than most of his opponents?

    • Civil Service of cadres, this is not how civil servants should be employed. Were is the Civil Service Commission here? Soon Doctors, Nurses, teachers and other will be employed by a decree…. this is not a good way of doing things.

    • Ba EL let Dora go for Petauke and thereafter, appoint Dora as Minister of Information to take over from Kambwili who is making you look small and nothing in the eyes of the Zambians and the International community.

  1. There were District Commissioners in those districts; what we are not told is why they were dismissed if they were civil servants and not party cadres. It is time the government came out clean where really district commissioners belonged. To the ruling party or government? If they are civil servants, how come they are appointed and dismissed with each new government?

    • Know your country gentlemen insteat of coming to http://www.lusakatimes.com and exposing your ignorance on national matters. DCs contracts are for 3 years. Their contracts came to an end. Those that have continued had their contracts extended and those whose contracts were not extended are the ones being replaced now. Don’t just yap here.

    • Why not? If HH had won, he would have brought his cows to street of Lusaka and State house. I forgot, his Maureen would be there too among his other women.

      Unfortunately, HH has no one to appoint in government because he is not President. This is what pains you the most. But it will pain you the more because hh will lose 2016 and I can only imagine chimapain you will have to live with. Ka kachasu kali peee mu plot 1. Olo mukambe!!!

    • @ Yebo Nkhosi

      If it was not for you and other s**t scared cadres, no body will know who is HH. Please carry on in keeping his name alive.

    • Aleshaday, you are the id!ots trying to keep his name alive when it died ”four times” ago! Morons!

  2. Good move Mr President. I. Hope you, Mrs Phiri will be able to fill in the gaps that have been a source of concern will be taken care of like recruitment of new members the motivation of PF members, descipline in the Party etc.

  3. No wonder we are still underdeveloped. All those appointees have no allegiance to the people but to the person who appointed them . I thought EL will change this ,but alas he is proving to be the worst president we have …..he has spent 90 days appointing people

    • So you never knew that it is important to swear allegiance to your appointing officer? How do you appoint people who do not promise to follow your leadership. These are simple leadership lessons you need to learn. The pettiness of UPND guys is so disappointing at this age. If you and your party have failed to be formidable opposition, just stay and watch. You have no alternatives to offer. I wonder how you will sale yourselves for 2016. You are getting a worse bashing this time.


    • bon lungu,,,pls keep your silly opinions to yourself the PF members are vhappy with the good work the President is doing ,if your are not happy wait until your HH IS pRESIDENT…Meantime get out of the way..

  4. Congrats madam Mumbi Phiri!!this is our lady!!!this is ECL at work and not tribal HH who will rot in opposition!!KOLOPA.COM IS COMING IN 2016!!BRIDGET ATANGA GOT ALL WRONG BEFORE 20/01/2015!!IFINTU NI LUNGU!!

  5. Just imagine if you removed every district commissioner in every district how much taxpayer’s money we would save and use that money for front-line services…if only we had leaders who used commonsense unlike the lazy bum in State House who is putting so many empty tins on govt payroll.

    • jaya jay every President will appoint his own district governers for his vision to materialise,sorry the kabwamba’s DCs have expired and your plan to undermine effort to develop district has firmly been shut..sorry but we ARE happy with the current President’s appointments..

    • Is Mumbi Phiri from Eastern? It sounds to me she is a Bemba married to an Easterner. Those of us who know Bemba history know that Mumbi Mukasa was the mother of the very first Chitimukulu. Lol.

    • By the way her real name is Mrs Josephine Chilufya Mumbi Phiri and there I rest my case.

    • UPND is trying without success to filter its tribalistic inclinations into PF. That is your baby, keep it to yourselves and keep on losing elections due to it.

      Mumbi is not an easterner. You missed you mark as usual. That is how your HH is also missing the mark. Always trying to solve the wrong problem.

      You hatred for Lungu is not yielding resulting for you. To the contrary, EL has settled down and it will be very impossible for your HH to unseat him. Just keep insulting and leave ruling to the humble and noble. PF is in firm control.

      Sorry, there is nothing we can do to ease your pain of losing. I can only imagine how you will feel after losing 2016. Chi unimaginable pain you will have. Sorry!!!

  6. Welcome to joke nation of Zambia.In our land the president is merely there to appoint,fire and attend ceremonies.

    No vision,no plan and no strategic thinking in Zambia.

    • Why not try inhabiting Pluto, there must be so much space out there I guess?

    • Iwe ! read more of whats happening in Zambia ,don’t just write for the seek of it..Zambia is slowely but surely moving.and impresively integrity is begining to count…

  7. Another day, another group of MCS’s dull appointees bite the dust; thank you ECL! Love him or hate him,RB is really bringing sanity to the PF!

    • If you identify “sanity”with unabated grand corruption, then RB is doing great job.

  8. Conglats iron lady. kolopa them bad. please computerize membership database and introduce membership cards.

  9. You people who like insulting each other especially from PF. CAN WE MEET ONE DAY AT HEROES STADIUM AND FIGHT EACH OTHER. We see who will fall because its too much of insults especially from the ruling party

    • Ninshi ulibe vochita mu Life iwe Gift, try Tomato growing, quite lucrative a business it is.

  10. All you critics, did you have dinner last night? Did you have breakfast this morning? Most importantly, did you give breakfast and dinner to your families? The answer is most likely a loud NO! Reason: Instead of spending your time usefully putting bread on the table for your families, you spend your time criticising someone who is working according to his mandate, working to correct the ills of our economy which are not of his own making.
    And in the most unlikely event, no, in the impossible event that someone in UPND became President, your lot would not change, your family would still remain with dry white lips because laziness and empty criticism are all you are capable of doing for them.

  11. Mwebantu plse these DC jobs is based on who has applied for it or not ? The President doesn’t pick from no where ask the people who work Parliament House.

  12. Bo Chaze Simasiku, what happened kanshi mwebantu? Am sure you will remember your friends in Sesheke, you insulted and bragged when you were appointed DC now what is the way forward? BE GOOD TO THE PEOPLE ON YOUR WAY UP BECAUSE YOU WILL NEED THEM ON YOUR WAY DOWN finish

  13. this appointment has been long overdue ,welcome my sister,we may now see a lot of innovation for the PF..MUMBI PHIRI welcome to the task…

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