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Dogs bites private parts of man in Serenje

Rural News Dogs bites private parts of man in Serenje

The Boerboel is a large Molosser-type breed from South Africa, bred for the purpose of guarding the homestead. These dogs were bred as working farm dogs
The Boerboel is a large Molosser-type breed from South Africa, bred for the purpose of guarding the homestead. These dogs were bred as working farm dogs

A 43 year old man of Serenje district in Central province is nursing serious wounds after dogs bit his private parts.Geoffrey Mwansa who is admitted to the male ward of Serenje district hospital told ZANIS from his hospital bed that he was bitten by three Boerboel dogs in Luombwa farming block where he had gone to visit his relatives.

Mr Mwansa said the incident happened on Saturday around 16:00 hours when he was passing through Luombwa main road on Jean Sheriff’s farm when a white woman who was with the dogs released them.
He explained that the dogs bit him on his private parts and on the left leg.He said after he was attacked by the beasts, he asked the white woman to take him to the hospital but she refused accusing him of trespassing on her farm.

Mr Mwansa who is a bricklayer from Zambia compound in Serenje district has however described the white woman as stubborn and has appealed to government and law enforcement agencies to ensure she is brought to book.He said because of the injuries he sustained, he is unable to work to feed his family.

And Serenje District Hospital Medical Officer David Sutinaken said Mr Mwansa’s condition is stable but that the injuries he sustained are dangerous especially that he does not know whether the dogs are vaccinated against rabbis or not.Dr Sutinaken has also appealed to the owners of the dogs to assist the victims to acquire anti rabies vaccines if their dogs are not vaccinated so that lives of victims can be saved.

Meanwhile, Serenje District Veterinary Officer Dr Brain Hacamba has advised dog owners to ensure rabies vaccination status of their dogs is valid because rabies in Serenje district is endemic.
Dr Hacamba has also called on dog owners to ensure their dogs are confined or tired during the day to prevent unnecessary dog bites.

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  1. What a cruel woman, she must be south african.I hope the Police deal with her and not be afraid coz she is muzungu. We shall not accept apartheid in Zambia!

    • I know Zambia is not the USA, but in the state am in, owning those breeds of dogs is illegal. Those dogs are vicious are capable of killing. USA is known for loving animals but it’s the law to shoot dead dogs that attack people. The woman should be charged for attempted murder. Instead of talking about vaccinating against rabies, bring this mad woman to book. This is totally unacceptable.

  2. Trespassing is bad. Lets learn to respect other peoples property. As to what transpired I cannot comment its a one sided story.

    • Inferiority complex.Because it was a white woman you are afraid to comment.If it was Kambwili’s dog, you would have released expletives by now. The dude has been bitten in his balls and all you can say is trespassing is bad? This is his country.He has probably been using that short cut since he was a kid.There was probably an afrikaans poster saying ‘keep out’ which he could not understand.

  3. Come down guys I know how you feel already but two wrongs cannot make a right so, first things first…

    1. Did this guy trespass at all first of all?
    2. Did the owner of the Dog(s) release the animals deliberately?
    3. If she did indeed, let’s establish those facts.
    4. Are the Police involved? If not then, they should immediately get going because this is a criminal offence and must be dealt with accordingly.

    Only when the above facts are established and proved the woman (never mind her colour at this point in time) released those dangerous Dogs on the accused, that’s when we can start speculating In the meantime, let the Police get involved and publish their findings. I just hope they (Police) have Petrol let alone transport to carry out the investigations thoroughly…

  4. In countries with functional laws, it is unlawful not to assist the injured as this can lead to loss of life, be it in an accident or in a situation like this where the dogs were let loose deliberately. Whatever happened to this man’s human rights! I wish you a speedy recovery man!

    • Furthermore, in developed countries, such dogs that bite a human being a taken away and put down. No ifs and buts. Trespass or no trespass.
      It is common knowledge in these farm blocks, these farmers train their dogs to catch black people.

  5. Dr Hacamba has also called on dog owners to ensure their dogs are confined or tired during the day to prevent unnecessary dog bites.

    bane is it tied or tired….?

    • Prof. Gundu,
      it is tired or tied depending on what you’re trying to say. If you are trying to say the dogs should be over-worked until they are totally exhausted then the correct spelling is tired. If you are trying to say a leash or noose attached to a fixed object should be wrapped around those dogs’ necks to restrain their movement then the correct spelling for that one is tied.

      I hope that helps.

      Anyway, unleashing dogs upon an armed man should be a crime even by Zambia’s low standards of justice for all.

  6. This is a strange story. A white woman unleashing the dogs going straight for the man’s balls. There is more to this story than what has been reported.

  7. …this is a very serious criminal act….I thot the article will mention that the woman was apprehended and releases on police bond pending court appearance……???…..I’m waiting to see what the police will do…..
    ….the law is very clear….even if I entered some-ones house un-invited for whatever reason…once the owner…injures or kills me….he is supposed to be apprehended and locked up……he can only exonerate himself in court…..infact the gentleman was supposed to be evacuated to SA for a specialist treatment on the white couple’s expense…just to show some remorse…….

    • so we should not be keeping dogs and we should not bother those who enter our poperties uninvited! let them enter our homes and do whatever they want including raping our wives and doughters? if we fight them we will be arrested! No wonder zambians are thieves!

  8. No pet is allowed to roam outside the confines of the owners yard. Simple law! Mwansa must sue if indeed he didn’t trespass

  9. Respect for human life is very important…whites always think black man’s life doesn’t matter….just take a close look at the USA. This woman needs to be arrested and thrown into jail Period

  10. Nothing criminal here. Respect people’s privacy and avoid tresspassing any how. I have dogs at home and i also will release them on any one entering my yard without an invitation. By the way this is not news, dogs will always go for your genitals since they are always dangling near the ground. a dog will never go for your ears or hair, but buttock and balls

    • @Joebowa
      You trying very hard to sound relevant,,,trying to side with the white woman…have they finally given you green card or you still hiding in the shadows,,,Just be on a look out for Xenophobia in the USA very soon….tying to kiss muzungu’s ass

  11. The Sherriffs are cruel people. Why unleash dogs at a person who is not even armed? They should be visited by the long arm of the law

  12. She must pay for what she did , you don’t kill some one when he tresspasses . She should have complained to the authorities the law , if he didn’t steal anything even if he stole she must not do that it is evil. She must be taught a lesson

  13. It us a very sad development. It is up time we started taking law very seriously. I’m not sure of the status of law concerning trespass but if the muzungu release the dogs to attack the poor man then she should be held accountable. We don’t need to beg for her to help the victim but if it was done deliberate leg her face the law. I wish him quick recovery

  14. The man has been bitten by dogs, but do we need to know which part of the body these canines went for? A bite is bite whether it on the leg, or arm. Are we interested only when the bite is in the nether region? Pure sensationalism reporting!

  15. This is not news! News should have been ‘ man bites a dogs testicles after owner set it on him’. That is news!!! Unless the man is a philipino or a chinese who have dogs on their menu!

  16. Those dogs could have killed him. She was in control of the dogs and took the law in her owns hands by releasing them on him. This will be another test of how fair justice is in our country. The least I expect is a deportation.

  17. Dr.Hacamba your comments are offside.Go to the Farm Block where this incident happened and find out if the same dogs that had bitten Mr.Mwansa have valid papers for rabies and the like.Do not put in general that dog owners should take their dogs for vaccination just because someone has just been bitten.
    This is our Country.Even if there was trespassing the woman was suppose to warn him not to set dogs on him.If he had died Community would have taken law into their own hands over a simple and silly mistake.
    Police should also come in to find out more over this issue.

  18. Arrest that white woman, why setting dogs on an innocent person ? Please human right activists this is where you must show your muscle. But knowing you , nothing will happen just coz this woman is white. What inferiority in the country.

  19. Bro” Zambian watchdog” tone down! This forum should not entertain racism or favoritism just because its your keen and kith. I will always advice people to keep away from private properties to avoid unnecessary bites from innocent dogs which are simply dedicated to duty. In this case let the law establish the truth and were necessary apply the law accordingly. Lets learn to be calm to situations in order to provide sensible opinions that will build this nation MOTHER ZAMBIA.

  20. If the story is true and that the lady regardless of whether she is white or black unleashed the dogs, it is a criminal act. First of all the dogs would be taken away and put down and she would be charged. She would have to pay for compensation for the man’s wounds as he can no longer work or take care of his family. In law the foreseeable thing is the injuries the dogs would cause and by her unleashing them is the cause of the injuries. We all owe a duty of care to one another and in this case she did not offer help and should be held liable. She needs to go behind bars. This is pure negligence on her part and should be sued. This is the law in any country.

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